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From Ruination [FRP]


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Galaharian League


Fashion and parties on the absolute rise! Batista’s Landing has steadily been growing into the “Capital of the World” Smack dab in the center, it commanded Revar’s Gulf, and several golden routes run right through it. The ports were teeming with life. So many different styles of sailors, ships, courtesans, and more! The city itself has grown outside it’s walls by far. Millions now called this place home, and the expansion of it’s defenses is scheduled. In other news this influence works both way. Many nations abroad are now hearing of the League and it’s famed wealth. League fashion was now traveling outward. Every week a new rich noble started a new trend, and it now ripples out to the world. Galaharian hats and side button coats are all the rage now.


With this new found power in the Capital also comes perils. Whilst the Duke and Sforza were off playing games, they had left the women to rule. Ironically neither was Galaharian by birth. But they were trusted all the same, and were strong women. Princess Sophia of Bourdeleux, and the famed Princess of the Jungles. They knew security was lax, and thousands came in and out every day. It was a matter that needed to be rectified, along with growing crime in this city of millions.


*And so they set to work. The Duke had left a strong and well armored garrison to hold the Citadel. These men will now also be put to work to police it. At the Docks the Guilds and Clerk associations are given full control. Now backed up by soilders, they patrol the wharves. Every ship that docks is searched before the crew can leave. Their entire inventory listed, and the names of the owners taken. This will prevent anyone from slipping in or out through the docks. Further in the city local district wardens and police assisted by Barbaro household troops will now roam the streets in force. Their main goal to look for escaped slaves, and criminals. In the city outskirts cavalry will now patrol, whilst ships patrol the coast looking for smugglers. This will all hopefully make most business and commerce in the City legal, and trackable, and above all else, taxable!




In more martial matters the Duke and Admiral have taken matters into their own hands. Many of Sforza’s mercenary band has been called. Their use in the siege is minimal, and they could no longer hunt for slaves. They did however bring home several thousand Carrow peasants, adding variety to the League’s well groomed stock of slaves. The Duke remains at the Storm Keep with a large army, machinating in the locale.


**The Duke had no desire to make the Passan Defenders feel as if their position had been usurped. Thought the Citadel was now the first line of defense, Giovinco did not see himself as the de facto commander now. The more Galaharian leaning Passans who supported the Duke all these years are invited to the Storm Keep. There they can lead Leagues-men as officers, and receive a lofty spike in pay and food. The Defenders banner shall be flown side by side with the League’s in the Storm Keep. The three most loyal and high ranking Defender Officers to the League are gifted elaborate armor seized in the Carrow Wars [T4].


**In Passans proper, League influence also continues to spread. Merchants from several League cities have invested heavily by now. Mostly in the Passans city, to make it truly remarkable to these swamp people. But now knowing the political landscape, natives, and business, it was time to ramp up operations. Increased gold begins to stream into the city, and loyal Passans pockets. Galahar by now is slowly embedding itself into the Nation as a whole, and making themselves quite useful to the Passans.




In other news the League begins to subdue the last of their core land left vacated through military force. A massive loan is also shipped to Bourdeleux. The gold will be sent by land and sea in different caravans, and be heavily guarded.


Mod Actions


Galahar Fashion Spreads to the World!


*Tightening security in Capital, improving commerce operations -2k


**Passan Machinations -5k, 3 suits of T4 armor [11k Invested in Passans so far]


[Redacted] -2k


Financial Actions


84k Income


Loan to Bourdeleaux -60k


Building a City over old PoI city! -15k


*Continued work on Improving Batista’s Landing -2k [10k total]













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Kingdom of Icefeld



His Ancestor has chosen the system of the pillars for a reason, whether it was out of necessity or simply the easiest choice at the time, Havvard knew not. It was only his system to follow. Havvard ran his gloved hand over the crude pine casket, feeling the intricate carvings along the face. As he swept his cloak behind him he turned to face the crowd within the temple “He served long, he served well. Vrokaar, Chief of the Miners put his pillar before all else.” Havvard set the gold encrusted pick onto the top of the casket as two soldiers lashed it around. “His time in this realm is done. And now he returns to the God of creation. Take this pick man of Icefeld, and complete your life” Havvard leaned over the chasm in the center of the temple, unending darkness going down further than anyone could comprehend “He makes his journey back to the rock and Ice.” The crowd echoed “ROCK AND ICE” Havvard lifted his boot going to kick the casket off the slab of rock, a faint whoosh as it disappeared from sight into the darkness of the chasm never making a sound when it hit the bottom, if there was a bottom.  


The Icy mountain air burned Havvards throat as he stepped out the temple and into the snow. The sky above was a clear blue but the wind blew fiercely through the mountains. “My King” The Chief Builder Oskar Slette worked his way towards the king passing the axe wielding guards with ease as the old man carried an arm full of charts “Our suspicions were correct my King, there is another nation on the edge of the Icefield now.” The pair slowly began walking down the street as people parted way by the force of the guards ahead of them, most eager to get back to their guildhouses where the next Chief Miner would be selected. “I see, the cartographer Ragnar has spent his time well.” Oskar added “And the gold well too my King, he completed our charts early and on budget. He will make a fine Chief Builder one day i should hope.” Havvard stopped in his tracks to study the charts “Perhaps we will dispatch an envoy to these neighbours then.” Oskar nodded “Im sure such things can be discussed at the next council meeting, but take leave now to the mines my King. We have discovered something interesting outside the soapstone chasm. Something you will be interested in.”


The paths were icy and treacherous but for King Havvard and his retinue, they made good time arriving at the mine, down in the caves they passed farms of mushroom as they reached a site guarded by soldiers. “And what is this?” Havvard asked of the soldier at the front who raised his fist to his chest “My King, we discovered it clearing stone last week.” The soldier parted revealing a frosty glass protruding from the rock below. “Glass?” Havvard asking leaning down to touch it. “MY KING DON'T!” the young soldier ripped the kings hand back at the last second.

One of the household guards drew his axe lunging forward at the soldier before Havvard stopped him. “Frostbite…” The soldier nodded with a gulp axe on his throat “Throngvaar touched it sire and his arm had to be amputated….” King Havvard waved his hand as his guard stepped back he reached down to pull the young soldier to his feet, “What is your name warrior?” the soldier nodded rubbing his neck. “Jan Hedstrom. My King.” Havvard nodded “Do not be alarmed Jan, you have done well.” Havvard turned to leave as several of the builders guild entered the cave “Im sure we will speak soon.” The King said as he took his leave.




Actions & Expenditure

70,000 Gold is poured into 14 mushroom farms

7,500 gold Into iceglass mine

18,000 is spent on two merchants guilds

5,000 spent on a settlement (Put in map change)

7,500 is spent on a factory

3,500 gold is sent to the treasury


An expedition of 500 explorers, diplomatic envoys merchants and guards are dispatched to the nation to the west across the Ice fields in the hopes of establishing diplomatic contact. {MOD}


200 Explorers and guides are sent into the lands surrounding the new settlement to gauge the newly added territory


A diplomatic envoy of 50 men depart to Blackmarrow to learn of hopefully new nations and gauge the culture and political interests of the area {MOD}


2,500,000 Base

750,000 Growth



3,500 gold



Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 6000g

Population: 18,000g

Late bonus: 45,000g

Economic start bonus: 45,000g

Upkeep: -3000g



2,500 Icefeld Raiders

2,500 Medium Infantry

1,000 Icefeld Sappers

1,500 Archers

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Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II

Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy

Population: ~ 8,007,992

Allies: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick

Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans




The Bourdelaic host marches into the lands of Carrow, c. 1510


Though the Carrow Wars were not yet over, the Emperor knew he ought to return the Capital and recover. He had appointed Count Theobold of Onofrio, trusted friend and Magister Militum, to oversee the siege in his stead. For now, the Emperor retired to the Imperial City. During the battle, his life had flashed before his eyes and he swore he had seen white as Terakan cut his way through flesh and steel in bloodlust. He had much to contemplate about. Should he consider himself lucky, graced by the protection of the Great Sun that he did not fall that day. Or should he mourn for the souls that fought in his name, especially the young Phoenix Guard soldier who took the killing blow for him, Alphonse. Though, he knew him not, he was an aspirant in the ranks of the Phoenix Guard and showed great promise. No, the Emperor could sulk no longer. He would spit upon his grave, had he continued to lock himself away and let his death be in vain. As all Bourdelaise are, they are the first to lay down their lives for a greater cause.



