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[✗] [Server] Wolf's Ban Appeal

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What kind of ban are you appealing?



Minecraft Usernames



Ban Reason

It's a long reason but let's sum it down, apparently lying to staff.


Players Involved



By your own understanding, why are you banned?

During the DPM and Ponder fight, I was the GM who was told to handle screen-sharing both participants to ensure neither player had an installation of a hacked client or any external use that would make this fight unfair. I was a main opponent to this fight occurring in the first place but I handled it, seeming out of the GM's online, I had the best knowledge of hacked clients. I had a feeling funny business was occurring after Aerial showed resistance to screensharing and I ended up talking to him, DPM, and Dewper. During our talk, I left telling them these something around these words, "I don't know what is going on, but I can't prove it's you Aerial". After this, I went back to Staff discord and had to hop back seeming DPM wanted to talk to me again, as shown by the call logs he provided that I provided as well and discussed in OOC about 2 to 3 months ago with Flemish. I informed the higher ups in Staff Discord that I could not prove Aerial was on the account and that caused a brief discussion. One of the staff members, I do not remember who, came up with an idea that Aerial and another player were using a screensharing program that fireheart preferred using to allow the GM's to take total control of a players computer, (i forget the name of it). 501 and Fireheart dismissed this saying that it would be too laggy for this to occur. As Aerial logged onto his secondary account, Karimir noticed something was wrong with the IP's. An IP at the top of Aerial's /seen was linked to Cowmoonist's IP who was banned at the time for being an alt of DPM. I disappeared for a bit to take a piss and by the time I came back, the Staff were still discussing what was going on with IP's. 501warhead, the head developer and admin at the time, and Fireheart, GM Lead at the time, both agreed that the IP's were normal and it was a VPN used by Aerial. At the end of this, I returned from my last trip, the higher ups in the channel did not want to leave the over 700 players waiting and watching for the fight to wait any longer and they allowed the fight to occur. After this occurred and 501 was chitchatting with various members of Staff, I went into the channel and blew up at him. Do remember this was quite a bit ago so I can't give the exact word by word run-down. It proceeded with me screaming at 501 for allowing the fight to occur in the first place. We had no 100% proof that it was Aerial on his own account, and then I went into the fact that this entire fight was putting pressure onto the players that should have never been there in the first place. This went on for a good 15 minutes and I ended up leaving.


Why should you be pardoned?

In the end, I had no clue who was on the account. I tried to stop the fight. I did not sit in a channel and help DPM and Aerial break rules. I talked with them. I did my job and talked with one of the players that was a victim to the Staff's incompetence to push advertisement over a player's own health. Fireheart went into his own investigation, pulling up logs that showed I told Ponder and Aerial to get into LOTC discord for screensharing and logs that showed I wanted to stop the fight. He never spoke to members of Staff that were in the discord at the time such as Karimir. I'm not going to sit around and be Fireheart's scapegoat. Fireheart even went out of his way to convince, or order, the Administration to ignore all contact from me on Discord. In the end, Fireheart banned me off the word of the player behind Operation Kaboom 2, but I have a single question about this. DPM stated that me and 501 were both key players who allowed him to use Aerial's account to fight Ponder. Why isn't 501warhead banned. I know that with all odds, this post won't even get approved and if it does Fireheart will complete it right away. All I ask is that Telanir, the Chairman of LOTC, looks into the evidence provided by Fireheart and review my ban. I didn't commit the crimes that I'm accused of, but they choose to take the word of a permanently banned player over one who continues to try and help LOTC grow.


What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban?

Not help the server :shrug:.

I'll just post the screenshots here and include a few fun facts.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/463168768223346710/524767743606784001/image1.png - DPM stating that me and 501 were both in on a plan to screw over the orcs
https://imgur.com/a/L8x2PvN - My attempt to get the evidence relating to my ban from Fireheart but he has chosen to leave me on read, alongside Flamboyant. Luckily Tarren cares.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/527264469852880898/533392711110361089/unknown.png - Fireheart went off the claims of the player behind Operation Kaboom 2 and banned me, but not 501, a player that DPM claimed was a major part behind the alting of the fight.


Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community.

:shrug: they really don't.

To sum things up, Fireheart's evidence against me doesn't exist from what provided and used to determine that I should be banned. That is why the evidence on my Server Ban forum post was marked as Admin eyes only. I'm asking that Telanir, chairman of LOTC, takes an hour when he has a chance to review the evidence of my ban and determine if this was the right choice. Fireheart banned me off the word of a permanently banned player, and didn't even talk to me. Now he informed the Administration to ignore all communications from me on Discord and even gave me a Discord ban that even if I am guilty of the crimes I'm accused of, they still do not warrant a Discord Ban. It just shows Fireheart is wiping me off the server bit by bit with every chance he gets.

So yea, Telanir, one of the only Admins that doesn't hate my guts, can you please look over this ban. There’s something fishy going on. Thanks.


(Anyone can post here, if you got a funny joke you should share it. And no, “you as gm” isn’t a funny joke.)

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After speaking with Telanir and the other administrators I will be responding on the behalf of them to your appeal. There seems to be a disconnection between the reality of what took place and the narrative you are trying to paint and you do not appear to be fully apologetic due to you trying to shift blame around to other individuals. We have agreed that your appeal will not be accepted at this time. Please post a more sincere appeal on your appeal date of April 6th 2019. This information is also detailed on your ban message if you try to login in-game onto the server.

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