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From Ruination [FRP]

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Galaharian League


*Just in the distance looms the ever present Greenthroat. The forest has earned quite a fearsome reputation in the League. They respect the woods, and consider it home. Neither Narosi nor Arosi, Galahar is a proper Greenthroat nation. Just near the Wet-Throat Ravine, tens of thousands of slaves toil away. Governor Bordatoni of the prosperous port city of Ovest oversees it all. They were staring an actual road system for their stretch of the Greenthroat Land passage. The tree roots were proving quite difficult. But in respect to their Fey allies, none would be cut. Instead the trees and roots would be taken into account and incorporated. This growing road is a blend of humagi and nature.




Elsewhere Ormanno Sforza finds himself quite busy as Lord Regent. The first ships had arrived today, laden with expected goods. As promised, his Step-father had sent the fabled Black Army battle armor. This armor however was stylized with storm clouds on the cauldrons, not suns. A few other slight variances overall changed the aesthetic but not origin. This armor was all well and good, for the growing League army. With war on every side, and such a distinct Mistreaver and internal Fallen One threat, tension is high. A grand army of well armored and supported troops begins it’s foundations. Dozens of Banners of troops begin sailing to Galahar’s city of Fortuna to the east. Several convoys of ships ferry them at different points in the year.




Population;  8,357,492

Income; 171.5k


-- Actions Turn 21


*Continued Wet-Throat Road work in land passage -10k [20k Total, 35k Slaves]


1 Nuncio -9k

2 Caravels -8k

4 Cogs -6k

 [!] Using 3 Units of Ulan Wood to build as many [Researched] Beach Assault Craft as possible -10k

1 Unit of Medium Cavalry [T4] -10k

2 Units of Heavy Infantry [T4] -16k

1 Unit of Storm Riders [T3] -6k

4 Trebuchets -18k
4 Magonels -6k

4 Ballistae -3k
[Redacted] -10k


[!] Hiring Doctors for the army -9.5k


Bourdelaic Loan -50k

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“Bloody hell, there’s nothing left.”


The village - what remained of it - lay well below the party, in a small jungle clearing. Even here, on the very edges of the Surukai, the trees and underbrush pushed thick along the sides of every path, and it had taken time for the first soldier to spot the place.


Not that there was much to spot. A few blackened ruins and some rice fields were all that was left as evidence of a settlement here. The shapes of burned bodies lay on the ground, and on one house the fire still blazed. This was recent work.


“Who could have done this?” The young captain Chakravarmi stepped beside Kunwar. The Maharajas had a strong preference between the two main suspects, but his nemesis was not who the boy had been sent to fight. He kept his mouth shut.


“Poor fools,” he said instead, and turned to his daughter who still rode beside him, the disgust on his face fading to stoicism. “They built in hostile territory, not a single armed man nearby to protect them, and too close to the forest to see anyone coming. Who is at fault for their deaths?”


Padma frowned, for her father was obviously trying to lecture her on something. “The villagers?” The answer seemed wrong.


“Never. Not even a little. Innocent people shouldn’t have to live in fear.” Kunwar shook his head, and stared coldly down at the ex-village. “The fault is with us. We have neglected our duty, and duty is what makes us Rajas.” His eyes narrowed, and he leaned forward as if seeing something.


“There’s someone down there!” The captain exclaimed. “Wait...not just one!”


And there was. In the village, armed men were moving between burnt houses, throwing bodies aside in search of riches. It was still impossible to tell who they were.


“They’re still looting the place, the pigs.” Kunwar sneered. “We’re going down. One column straight down the path, then pincer order. We’ll come down hard and catch them alive. Tell the men. Now!” His eyes never left the target. “You’ll wait here, Padma.”


“What? But there’s only a few, I want to see-”


“You’re not going to get yourself killed here. I’ve let you come too far with us as it is.” Kunwar’s tone left no room for objection, and he made her dismount and hide in the bushes, off the path. Ten minutes later, he and all the soldiers were gone. Padma was alone with the sounds of birds, insects, and in time, a faint clash of steel.


It was hardly what one could call peaceful: the jungle was alive in every sense of the word. But as she waited, she watched the way the sun played on leaves, listened to birds far away. For a dense, disease-ridden forest, it was relaxing.


A rustle sounded in the underbrush, just downhill, and the hairs on her arms stood on end. She pulled away from the road, and by instinct pulled the ancient bow from her back. Again she heard the sound. Her father had told her once about the Red Tigers of the Surukai, great man-eating monsters that sprang from the trees and killed their victims instantly. Her hand gripped the bow tighter. She pulled herself up onto a convenient stone, looking downhill warily.