Black Army soldiers moments after the Battle of Carrow


And so he trudged from his bed, adorning himself in his Imperial regalia and battle armor. In his standing mirror, he stared at his own image. His cold, ice-blue eyes, met those of his reflection, as curly blonde locks protruded from beneath his gold, jewel-embedded circlet. Whatever semblance of youth he once possessed was stripped from him. Bags sat just below his eyes, and creases lined his forehead from end to end. He hadn’t shaved in months, the dedication from campaign directing all attention away from self to state. He was a statesman -- not a debaucherer or a drunk, like some of those preceded him. Though not concerned with his own legacy, he aimed to cement that of Bourdeleaux’s as a whole. With the Solar Church, the peoples of Bourdeleaux had been united behind one faith, and now were burdened to carry the torch. Now was the time to capitalize on this peace and stability at home, and turn the Bourdelaic spirit outwards.



Sunset over the Imperial Palace, c. 1511


The Emperor now found himself in the open air that was one of the several palace gardens in Souvois. His boots tapped gently upon marbled stone at his feet. Flanking the numerous pathways were low lying hedges which tucked away various flowers and flora from all corners of the Empire. Towards the center of this courtyard wasa five-pointed fountain which rose to the height of two men, and was ornamented with the solar burst. Water trickled slowly from the center of this stone monument, and ran the lengths of the pathways and circled the entire perimeter. The fountain itself stood as a reminder of the Sun’s tears and how He weeps for his children who suffer in his absence. Yet, as the Emperor approached the Solar fountain, it was not sorrow that he felt. He knelt, as luminous rays shone through the interior of the Solar icon, projecting onto him. He was beholden before the might of the Great Sun, muttering his prayers with zealous conviction, before concluding, “What next will you have of me, Lord of Light?”




Farmlands - 18 Farmlands


Souvois - Merchant’s Guild, Place of Worship, Church

Omignon - Merchant’s Guild

Vascogne - Merchant’s Guild








Factories: N/A





Income: 70,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 24k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 6k, Cities/Towns - 18k, Incoming Caravels - 1k)

Upkeep: 6,000g (Army), 5,000g (Veterancy) = 11,000g.

+60,000 loan from Galaharian League

+1,000 gold stored

Available: 113,000g



[5,000g] Construction of Settlement

[70,000] Construction of 15 Farmlands

[27,000] Construction of 3 Trebuchets; 1 is Large

[12,000] Construction of 6 Siege Towers

[1,000g] An expedition is mounted to the mountains bordering the Aulem Peninsula. Exploring Point of Interest.

[Non-expenditure] Elfred of Ulgar, governor of the Province of Ouestphal, is summoned to Imperial court. The Emperor seeks to know whatever information he can divulge regarding the Men of Aulem, appealing to their nature as raiders.

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Kingdom of Five



Nation Roleplay:

Due after my journey.

Population: 8,058,412 Fivians

Gold Expenditure: 93,550 Gold - 8,000 Upkeep + 1,300  = 86,850 Gold

(10,000 Gold) Constructing yet another trade guild closest to Hakkan to allow Swine goods to flow into their markets…. (3k a year!)


(15,000 Gold) Another city is fully erected to solidify the southern states!


(15,000 Gold) 3 Farms are constructed!!! (450+)


(25,000 Gold) With an ever growing Kingdom, the needs of military come hard. 5 Barracks are built within the core three cities. (2+ Unit cap…)

(15,000 Gold) The need for more goods overtakes research this year, two more manufacturers are built in the capital this year. (2k+ Gold!


(3,000 Gold) Rite of passage?

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   D U C H Y   O F U L Y A D AR

Related image



Image result for viking raid art

As the morning fog casts a blanket-like mist over the placid seas, the Ulyadaran ship trudges on slowly, the oars hovering above the water as the rowers were on the deck, stretching their sore arms, quitely leaning upon the sides of the creaking ships above snoring warriors sleeping on mats. They had been on the water for roughly two days now, leaving the frozen icy waters near the Ulya and entering into much more temperate waters. It made no difference to the Ulya however, they don't know what cold is, they have never experienced it, yet they live surrounded by it.


The Ulya seldom leave the cold waters, preferring to stay within its  frozen domain in search of whales and other creatures with thick layers of profitable fat and blubber on them. In a previous, more peaceful time, the Ulya left the port of Yakur as meer fishermen, battling the waves and its profitable fruits frollicking underneath. Now, this time, the Ulya leave the port of Yakur as warriors, as raiders to distant lands in search of foreign blood, and foreign wealth.


The 3 ships carrying the raiders are arranged in a triangle formation, with the lead ship, the Kraka, at the behest of the leader of this expedition. Blood Warrior Gnupa was the Chief of the expedition. Gunpa, has made great strides in his career lately, starting out as meer frontiersmen who was put at the head of a colonisation effort, and was now granted his first inks on his arm, a ritually important aspect of the elite aristocracy. He stood at the tip of the Bow, his gargantuan body looking into the sea, commanding courses for his ship, named Kraka, and the two ships accompanying him, named Brea Jarl, and Geirr. He was a reserved by successful commander, remaining calm and cool. Periodically he would pull out from the inside of his furs a folded piece of parchment, littered with unintelligible scribbles and eye it over, before jamming it back into his furs and continuing to everlasting gaze into the never ending abyss that is the open sea.


The faint orange cap of the sun was rising in the east, and some of the warriors had already started on their daily tasks. Life on the fleet was repetitive at times, and the sheet of fog cast over the waves was ordinary now. These types of mornings have been seen countless times, but yet it was different still. Everyone, on all three ships, was on edge. A couple hours ago they had witnessed a white seabird dash across the bow of one of the ships, and zip away in the direction of their destination. They were close, and they could almost feel it.


After a couple hours of trudging through the waves, the rhythmic grunts made in unison by hundreds of men ceased when Gnupa peered at his map for one last time and stashing it securely on his belt this time. He would reach for a hatchet that lay on the ground next to his other belongings, and walk heavily to a rope attached to the side of the ship. Effortlessly he strikes the rope, and sinks the axe several inches into the wood, the rope flailing across the ship until the lamp which was secured onto it dropped over the side of the ship and into the seas, the rope resting limp on the deck. Everyone in the crew knew what this meant. It was time to prepare for blood.


Silently, but with an almost rehearsed efficiency, all three ships sprung to life. Oars were lifted out of the waves and jammed back into the hull, and shields were placed on the openings from which the oars sat on before. By the time they completed this, the warriors which were resting on the deck were awake by now, kneeling in their respective positions near the bow or the stern of the ship, depending on whether or not they were archers or infantry. They already had their swords and axes in their hand, and their shields placed above their heads, ready for battle. Ladders were already thrown overboard by the time the rowers emerged from below, and took their positions next to their brothers-in-arms, shields raised above their heads. These actions were all achieved in a matter of minutes, and soon the entire collection of ships were dead silent, with only the waves and the ruffles of the sails guiding the ships being heard by the anxious warriors.


From a distance, it seemed like the ships were unmanned, as there were no bodies to be seen from the eyes of the early morning farmer, who curiously looked on as he saw the figure of three large ships enter the harbour of the village. He had just finished pouring the last of the feed into the wooden crate from behind the fence, much to the joy of the feasting hogs which gluttonously devoured it in moments. He brushed his hands on his shorts, and approached the beach, looking on as the ghost-ships edged on closer and closer into the harbor. At first glance, the poor farmer innocently thought that the crew had all suffered some horrible fate at sea, which was all too common these days. Bravely, he approached the ships, his worked feet powering their way through the tides until the three ships stopped abruptly, beaching themselves. Immediately, from seemingly the heavens above, a giant individual leaped down from the deck, splashing into the water below. The farmer lets out a light yell in fright, which is immediately silenced as his skull is split into two by a small, red hatchet, his lifeless body tumbling into the bay with a splash, staining the surrounding waters red. Gnupa drew first blood, which is immediately consecrated to Tykir in a quick ceremony, as has always been done in battle.The ritual is a private one, and by the time Gnupa finishes, the screams of the villagers begin to litter the air as the warriors of Ulya descend upon their homes, pillaging the peasants and reaping the rewards.


