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Adrian Letters for the Princely Priory of Gottlesfont 1698

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Affirmation of Vassalage for the Princely Priory of Gottlesfont


On GOD’s day, 13th of Malin’s Welcome 1698,


The Merry Duke of Adria in good conscience and holy sanctity does elevate the good monk Constantine to the lands of Gottlesfont, whereupon he shall be named Prince-Prior of Gottlesfont for as long as his tenure of the Priory shall remain. Whereupon relinquishment of this position by death or by other means, the Princely Priory of Gottlesfont shall be reassigned to a new Prior by the appropriate Canonist Authority.


Signed, his Eminence Constantine, Prince-Prior of Gottlesfont


Signed His Grace Ratibor Carrion, Duke of Adria, defender of the Baltas       


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