Again the bushes rustled along the path, close this time, and she nocked an arrow, ready to defend herself. But it was no tiger which came up the hill. It was a single man, large and muscular, seemingly too big for the horse he rode. His eyes were flat and tired, his brow furrowed in thought.


As the man approached, Padma tried to draw further back into the trees, but a twig snapped under her foot and the horse stopped. The man turned, and as he looked into her eyes recognition dawned on his face.


“Padma Viswan, the marked one. I haven’t seen you since you were a baby.”


Padma pulled back her bowstring, the arrow pointing at the man’s neck.


“There’s no need for that, Padma.” The man seemed unconcerned. “I assure you, I will be perfectly civil.” As if to demonstrate, he bowed as deeply as one can on a horse. “Ravi Singh, at your service.”


The girl’s heart pumped faster, and her fingers twitched on the bowstring. She should kill him. She knew she should kill him. Her father had told her over and over of this man’s crimes, and just years prior his men had kidnapped her. He was the enemy. But somehow with him standing mere feet away, speaking kindly, she couldn’t do it.


“Why did you have me taken?” She replied instead, angrily.


“It wasn’t done on my orders. Do I look the sort of man who would kidnap the Mahasattva? The men just get…zealous. You’ll understand that, in time.” He smiled. “I’m not at all the monster they say I am. They say I want to destroy Surya. Really, I just want to break its chains.”


“Does that mean doing what you did to that village?” Padma would not loosen her grip on the bow.


Ravi ignored the question, a brief scowl coming over his face, then passing. His eyes drifted down the hill, where the sounds of fighting were dying down. “You’re here with Kunwar, I notice. Tiresome man. Tell me, does he still refuse to believe that you are Mahasattva?”


Padma nodded before she fully thought about it, taken off guard by the question. This man knew more about her and her father than she realized.


“Well, he’s right. You aren’t the Mahasattva. Not yet.” Ravi stretched back lazily in his saddle. “Nor will you ever be, if you keep going on like this. There’s a ritual, you see.”


Padma pulled the bowstring tighter. “No one’s said anything about a ritual.”


“No, they wouldn’t, would they?” Ravi laughed. “The Sattva are lazy old fools. They have no idea how Arjun reached apotheosis, and even if they did they’d probably muck it up.” He leaned towards her. “I’ve heard what you did to my men. Mihir has given you power. But really, was that anything like what the legends say of the Mahasattva? Anything like what Arjun could do? What about the armbands you stole from me? I don’t suppose they fit, do they.”


The girl narrowed her eyes, irritated. “And you know the ritual, I suppose?”


“If only I were so lucky. But I’m looking, which is more than others can say.” He sighed. “At some point, Padma, you’ll have to look to the future, and decide what you want it to look like. The Mahasattva can do nothing less. Tell me, do you think Kunwar wants you to succeed? Perhaps as a Rajas, but not as what you truly are. But I do.”


Padma was silent.


“There is a town in this jungle. It lies where the great Surukai river meets the sea. Men call it Ravibad, but you may call it home, if you wish. Surya is old and decrepit. We are young, and strong. We can help each other.”


“You want me to choose to come, now that you can’t force me. What are you planning?”


“To set us free, of course.” Padma growled in response, and Ravi edged his horse closer.


“I understand, it’s a lot to think about. You do have to make the right decision, after all.” He grinned. “But in the meantime, I have something for you.” Ravi reached a burly arm to his side and drew an old, plain sword. He held it casually, smirked, and then tossed it at Padma’s feet.


“This thing’s been more trouble than it’s worth, but maybe it’s because it doesn’t belong to me.” He gestured to the blade, still ignoring the arrow pointed at his face. “Give it a try before we meet again. I think it’ll feel a bit more comfortable in your hands. And remember…” The big man winked cheerfully. “Ravibad!”


By the time Padma realized she hadn’t loosed her arrow, Ravi had spurred his horse away, disappearing into the underbrush. Once again, she was left alone with the sounds of the jungle.


...And an old, plain sword.



Current Statistics


Expenditure (247,000 Gold)


Routine farm expansion. [5 Farms; 25,000 gold]


Routine industrial expansion. [7 Factories; 52,500 gold]


A rush of settlements falls over Aros! It seems they are filling with settlers slower than before, and the Sattva wish to make sure they can fully exploit the land ahead of time. Surya officially claims all the remaining land on the plains of Aros up the borders of their neighbors. [5 Settlements; 25,000 gold]



Gawhilghur, Adawad, and Amritsar all get walls and economic growth. [3 city upgrades with guilds; 72,000 gold]


Powerfvl Sunclad regiments join the army of Aros, empowering it to enforce Suryan will. [1,750 Veteran T3 Heavy Inf; 49,000 gold]


The Chosen of Mihir are also called, ready to prove their skill. [100 Elite T3 Enchanted Heavy Inf; 8,000 gold]


More meatshields join the growing army of Aros, which may soon be needed…. [2,000 T1 Light Inf; 4,000 gold.]