Such a fate would not be limited to this one settlement, as the convoy moves from village to village, make sure their hulls are filled with gold before they return to home.













Star: Ulya(Capitol)

Circle South :Yakur

Circle Northwest: Alost (Port)

Circle east, on small lake:Tykirfell




Circle on big lake, Odeilia

Circle north, next to glacier:Rypapa

East on peninsula: Elirkuta




ARMY: 2 units medium infantry, 1 unit light infantry









TRADING PARTNERS: Chapel of True Knauledge, Fortress Libraries, Kingdom of Bulgar, The Order, Herzaka






















-Two fish farms are constructed on the coast of the new settlement Elirkuta, near the eastern coast of the peninsula.(-10k, 2 farms)


-The Duchies leading treasurers and merchants have all petitioned the king for the expansion of the Duchies trading partners, as a result of the rise of several new nations all in close proximity to the state. Its current trading companies are all strained to the max and cannot fit anymore merchant fleets. 2 new companies are built as a result. (-14k, two trading companies)


-Tancred, the Oracle of the Blood Forge, and his new partner, Ludin, Oracle of the Assirbanakh, combine their heightened powers and abilities to attune themselves to the ancient megalith of Assirbanakh found in the Northwestern corner of the peninsula. This monument has always had a ominous presence among the Ulyadar, and now its secrets are unlocked.


-Tancred spends long amounts of time studying next to the altar, meditating in his room, and reviewing old archives, and dedicating a large amount of time to researching the type of magic that allows you to infuse the blood of sacrifices into weapons. Slaves and prisoners captured from raids are used as test sacrifices, and the Duke, eager to expand upon the power of the Blood God, grants Tancred a lot of funds to assist him in his research.(-10k)


-The Duke, eager to bring in more revenue to the people, begins to fund raiding parties to raid isolated communities for gold, slaves, and other riches. 3 Carracks depart from the city of Yakur, accompanied by 2 units of medium infantry and 1 unit of light infantry to raid various nations along the eastern coast of Naros, and bring back many riches, slaves, and tales for the people of Ulya to boast. Such an expedition is given the finest weapons, funding from the Duke, and even blessings from Tykir as a multitude of different animals, including 5 criminals, are slaughtered to gain the Blood God’s favour in battle.(-6k)




-Ships packed to the brink with settlers head scurt along the coast, past the creaking ice of the northern glaciers to establish two settlements on the north western coast of the peninsula on favourable terrain, guarded by the alps on their backs.(-10k)



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From nearly any angle, a new arrival to the mirrored city would always see towers. Most squat and oblong, some tall and spindly, they rose like a forest and cast glittering light in every direction. Above them all, the House of the Sun formed the center of the city in every sense of the word, for it was the great temple of Mihir, holding the enlightened rulers of Surya close to their god in terraced courtyards.


It was also meant to be the home and sole dwelling for the six-year-old Padma Viswan, which was probably why she was always so eager to leave. The moment the gates were opened for her, she’d bolt out and it would require every ounce of her tutor’s energy to keep up. Not that Sarkar didn’t have an excuse for being slow - he had been wounded in the campaign against Varchas, and had walked with a limp ever since.


The stories of that war always fascinated the young girl and Sarkar liked to tell them as they walked the city, for despite her irrepressible energy she would always stay near him to hear them. Today she’d asked if he could take her to the House of Steel, in the northern armory district. But he had something else in mind.


“The Varchaasi still wouldn’t stop fighting,” he mentioned. “All the way to the end. Imagine being so tired that you can barely stand, but swinging a sword anyway.” He knew the child had no idea what either experience felt like, but she nodded her head vigorously as if she did.


“How many did you kill, Rajas Sarkar?” Padma asked, and Sarkar did not answer. The Sattva were adamant that the girl should be trained as a Rajas, but he had seen too many of his fellow soldiers grow up obsessed with their destiny as killers. “Enough,” he finally replied, thinking the answer suitably ambiguous.


The conversation drifted toward broader history, though it took Padma’s tutor a great deal of patience to keep her interested. She did not yet understand her importance, but one day she would, and then it would serve her well to have learned about the past. As they walked west, the city grew quieter and less crowded. The few people who passed them on the clean street were somber and deep in thought.


In time they came to a large plaza, and Sarkar stopped, looking wistfully at the towering structure at its center. “Ask me how many I lost, Padma.”


“Huh?” The child asked, confused.


“At Varchas. Ask me how many fighters I lost.”


She asked.


“Eighty-seven. I knew them all well. They were my friends. Yet still I sent them forward, and in the end they all wound up here.” He gestured forward.


In the west city’s plaza where they now stood, the many open levels of the House of the Moon blazed with light. Nowhere else in the city did the bonfires burn so regularly, because the fires here were not just burning wood. The fuel came here from all around the city, from the many villages and farms across Surya’s realm, and from its mirrors glowed the souls of Mihir’s children, illuminating the city of light in one final act. When war or famine or plague swept across the twin islands, the House of the Moon shone brightest.


Padma looked to the top of the tower, then to the shrouded litters being brought inside, then to her tutor’s regretful face. “They’re with Him now,” she answered, wondering why Sarkar seemed sad.


“Yes, Padma. But their families aren’t. There’s a cost to everything, even the right choice.” He paused. “Do you know what the Mahasattva is?”


The girl seemed about to answer, but then shook her head.


“But you’ve heard people call you that.” He watched her nod. “All it means is that you’re going to be making a lot of choices. Real choices, Padma. With real consequences.” He turned his gaze back to the crematorium. “I will teach you what I can. So will the Sattva. But you mustn’t take it lightly, Padma, because you’re important. You must understand.”


Again Padma nodded vigorously, eager to please her teacher. Sarkar strongly suspected the child would have missed his point entirely, but he would make it again later, for the Mahasattva would be no use to anyone if she was reckless. He had been reckless when he was young, and though the price he had paid for it was steep, his friends had felt it still more. He stared up at the fires, trying to remember their faces.


“It’s pretty.” The girl broke the silence, her gold-flecked eyes also taking in the scene. She squeezed Sarkar’s wrist, and he got the unnerving sense that she knew exactly what he was feeling.


“Yes. I suppose it is.” He glanced down. “We should go home. You have reading to do.”


So Padma Viswan and her teacher returned to the temple.




The Sattva of the mirrored city finally presume Ravi Singh to be dead, and the sword they unwisely let him take to be gone with him. Still, the world moves on. The twin islands of Pratyush and Chandra are the peaceful center of the world, and their people grow fat and wealthy under the warm light of Mihir. These are good times, simple times, and children today will look back and yearn for them as adults. Surya prospers.






Expenditure (111,500 Gold + 2,500 Saved)


Routine farm expansion. [2 Farms; 10,000 gold]


Settlers establish themselves to the east this year, organizing yet another major village. [Settlement; 5,000 gold]



Surya continues to cement itself as an economic powerhouse, the clearly greatest city on the planet. [13 Factories; 97,500 gold]


[1,500 gold saved.]





Population 8,834,184


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The Royal Era of Aemer, A.E 412 (Year 1512)


As Aemyr was dragged away from his defeat by a few of his loyal Sentinels, he made a vow to those accompanying him, and most importantly, a vow to himself  –  a vow which would describe the annihilation of the Sehmonese People at his hands. It was as if something had stirred deep within the King’s Soul, his fixation lied entirely upon his enemies, with revenge being the sole purpose consuming his life now.


He dedicated his mind and body to the matters of war as he healed from his infliction, having not even bothering to return to his Capital. He instead opted to remain encamped near the City of Nyria, rallying his people to pledge to his cause, inciting fervor and wrath within his populace. Rarely did it seem that the King bothered to take care of himself, his visage deteriorating visibly as it became apparent that the King did not sleep.


Only the closest of his companions were able to realize the devolving state Aemyr was progressing into, though none would be able to amend such, for the King’s first response to any annoyance was anger. He increased the conscription rate, forced extra levies upon his nobles and dedicated his economy solely to defeating his enemies – consequently, he did little to satiate the growing religious unrest within the Kingdom as the people turned to fervent worship and zealotry in these trying times.


It was now a widely accepted fact that Numeria would destroy itself from within before capitulating to the invading Sehmonians, as the morale of the citizenry teeters upon a needle’s point following another devastating defeat.






Available Imperial Denarii (Gold): 62,000


Believing the lack of Cavalry being the primary flaw bringing the Kingdom to ruin, the Numerian military complex is dedicated entirely to the formation of five new Regiments of Horse, with no expenses spared. [5 (2500) Medium Cavalry units, T3 | 36,000/36,000 | 2 (1000) units’ worth of T3 donated]


Having need to inflate the numbers of the depleted Numerian Army, thousands of the citizenry are conscripted into duty, chosen primarily from the rural countryside. [8 (4000) units of Light Infantry, T3 [24000/24000]


2000g saved.



Leader: Aemyr V of House Namyr

Capital: Royal City of Lyria [Merchant Guild, Shrine, x1 Manufactory, Church]

Cities: Nyria [Merchant Guild, ]

Tyria [Merchant Guild, Church]

Tyniria (+3k) [Merchant Guild]

Arris (+3k) [Merchant Guild]


Towns: Mineria (+3k)


Settlements: N/A


Fortress: Helmden


Current Projects:

Researching Osmalt (Rare Mineral)

Developing Mountain Highway near Mineria


Population: 6,229,046 Total

500,000~ in Lyria

300,000~ in Tyria

200,000~ in Nyria

3,500,000~ in rural regions




2 (1000) units of Heavy Infantry [All T3] (Dismounted Knights)

1 (500) units of Lyrian Sentinels [All T3] (Unique Heavy Inf)

7 (3500) units of Medium Infantry [All T3] (Numerian Serjeants)

1 (500) units of Light Infantry (Numerian Swordsmen/Spearmen)

2 (2000) units of Light Archers (Woodland Guards)


1 (500) unit of Light Cavalry (Numerian Rangers)

2 (1000) units of Medium Cavalry (Numerian Squires)


Total Infantry Count: 9000 - 18 units



14 Adepts, 2 Magi






Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 5000g

Town: 9000g

Population: 18,000g

Trade: 1000g (Republic of Danwent)

Merchants Guilds: 15000g (Lyria, Tyria, Nyria, Tyniria, Arris)

Manufactorie(s): 1000g (Lyria)

Gifts: 15000g

2 units worth of T3 Equipment



Infantry: 3000

Fortress: 2000


Total: 62,000

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The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick




Nation Stats




King Eonir the Great Stag


High Priestess Dycha


Prince Aeleandor the Warden








Base: 7,000


Towns/Cities: 6,000


Population: 11,000


Trade: 4,000


Trade Caravels: 16,000


Manufactories: 3,000


Merchant Guilds: 9,000


Port: 2,000


Upkeep: -12,200


Total: 45,500




Start: 62,200

End:  200


Trade Partners


Galaharian League

Empire of Bordeleaux

Kingdom of Hilmedhi

Kingdom of Bulgar


Cities, settlements and Fortresses


Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,600,470


Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 900,470


The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers


Modryn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 640,017


Tal Silvoc (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 650,470





Temple x2

Farms x10

Merchant Guilds x3

Manufactory x3


Barracks x2


National Idea


Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites.




5,000 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry)


6,900 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2 Equipment


200 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment


1,750 Light Infantry


3,100 Light Archers


200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment


12 Trade Caravels


6 Adepts


Military Equipment


Iron (T2): 7,350 Equipped


Leather (T2): 750 Equipped


Steel (T3): 1,000 Equipped


Detailed Military List






The Fey would begin to march their new Elite Infantry with a contingent of Cavalry to the Carrow Lords, to assist their Imperial Allies when and where they were able to. This did leave certain elements of the Homeland undefended and due to this more Light Infantry militia was required to be raised in order to keep the homeland safe and maintain the trade routes for the Fey Merchants moving goods across the borders. Migration would also be an issue due to the fact the newly occupied and conquered territories required new settlers as the humans had otherwise been driven out in all directions, as such the Capital prepares a migration of Fey using the tried and tested supply routes to transport civilians across the year, along with further migration to expand the existing borders to start the long process of connecting the borders.


In Darkyria the outlying city had finally been taken along with its keep, many migrants would be sent to populate this new region to expand the borders of the Fey and see the forest truly be populated by people of their faith and race. The campaigning season would however end this year but it would give opportunity for the Fey to send more troops, as it was still going to be a hard slog to finally stamp Darkyria out from the world. Another two regiments would be recruited and equipped with better weapons as the start of a process of outfitting the Fey Army with only the best that could be acquired.




5,000 is spent on migration this turn, moving thousands of Fey to the captured Darkyrian City and turning it into a proper Fey City itself.


5,000 is spent on expanding the borders, seeking to begin the process of eventually joining up with the Colony territory deep within the woods in occupied Darkyria.


25,000 is spent on building the first half of a Hermitage somewhere within the Kingdom.


10,000 is spent on building a Merchants Guild in the City of Modryn.


6,000 is spent on creating 1,500 worth of Steel Equipment to be shipped to the front.


1,000 is spent recruiting a unit of light infantry in order to assist maintain order within the borders.


10,000 is spent on recruiting two units of Greenthroat Guard and equipping them with steel weapons, sending them to the front to march off to battle at the beginning of the following campaign season.

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The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda





{Economy Point [Economy Points x 1,000G]} – 3,000G

{Capital City [3,000G] – 3,000G

{Towns} - 9,000G

{Trade [#Partners x 1,000G]} – 3,000G

{8 Trading Caravels [Max 16]} – 5,000G [Risme], 5000G [Auldin Tribes]

{2 Inbound Trading Caravels} - 500G [Risme]

{Population [1,500G*(Pop./500,000)]} – 18,000G [6,229,053 Population]

{Manufactories [1,000G Each]} - 3,000G

{Commercial Buildings [3,000G x #Merchant’s Guilds, 1000G per TradePartners/2 per port]} – 16,000G

{Greenleaf} – 2,000G

Total – 64,500G

Stored Gold:

Total – 500G


{Army Upkeep [1,000G x #Soldiers/3,000]} – 2,000G [8,500 Soldiers]

{Navy Upkeep [1,000G x ShipWorth/5,000]} – 9,000G [6 Cog, 8 Caravel, 1 Carrack, 1 Galley - 49,500G]

Total – 11,000G

Start of Year Treasury – 54,000G

Total Investments:

Army – 2,000 T1 R M Cavalry, 500 T1 R M Archers, 3,000 T1 R M Infantry, 1,000 T3 R M Infantry, 2,000 T1 R Light Archers

Navy – 1 Minoleki Cog, 8 Auldhauan Caravels, 5 Auldhauan Cogs, 1 Auldhauan Carrack, 1 Galley, 4 Specialized Trading Caravels [IN PROGRESS]

Religion – 10 Noble Adepts, 1 Magi, 2 Young Magi (Turn 1/10)

New Auldhau [Level – Capital] –  POI [Shorebridge], Fortress, Walls, Place of Worship, Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple, School, Manufactories [3], Shrine, Hermitage, Church, Manufactories [4 IN PROGRESS]

Little Auldhau [Level – City] – POI [Shorebridge], Keep, Merchant’s Guild

Strakzhau [Level – City] – Keep, Merchant’s Guild

Mirvliecht [Level – City] - Greenleaf, Merchant’s Guild

Alsmacht [Level – Town] [City in Progress]

Grellhau [Level – City] - POI [City of Krell], Merchant’s Guild, Keep

Drakisl [Level – Settlement]

Graevisl [Level – Settlement]

Eisenhau [Level – Settlement]

Ostliecht [Level – Settlement]




The rhythmic chanting of the Auldhauan Priesthood echoed throughout the church. For the ceremony, tens of thousands had stood in the great squares of the city, in the Great Square, before the Shrine of the Married Gods, at the first steps of the forested path to the Lord’s Respite. In the center of it all, Parovien Yast, a thin, balding man.


He had dedicated his life to the Hierarchy, and it had been rewarded duly. A million souls knew the name of the Grand Chancellor, first Magus of Auldhau since the Enlightened Kingdom’s fall. He was the signal of a new era; a peoples resurgent, a nation far greater than could have been imagined but a decade ago. The ceremony being held was not dedicated to him – for half the price of a new shrine, the House Auld sen Mel organized the largest prayer day it had the budget to create. It was no festival to the Lord and Lady, as so many before. It was a day for family, rest, to acknowledge the common man’s contributions to the Hierarchy. It was, too, to pray for the protection of the fleet preparing to sail westward.