[Special construction; 2,000 gold]


[Bribe; 500 gold]


[Gift to Hilmedhi; 8,000 gold plus profit from 8x T3 Equipment]


[Work on T4 Magic; 1,000 gold; 8,700 total.]


[0 gold remaining]




Population 16,279,231

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World Events


This year, Symon push into the Numerian forest, slowly, inch by inch, clearing every area with painstaking care. Progress is slow, but there seem to be fewer losses than anticipated.


The Antigonid Dynasty


The Eadni seem assuaged by the re-assurances, and continue to allow supplies through their land uninterrupted.


As for the troubles, they seem to subside as the worship is outlawed, and the remnants of the cult either flee to kinder lands, convert, or die. The damage may have been wrought, but no more unnatural storms or magical flares disrupt the land this year.


The Kingdom of Five


The Meldans seem to have limited success. They report finding two caravels, and sinking them in combat, but find little more. Oftentimes, they state that the enemy escapes into unnatural mists, or slips into coastal waters and darts away through the channels between islands. As they continue their search, the Swine ships also have limited success, as the Red Suns often strike where they are not. (-7.5000G this turn)


Emissaries. (Discord)




The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick


Such a movement of people and creation of settlements exceeds what is possible for the Fey. As such, the vast spread of resources and people creeping forth to occupy new swaths of the forest advances slower than expected. By the end of the year, the two segments of Fey land are still not properly joined, but surely, it cannot be long before they are.


As for the king, the visions continue to flash before his eyes on occasions, and a deep urge settles within him. An urge to find their source.


The Republic of Danwent


The Elder Soul has always been quiet. The priests of Danwent may never even have truly felt his warmth, though his magic roils through them. But however distant he may be, his touch does influence the land. A moment of recognition for the faithful, as crops flourish at an unprecedented rate in 1521. (+2% pop growth for one turn.)


The Princedoms of Volarucio


M O A R (wine) UNITS.


Shortly before the army marches, Trident sens a strongly worded letter, requesting that the Volarucian loan be repaid. But as the army crosses the border, Trident raises its own forces, and missives flit down the river, south, east, west. Who knows where they are going. (discord)


The Duchy of Ulyadar


The settlers do well enough. They are unharmed, arrive safely, and build more settlements in the name of their chosen Duke!


Adept Tuvallinius seems to handle the insanity well enough. He does not go completely crazy, but is clearly struggling with voices, and adopts strange habits, as well as a hunched posture. His eyes are often full of paranoia, though he manages to remain mostly coherent.


The Blood Forge and the Blood God have nothing else to say on the matter, unfortunately, as the God remains quiet and the Forge holds not a single allusion to any of these things.


The Commonwealth of Ruhn


Ruhnites like round numbers, but mods like short replies!


The leather becomes easier to manipulate with increased research into its properties. By the end of the year, the leather is finally wearable! It seems to be particularly resistant to flames.


The Empire of Bourdeleaux


Though many, many laborers have died, the second year of tortuous labor secures a somewhat acceptable road through the Roots. It is doubtful that the pass will ever actually be safe, but for now, it allows, if nothing else, for the troops to pass without constantly fearing about falling down a cliff. However, the winding paths through the valleys are still constantly threatened by falling rocks, and bitter snow and ice and avalanches still spell death for those unlucky enough to be affected by them.


In Numeria, the campaign continues, though the Black Army finds its supply lines under constant threat, attacked from all directions, as the men begin to grow hungry, and their supplies wane…


The Kingdom of Icefeld


The spring does little to warm these frozen lands. Indeed, the ice still lies thick in many spots, and the snow only melts in the southern regions of the march. As for Franz, he only arrives as far as the first tribe, before being promptly rejected. On his paths to other tribes, he now falls under attack from raiders on more than one occasion. Experts in the land around them, they kill dozens of his men, and seriously wound him in the lung with an arrow.


The same words spout from the lips of all they meet. “We will not kneel.”