Magus and five Noble Duets, a full half of the empowered forces within the Hierarchy, would sail upon the new carrack, the Lord’s Light, with three cogs holding skeleton crews and supplies, to the edge of the storms. The secrets of the world were the Auldhauans’ to uncover – such was the ancient birthright of the Enlightened Kingdom, and such were the demands of the Lord and Lady.




[0G] – The demands of the Married Gods included, too, the expansion of their domain. All throughout the Isles of Melda, regiments of a hundred each march to secure fully their homelands. In the north, the galley is sent up the river at first thaw, to scout ahead of the soldiers. Great care is taken to ensure the galley makes it home before the early fall freezes, though.




[10,000G] – A MIGHTY expedition is sent westwards, towards the storm the Auldhauans now believe to be magically created. The blessings of the Married Gods, and their their faith, are manifold and strong, and their victory assured. Before they leave, a great sum is donated to the churches, and hermitages, incenses lit, and the Married Gods prayed to for safety. [4,000 for alms, charity, other donations; 4,500 for the requisite supplies to build a colony; 1,500 for the supplies necessary to take them across an ocean. Fleet: Carrack, 3 Cogs]


[15,000G] – Alsmacht is turned into a city.


[20,000G] – Four Merchant Caravels are built in New Auldhau. [4/20 Cap]


[5,000G] – The construction of the Grellhau Canal continues. The House Auld sen Mel expresses its displeasure at the great amount of expenditures taken so far, simply to dig out rocks from an old canal. [35,000G]


[4,000G] – The beginnings of a Temple in Little Auldhau. [4,000/9,000]


[0G] – Trade is offered to the Commonwealth of Ruhn, even though it is a rather unknown state to the Auldhauans. It is through a diplomat sent past Minolek, to seek out new prospects. New prospects, after all, means new income.

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Hilmedhi Kingdom


The entire peninsula was on edge, with word spreading rapidly throughout about the deadly mist that haunts the coastline. With the King taking a trip, his findings were more than enough to confirm his suspicions about what haunted the mist. The military and navy started to pick up patrols, attempting to sway off any raids.



Upgrading the Ulan’s Valley to a city (12,000 Gold)


Three factories are constructed (18,000 Gold)


A journey is continued… (3,000 Gold)


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World Events


The Bloated Throats continue to ravage Eastern Naros, now turning onto the unified Ashval with bloody intent. Their incursions rip gore-covered gashes within the Ashval borders, but they are stopped by a determined defense. Farmers and peasants armed with whatever rudimentary gear they can find, against witless, mindless savages. A terrible time to be alive.


And the Order continues to grow in bodlness, striking ever deeper and more ferociously at the Bloated Throats, with their small but powerful incursions. Truly a testament to the skill of this mercenary force.


To the south, the Eadni Civilization has struck a decisive and surprise blow on the Mongerellians. In an unexpected move, they struck at the Mongerellian fleet in harbor. They brought fireships and quick attack boats loaded with elite Order mercenaries. The Mongerellian fleet was crippled, and one of its main harbors burned to the ground. War explodes across all of Eastern Naros as the Eadni draw first blood.


The Sehmon Remnants have finally taken what they say to be theirs. After their decisive victory against Numeria, the Sehmon turn onto Ischyros and force them into vassalage. A bloodless process for this whipped nation. Soon incorporated, Almeric IV makes a grand announcement in Loswarn, claiming the title of Emperor of Symon, and crowning himself before his people.


And the Karelians make a historic move. Ignoring a treaty long ago established bewteen Hakan the Undying, Chosen of the Gods and Master of the Skies, and his predecessors, King Karel VVII expands his borders. Some Hakan merchants whisper that Hakan himself raised his voice when hearing this. What is clear, is that the Glittering Legion is preparing to punish these upstarts.


The Republic of Danwent


The Sehmon scholars are suitable impressed with the functioning of the Senate, and two return in haste to the Kingdom, while a handful more remain, as they continue to familiarize themselves with the system. Their leader, Astus Gilder can often be seen debating with senators and his own colleagues about the merit of various policies and motions, his eyes alight with fascination at such a free way of governance.


This time, the Danwenti settlers are not harassed by bandits or by the Sehmon, though they have a constant shadow of riders that follow their every step into unclaimed territory. In the end though, the settlement ends up being founded upon a hilltop overlooking flat fields all around it. Much like the rest of central Naros, this area is fertile, flat, and sparsely hilled and wooded. The missives to the Sehmon are answered with smiles and honeyed words. The army was only concerned about the security of the Remnants, an understandable concern, surely! Or so they say.





The Fortress Libraries


Ashval accepts the trade and enclave offer, and begs for any aid possible. Their leaders are rough people of the land, and the nation is a loose confederation, held together by hatred and the urge to survive. Their leaders, Breton Kanve and his wife, Lusta Kanve, have little experience in administration or warfare, and rose through sheer determination and charisma. They ask of the Libraries that they provide any aid they can, or the tide of monsters will one day sweep over their land too.


As with Ashval, Trident accepts. The governor of the city-state is a portly, jolly-enough man with a wide paunch and a wider smile.


The Librarians go south, and their ever-shifting god follows in their wake. (Discord)




The Commonwealth of Ruhn


The Defilers almost unanimously make the choice to be escorted south by the Commonwealth. Most of them seem to have heard of the People of Sekh, which, they let slip, seems to be made mostly of Defilers who fled the haven of rivers within the central desert.


More expansion for the people of the mountains. They fare well, finding little of note beyond open fields and patches of forest. Here and there, villages, or small herds of sheep being moved from place to place by small shepard communities. It is a quite slice of the world, surrounded on all sides by vast expanses of unoccupied land, but caught by powers encroaching ever further into this haven.


The first ship finds a an island just as one might have expected. Windswept, rocky, hilly and with cliffs arching up from many parts of the coast. Nonetheless, it has fertile soil and open fields, along with a richness of marble within its hills. However, it is the second explorers who find something of note.


Point of Interest - The Hundred Caves of Felofola: Soon after passing the first of the northern islands, one of them notices a strange series of holes within the second island. As they approach, they soon realize that the island is covered in these large, often circular holes that disappear into the darkness. Some of them touch the sea, others lie far above, and even others can be seen below by the way the water moves near the shores. Those few brave souls who manage to pass these rough waters venture onto an island of rock and rare grass. The holes pockmark is even further inland, and when they find one into which they can step, it is perhaps not what they expected. (Discord)


Upon the third island, they find an old ruin, some sort of tower upon an outcropping of rock that looks towards Felofola. The land here is ravaged, torn apart, and in many places, the stone itself seems to have melted long ago. The tower itself is a ruin, its stones tossed about the countryside, or into the sea below. But within, something still waits… (discord)




The Galaharian League


The patrols do find something, a day or two’s sailing from Batista’s Landing. Three merchant ships sit low in the water, their sails limp and their decks empty. When boarded, they find no sign of a fight, no sign of the crew, and all the goods packed into the hulls are untouched. Not a single coin is out of place. The only sign of any theft is in the captains room for the lead ship. A Galaharian, he kept his valuables in a small safe. The lock is shattered, and the door torn open, but all the coins and jewels he had carefully piled within still remain.


Perhaps twenty minutes hard sailing later, the patrol finds something else. Two dozen small, shoddy and quickly made rafts, with no oars. More squares of wood floating on the water, each one is occupied by the body of a man, his skin burned and his tongue puffy and dry. Each one except for two, which are empty. There is nothing else to see, but the slowly decaying bodies of dead sailors.


As for the measures taken within the city, the security of its metaphorical and physical gates is enhanced. Every coin is counted, and every ounce of salt weighed. Some grumble at the delay, but none can say that the Galaharian administration is not on point!


The moves to empower the people of Passan, and in particular the Defenders, go well. Three of the Defenders, long standing wardens and intelligent men to a fault, take these positions, though all but one reject the offered armor, preferring instead to wear their traditional robes and light chain mail. Within the remainder of the land, the merchants do indeed wriggle into every knook and cranny. Soon, many of the Citizens of Passan, who have lived their lives in rugged deprivation, begin to expect various luxuries as an every day fact of life.


Secrets. (Discord)


And visitors. (Discord)




The Kingdom of Icefeld


The mine is soon established, but the men of Icefeld still struggle to extract the mineral itself. It is deadly, and shatters when struck wrongly. As such, they still struggle to do much with it apart from piling it in rough heaps.


The explorers struggle, and the crossing of the icefields and wind-blasted hills takes over two months. Many men die during the trip, an expected outcome, perhaps. Only 150 men make it to the other side, where they meet a curious people. Perhaps, with enough investment into purchasing supplies, they would fare better. (Discord) (Exploration without investments yield poor results)


The ones exploring their newly acquired land find little to differentiate it from Icefeld proper. Perhaps a fraction colder, or a little more bitter during the winter, but for the most part, they should feel right at home within these peaks.


The envoys to the Blackmarrow meet with Lord Lucius Blackmarrow, high lord of the House. What they find are tall, pale people with a preference for dull tones of clothing and an appreciation of martial might. Rarely do they find men who have not at one point been part of the army, or trained with a weapon. All there have a deep respect for war, and those who fall in it. Much like the Icefeld, they live in the harsh climes of the north, though their lands may be a tad milder than the truly arctic conditions of Icefeld. They are distant to outsiders, though not hostile, and provide little information beyond rough directions to the rivers south of their land, and the trading nations below. (You know your way southwards)




The Empire of Bourdeleaux


The Emperor kneels, and though the sun warms him, and a beam of light strikes upon the fountain in the most scintillating of ways, his god remains quiet. As he rises, the Emperor is left with naught but a vague sense of wrongness, permeating his emotions, and a single image. (Discord)


Elfred speaks to the Emperor in detail. It seems as if he had dealings with them many a time throughout his life as a raider. (Discord)


Point of Interest - Bastion: The mountains dividing the peninsula once known as the Blood Lands from the Narosi mainland is cut off by tall, rugged mountains, with barely a single pass capable of giving humans a way through them. That is, apart from one. It is as if a god drew a dagger through the mountains, cutting a straight, wide pass through them. High within the mountains, and accessed by a gentle slope on each side, it is surrounded by ominous peaks, but is itself relatively flat, and capable of allowing entire armies through. As the explorers make their way up, they see something in the distance. A point where the pass narrows, and on each side, tall cliffs rise up. Within this gap is a looming construct, of the same glassy stone that they saw but a few hundred kilometers away in Carrow. It cuts off the pass entirely with a thick, tall wall. Then, higher up within the cliffs, bridges criss-cross above the fortress, connecting intricate tunnelworks above it, from which murder holes poke out to glare at the landscape around it. At the top of these giant cliffs, a tower on each side, with no doors. However, they look upon the weaker side, for as they venture through its disused and empty gatehouse, and through the large fortress, they arrive at the other side. Here, the fortifications are tripled, imposing, they dominate the pass, as it marches its way down the mountains and into the jungle below.




The Kingdom of Five


Buildings and marshes.






The Duchy of Ulyadar


Assirbanakh, ancient construct of a forgotten empire. As Tancred and Ludin approach it, they feel a thrum in the air, a vibration that settles deep within their bodies and makes their blood thunder within their ears. They reach its foot, and then, the statue speaks. (Discord)


Deep research indeed. Tancred slaves away at the weaponry, and the blood of hundreds spill from his forge, into the maw of the Blood Forge. Yet, progress is made, and perhaps the sacrifices will all be for something. (Discord)


The settlements find scant land here, and hostile at that. They must hug the coasts, as the mountains above have little food, and less cover. Even the Ulyadir can catch diseases, whether they feel the cold or not. As such, the settlements make little gains in land, and struggle for survival throughout the year, but they persevere nonetheless, defying the odds.


As for the raiders, they soon leave a trail of smoke plumes along the eastern coast of Naros, as they make their way down, further and further. Blood, gold and slaves are piled into their ships after every village, as their men cleave through any resistance with ease. Any opposition they meet comes from poorly prepared farmers, and blood runs freely within the villages, as they drag away the women and surviving men, leaving corpses and burning homes behind. (+3000 slaves, +5k this turn)






Lots of buildings, and a new settlement. And finally, the small-minded mapmakers of Surya finally remember to add their Aros settlement to their maps. It took them long enough!


Little else happens this year, beyond a few whispered words, and a new visitor in Aros! (Discord)




The Kingdom of Numeria


A war to continue, and more men to train. Where numerian mothers once proudly saw their sons and husbands off to war, many now weep, and hide their tears from their neighbors. For what more can they do, when their sons are but blood to quench the hatred of their King.


And the siege continues on and on.




The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick


Expansion within the forest is, as always, an easy task for the Fey. They find the best creeks and rivers, the most ideal basins of fertile land, and the best hunting grounds with ease, and rarely do they enter into conflict with the present fauna and flora.


As for the city, it defies Fey architecture with its jarring, dull-looking stone buildings, but nature soon begins to creep back into the city itself, as the Fey populate it. Trees grow, wrapping themselves around the edges of buildings, and cracks in the cobblestones sprout ferns and bushes. Even the walls are soon laden heavily with roots, vines and trees. In a mere year, the city itself looks like some sort of garden of eden, ringed by a wall of greenery.


Only in the church does nothing grow. There, a barren place of dirt and rubble lies, and nature makes no attempt to reclaim it.


The war in the forest continues.




The Auldhauan Hierarchy of Melda


The expedition soon begins to face terrible trials, as they venture further and further south. Harsh winds turn into towering waves, which turn into perniciously hidden coral reefs and rogue waves. At one point, two maddened sharks even attack one of the smaller ships, severely damaging it. Two hours later, a huge wave shook it from end to end, shattering it like a matchstick. The cogs, unwieldy beasts that they are, suffer the worst of it, and two of them sink by the end of the first week of sailing. But the Carrack is not spared, and soon the Captain elects to turn back, the lasy cog limping back alongside it. In these stormy seas, where the sun is never seen, and the waves never rests, it seems that they are beyond the reach of their Gods…(2 Cogs sunk)


On a bright note, water finally rushes through the Grellhau Canal, as it is named. Finally, after years of hard work and advancing their engineering know-how, the people of Melda have reconnected the Sea of Krel to the Sea of Five. A great feat! (Holder of the Canal, +3000 Gold per turn)


In the far north, the Meldan Hierarchies new settlements wake up to find children missing. At first, it is shrugged off as a tragic incident, but soon it becomes obvious that there is more to it than that. Something is afoot, and it stinks of grease and the ocean.


The Explorers find little or note within this barren, frost-blasted land. Truly, all they can see is the mountains in the distance, snow, and sheets of ice. 





The Kingdom of Hilmedhi


And a journey is indeed continued... (Discord)



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The Fortress Libraries







------ S O O N ------






Points and Basic Stats:

Population: 2,193,219 Humans

Cities: The Bastion, Fort Vane, Hardshore

Buildings: Merchant Guild, Temple, Shrine, School, Trading Company x 5, Manufactory x 2, Farmland x 9 (+4%), Bog Silk Market

Economy: 6

Education: 7

Size: 2

Military: 2

Mysticism: 4

Trade Partners: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Bulgar, Sehmon, Danwent, Trident, Ashval

Enclaves: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, , Danwent



500 T1 Librarian Knights (50 men per unit)

1000 T3 Medium Infantry

1000  T1 Light Infantry

3 Adepts



Saved: 4000

Base: 3000

New Towns/Cities: 3000

Econ Points: 6000

Pop: 6000

Trade: 8000

Merchant Guild: 3000

Manufactories: 2000

Bog Silk: 3000

Enclaves: 8,000


Total Funds: 46,000



  • Trident Enclave [10,000]
  • Fort Vane merchant’s guild [9,000] (human discount on commercial)
  • Church constructed, the Bastion. [20,000]
  • 500 Light Archers – T4 BOG SILK EQUIPMENT. [5000]
  • High-Guardian Theodor Kryze, Triumvir and Commander-in-Chief, dispatched to Ashval’s largest settlement to assist in the training of Ashvali troops.
  • 300 Librarian Knight honour guard/trainers sent with High-Guardian Kryze, and 1 Adept.
  • Weapons, armour and equipment for Ashval. [2000]
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Twelfth Post


Kingdom of Bulgar


((Had drill, was unable to post))


Before Turn

Population: 8,293,874 (7%)

Cash: 95,000 (+1500 last turn)

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 3k city + 18k town + 24k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 21k manufactory + 4k Trade Deals + 2k Port - 7k mili = 93.5k p/t
Military: 2500 light Cav, 3500 Light Archers, 1450 M.Inf T2, 12,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (21), Farmland (36), Market T2, Port, Trade Post

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage


After Turn

Population: 8,874,445 (7%)

Cash: 500

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 3k city + 21k town + 25.5k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 31k manufactory + 4k Trade Deals + 2k Port - 8k mili = 107k p/t
Military: 2500 light Cav, 3500 Light Archers, 1450 M.Inf T2, 12,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (31), Farmland (39), Market T2, Port, Trade Post

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage

Factories 75,000 (10)

Farmland 15,000 (3)

Settlement founded 5,000


Thirteenth Post


Kingdom of Bulgar


The landscape of the Bulgar nation changes as more factories are created and more land is assumed by the country to handle the new capacity of production. Factories are combined from being simple mills and bakeries to being large complexes processing whole wheat into baked loaves of bread in just hours. Clothing prices drop for the lithborn causing new fashions to arise, one such is the use of the overcoat and tricorn cover, which are dyed a series of different colors. The rich and noble, wishing to stay ahead of the fashion curve, begin wearing gilded tricorns with silver feathers denoting their wealth and swaggers sticks topped in gold.


Newly designed uniforms are issued for during duty when not in full battle dress as well as during leave time for the soldiers. With colors inspired by the Greenthroat as well as the new production method for clothing, troops are assigned a standard uniform containing small parts of lithborn history, the white sash across their chest for their history living in the snowy north, the green from their place of holy transformation, the red midriff sash in their bloody service in the wars of consolidation, and the light green trousers in contrast to the dark green coat in the recognition of the fading of clothing from service to the crown. The top though only has to be worn though during duty hours.



Before Turn

Population: 8,874,445 (7%)

Cash: 107,500 (+500 last turn)

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 3k city + 21k town + 25.5k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 31k manufactory + 4k Trade Deals + 2k Port - 8k mili = 107k p/t
Military: 2500 light Cav, 3500 Light Archers, 1450 M.Inf T2, 12,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (31), Farmland (39), Market T2, Port, Trade Post

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage


After Turn

Population: 9,495,656 (7%)

Cash: 0

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 3k city + 24k town + 27k pop + 12k merch + 6k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 44k manufactory + 4k Trade Deals + 2k Port - 8k mili = 124.5k p/t
Military: 2500 light Cav, 3500 Light Archers, 1450 M.Inf T2, 12,500 M.Inf T1, Ballistae (3 units), Clerics of The Holy Banner 1000
Building: 4 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, manufactories (44), Farmland (39), Market T2, Port, Trade Post

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage

Factories 13 (97,500)

Settlement Founded (5,000)

Settlement Founded (5,000)


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Republic of Danwent – 1513

Roleplay to be added.


Nation Info:


Republic, ruled by 118 senators (lifetime positions).

Traditionalist League: 14 Senators

Commoner’s League: 27 Senators

Prosperous Path Party: 34 Senators

Stalwart Guard: 22 Senators

Frontier: 7 Senators

Adherence Party: 10 Senators

Unaffiliated: 4 Senators


Senate Seats: 118 total, 118 filled


People of note:

Aywentos Rumaari (Senator of the Traditionalist League), aged 36

Dionius Liber (Senator of the Commoner’s League), aged 38

Theodos Abemani (Senator of the Prosperous Path Party), aged 36

Thoryus Armon (Senator of the Stalwart Guard), aged 39

Otto Mikkelbach (Senator of the “Frontier”), aged 30

Kaylius Sarnari (Senator of the Adherence Party), aged 33


Population: 8,565,743 this year. (4,500,000 Starter)

Growth: 3% + 4,5% (farms) + 0,25% Moranese Wheat + 1% (national idea)

35 farmsteads.



Tzaria (1,100,000 inhabitants) (Capital) – Market, Trade Port, Manufactory, School, Temple, Place of Whorship, Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Essevith (800,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild

Ruhia (600,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Susvii (700,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port

Koryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild



Wessevith (600,000 inhabitants)

Raedia (500,000 inhabitants)

Hybria (600,000 inhabitants)

Shovia (500,000 inhabitants)

Tzarkyii (500,000 inhabitants)

Esorvor (500,000 inhabitants)





National Budget:

Treasury: 0 Duwats.

Income: 98,500 Duwats

Base Income: +3,000 Duwats

Economic Points: +4,000 Duwats

Merchant Guilds (5): +15,000 Duwats

Trade Partners: (Sehmon Remnants, Kingdom of Numeria, Ischyros, Bordealeux, Eadni, Galahar) +6,000 Duwats

Trade node of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (city + trade port)

Population Taxation: +25,500 Duwats

Trade Port of Tzaria: +3,000 Duwats (6 trade partners)

Trade Port of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (6 trade partners)

Towns & Cities: +24,000 Duwats

Moranese Wheat: +1,500 Duwats

Manufactory in Tzaria: +1,000 Duwats

Road tolls: +1,500 Duwats

Exports: +3,000 Duwats

Esorvor Resources: +5,000 Duwats


Expenditure: 9,000 Duwats

Armed Forces:  -5,000 Duwats

Total of 16,500 men. Equals -5,000 gold for land maintenance.

14 companies of Bronze Legion (T2 Unique Regular Medium Infantry) at 7,000 men

12 companies of T1 Regular Light Archers at 6,000 men

3 companies of T2 Regular Medium Archers at 1,500 men

4 companies of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows (T3 Unique Crossbows) at 2,000 men


Naval Forces: -2,000 Duwats

4 galleys at 250 men each



1 Keep in Ruhia (No upkeep)

1 Keep in Essevith (No upkeep)

1 Fortress in Tzaria (-2,000 Duwats)

1 Keep in Tzarkyii (No upkeep)

1 Keep in Hybria (No upkeep)

1 Keep in Koryii (No upkeep)


Available currency: 89,500 Duwats

National Resources:

1 unit of Moranese Wheat for trade (Market in Tzaria) (Exporting to Sehmon)


Republican Actions:


Three new stretches of Farmland are ordered for the growing population in the Republic. (-15,000 Duwats)


With the ongoing war, and the impudent activities of the Sehmon, there is a notion of distrust towards the Empire, a movement that grows and is bringing support and senators into the ranks of the Stalwart Guard. And into the volunteers for the army. With that, five new units of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows are recruited. (-22,500 Duwats)


At the same time, the construction of a castle in Esorvor is ordered. (-15,000 Duwats)


Wessevith and Raedia are to be elevated to city status. Investments are being ordered accordingly. (-30,000 Duwats)


Lastly, Susvii receives a Trading Company, to house the new influx of traders. (-6,300 Duwats)


The remainder is retained for the coming year. (-700 Duwats)

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Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II

Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy

Population: ~ 8,568,551

Allies: N/A

Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans





Black Army siege camp, stationed just outside the reaches of the Carrow Citadel, c. 1511


It had been nearly a year since the siege had began. Progress came slow, though as was expected. The Black Army faced perhaps the single most fortified structure on the face of Naros. A few leagues uphill from the Bourdelaic camp sat the imposing Citadel of Carrow. An ancient structure, guarding the vital mountain paths in southwest Naros. Constructed purely of black stone with durability and sheen before unknown, it appeared nearly insurmountable as it jutted into the early morning sky. Now, it stood as the last bastion of resistance to be rooted out by the men of Bourdeleaux. Occupied by the mad Lord Tarkanet, it was suspected that any peaceful abdication of the stronghold was unlikely. As Terakan fell in the melee, only Temak Kan remained to challenge the mad Lord’s reign. It remained a point of contention for many of soldiers in the camp, arguing whether or not it was even worth trading one Carrow Lord for another.


“...If it were me, I’d have taken reprisals against the populace. As they’ve made us bleed, I would kindly return the favor.” said one soldier, clad in loose-fitting trousers and wrapped in a worn and lacerated black gambeson. Several cuts and slashes decorated his underarmor, and a large scar streaked vertically along the length of his right eye, masked by a black eyepatch - notably sporting a golden white sun upon it.


Another soldier, huddled around the same hearth as he, called out from across the smoldering embers of last night’s fire, “Good thing you’re not in charge then, ‘innit, Jonas.” he scoffed.


“They ought to pay, and you know it.” spat the grizzled soldier.


“No, I don’t. Unlike you, I have empathy for fellow man, you cold bastard.” replied the second man, stripped of his plate and merely clad in his roughspun tunic, save for the sabatons fastened against his legs. Gawain was his name, a regular footman as many others.


“You see…” chimed in a third, sat rear-end first on the dirt, “They say a good leader must inspire fear and love. Both must be present, ‘lest his reign be tumultuous and in turmoil.” he said, tossing an idle twig into the ashes.


“Quite the philosopher, aren’t you, Alucard?” said Jonas, rolling his eyes. Indifferent, he turned his attention away from the assembled men towards one of the pitched tents. “Would’che look at tha’?”


“Wha’?” questioned Gawain, craning his neck to gawk at whatever had caught Jonas’s attention.


“It’s Verlaine.” said Jonas, pointing across the dirt path which separated A Company’s quarters from B Company’s.


Gawain squinted across muddied and hoof-trodden road, eyeing Verlaine. Verlaine, an enormous, muscular man, stood just outside of his tent. He thrust his black helm atop his head, sliding his sallet down. From head to toe he was clad in his ebony plate. The distant man cracked his neck, dropping to a knee as he performed extensions of the leg. And as he felt that was sufficient, he sprung up and performed a series of jumping jacks and arm stretches. “Unusual. His unit’s not due for any action today.” Gawain commented.


“Bastard likes to stay in tip-top shape, it seems. I’ve seen him sprint around the perimeter of the camp in full kit a hundred times, carrying his longsword wit’ ‘im. That madman. He makes it look like it’s nothing.”


“God bless Verlaine!” cried Alucard, finishing the last of his ale.


“Eh, what do you make of this, Captain Rimbault?” asked Jonas, turning to address a fourth man among the group.


Jonas met the gaze of weary, tired man who sat upright upon a sawn log, one leg crossed over the other and a pipe in his mouth. He appeared to be reading a book, with covered by dirty leather and scrawled in black ink across yellow parchment. He lowered his book, and sighed, “Well, Decanus Jonas, I think Verlaine is a model soldier. You should all strive to be like him. Perhaps, if there were more of him this siege would be at an ends.” he replied, resuming his reading shortly after.


“Oh look, there he goes!” chuckled Alucard.


As the group of men looked over, Verlaine was in the midst of performing knee-raises, before taking off in a quick jog. “Careful not to stab anyone with that, Verlaine!” Gawain shouted after the man, cheering him off.


Verlaine turned, offering Gawain a head nod as he flipped down his visor and began his daily routine, legs kicking into motion.


“That man lives and breathes Bourdeleaux. Bourdeleaux flows through his veins!” said Gawain with pride.


“Bloodileaux.” said Alucard.


Jonas shook his head, “Alright, enough of that.” he coughed.


A brief moment of silence ensured. Gawain merely prodded at the embers with a stick, until he uttered, “Eh, did you hear Marcela died?”


“Tragic.” commented the Captain, consumed in his reading.


“Who the bloody hell is Marcela? That your wench or somethin’?” asked Alucard.


“Nae. It’s that minstrel singer that’s been taking Souvois by storm for the past few years.” replied Gawain, matter-of-factly.




“Capitaine Rimbault.” interceded an unfamiliar voice, sharp and down to business.


Rimbault set down his book, recognizing the voice. He immediately rose, standing to attention. “Yes, Colonel.”


The other men looked over and naturally rose, standing to.


“Your unit and B Company are going out on patrol today. Strap up. You leave in thirty minutes.” the man said, nodding as he departed to presumably attend his numerous ‘duties’.


“Damn it.” the Captain muttered, sighing aloud, “Well, you heard the man, get ready. Get suited and meet me in the parade ground, you have twenty.”  he said, closing his book and making for his own tent.


“Aye, sir.”


“Somebody better tell Verlaine before B Company leave without him.” chuckled Alucard.


“With luck, he’ll still be doin’ laps by the time we return!” said Gawain.



Black Army soldiers of J Company, 1st Regiment, on patrol the night prior in the woods surrounding Carrow, c. 1511


Elsewhere, at the center of camp, a detachment of Phoenix Guardsmen stood watch over the largest and ornate tent in the entirety of the camp; the Emperor’s. For some time, he remained secluded in his quarters, presumably recovering from his wounds. On either side of the entrance, they stood parallel, halberds held perpendicular to themselves.


The left guardsman’s gaze began to wander. Over the camp’s horizon, he could make out the silhouette and frame of the enormous trebuchet, the one that had been bombarding the Citadel for the past few weeks. Though a true feat of engineering, even that wasn’t enough to collapse the seemingly indestructible walls. The guardsman, who had been on watch for some time now, took pleasure in seeing the weapon reload and fire. Though it did not happen often, it was a sight to behold -- one that was met with resounding cheers from men throughout the camp as the helpless Carrow defenders received their beating.


“Impressive, ‘innit, Odo.” said the second Phoenix Guard, motioning his chin towards the trebuchet.


“Aye.” said the first man, now turning to stare down the tent aisle, where he could faintly make our and hear an infantry company drilling. They fine tuned their formation fighting, assuming different postures and sword guards in unison as the officer barked and the men obeyed. He admired the ethic of the Bourdelaic peoples, always aiming to improve themselves.


“Look sharp.” said the second.


Odo set his gaze straight once more, staring down two individuals who approached, backs to the Sun.


“Sir Richard!” exclaimed the second guardsman.


“Lothaire.” the Knight replied, smiling as the pair approached.


“Who is it that you bring?” Lothaire questioned, furrowing his brows towards the stranger.


“Perhaps the finest physician in the Empire, that’s who.” boasted Sir Richard, a decorated knight in his own right and personal advisor to the Emperor. He had a bear pelt wrapped around his shoulders, and various purity seals and gallantry awards were pinned upon his chest. He was to be trusted.


“Ah, excellent! The Emperor would be joyed to see him.”


The doctor bowed, “Pierre de Troyes. At your service.” he said, approaching the tent.


Lothaire lowered his halberd to block the man’s path, and Odo followed suit, scolding the the doctor.


“Not so fast. You’ll be subject to thorough search before entry.”  stated Lothaire, stepping forward as the plates and various ends of his black armor clinked.


“Of course. Of course.” the Doctor said, raising his arms and allowing himself to be searched.


Nearby Phoenix Guardsmen looked on, amused at the sight of Lothaire giving Pierre a thorough pat down and asking him to strip various pieces of clothing. Odo, turned back to the tent entrance, peeling back the canvas flap and quietly telling a guard who held watch inside the Emperor’s quarters, “Tell the Emperor his physician his here to see him.” The interior guard nodded, and Odo let the flap loose, staring at the doctor once more, chuckling.


“Is this necessary?”


“Is that even a question?” Lothaire shook his head, turning out the man’s pockets. “Hm. No weapons. You’re good to go.”


“No expense is spared to ensure the Emperor’s safety.” stated Sir Richard.


“Right.” the doctor, bowed politely, finally being allowed inside the tent, held up for some ten-odd minutes.


Odo seized the man by the arm, looking him deadset in the eye, “Make His Imperial Majesty well, God be with us.”



At all times, the Emperor is protected by an Elite retinue of Phoenix Guard, known as the Noviquen Guard, and are senior members of the order. Many of the Noviquen Guard have the privilege of having the Emperor’s ear and are considered invaluable allies and even friends.



Farmlands - 33 Farmlands


Souvois - Merchant’s Guild, Place of Worship, Church

Omignon - Merchant’s Guild

Vascogne - Merchant’s Guild


Manufactories - N/A




Income: 74,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 25.5k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 6k, Cities/Towns - 21k, Incoming Caravels - 1k)

Upkeep: 6,000g (Army), 5,000g (Veterancy) = 11,000g.




[23,000g] Loan Payment to Galaharian League

[25,000g] Construction of 5 Farm lands



[10,000g] Construction of 2 Settlement

[4,500g] Constructing 6 Basllistae

1000 gold to treasury


[Non-Expenditure] Significant measures are undertaken to ensure the Emperor’s safety, constantly under watch of the Phoenix Guard, with all visitors being screened, searched, and interrogated.

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