As for the army, it is attempting to cross a wind-blasted, frozen land, where food is scarce, and venturing into the forest to forage can be as lethal as sitting in the open arctic fields. With so much put into the supplying of the troops, far less men die of hunger than could be expected, but progress is still slow, and they are not yet at the coast when the deepest, darkest days of winter arrive, and cut off their supply lines with dozens of feet of snow… That, is when the men start dying in earnest.


Attrition losses:

150 Icefeld raiders

200 medium infantry

50 Icefeld sappers

100 Medium Archers

The Mangonels have to be abandonned very shortly into the trip, as they prove impossible to transport over these frozen, crag-filled expanses of ice and snow.

100 heavy infantry

100 Crossbowmen

100 Heavy Cavalry,

150 Cavalry unhorsed. (Their horses died or were eaten in the deep winter.)


The Fortress Libraries


One loremaster defects, along with a relatively rich library. However, the two dozen others still living within Numeria refuse to leave their ancestral homeland, and the history that lies within it. The defector, Amros Nureyn, is a strange chap, with a penchant for droning monologues and moments spent staring blankly into the void.


More medicine, but also poison? Nevertheless, there are more than a few plants that secrete toxic substances within the swamp, and the Libraries have an easy enough time cataloguing them. Of note, the Drizzleroot, which has a bitterly sharp taste, but when ingested will slowly turn the blood black, until it coagulates and blocks the heart. It typically turns veins black beneath the skin and is quite deadly.


The Galaharian League


Ships are indeed built! (Discord)


The road system progresses at a decent enough pace, though the scope of the project is immense, stretching over hundreds of miles, near the dangerous Greenthroat. Already, many dozens of slaves have disappeared into the night. As for the roots, incorporating them is all well and good, but without clear directives, they continue to block the entire road, stretching from within the woods, until the edge of the cliff like a wall.


Doctors are easy enough to find, though their skills may be dubious. Nevertheless, it is better than none!




A rush of settlers throughout the region. Unfortunately, the northernmost group is halted by horrible weather, and is ultimately called off, returning to Sehore in defeat. Shamefur dispray…


The rest of the settlements are established without trouble, though the Xian seem none to pleased with this sudden burst of growth from their brown neighbors.


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Posted (edited)


Kingdom of Five



Nation Roleplay:

Ser Hog hated the sound of the waves crashing so close to his tent, they were roaring here for some reason unknown to the swinemen as hundreds of them milled about constructing some towers and walls.


[Will finish tomorrow after encounter, tired from WORK.]

Population: 16,679,873 Fivians

Gold Expenditure: 214,750 Gold with Upkeep

(54,000 Gold) 6 Guilds are built in the recently upgraded cities. (18,000 Gold)


(81,000 Gold) 6 Ports are built in the recently upgraded cities. (18,000 Gold)


(25,000 Gold) 5 Farms to keep up with the increasingly demanding and hungry pigs of the five.


[!] Dakkar tosses and turns, his thoughts are of what he is exactly fighting for... how can he help sneak or overtake this place? The king wakes up and prays to his lord, any information or attack path would be graciously accepted.


(30,000 Gold) An unprecedented growth period in a period of war as 6 Settlements appear along the once Meldan owned peninsula. Envoys are sent to the Meldan colony to assure them this is a peaceful move. This expedition of colonies is safe-guarded by a large host of soldiers to ensure no harm comes to the colonies along with 10 adepts. The need for wood and hopefully a special RESOURCE would allow the nation to blossom




[4,000 Gold] Dakkar calls upon his fallen ones, could they raise the cap of the incarnations?


[!] 3 Trade slots need filled and to those NPCs around... they’re offered it!

(15,000 Gold) 10 Galleys are built.


(5,000 Gold) The Meldans are contacted to begin baiting out the Red sun assaults, 2 adepts of the Fallen are put to sea with them in order to prevent the red suns from misting away.

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Changed my mind on my economy this turn, color of text is stuck.

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Danwent – 1522



“He who sows, shall reap.”


“Betrayal?!” Thoryus Armon shouted stand in the center of the Great Senate Chamber. “You have betrayed your very own words Senators. You sent me away, with the notion of having no influence in the vote whether we want to stand with Numeria, an ally of ours or not! You were the ones who betrayed their trust, you who betrayed the friendship we built over this past decade!” – “We made the choice for the benefit of the Republic, Senator Armon.” replies Dionius Liber. “War is not good for us. It brings only suffering to the people of Danwent.” – “But breaking treaties and oaths makes us look weak and untrustworthy, Senator Liber.” comes the reply. “And don’t speak for the Republic, you coward hold no intent of protecting truly. You... all of you fail to see the greater picture!” Thoryus fumes. “We have no allies in this world. We have the Empire of Bourdeleaux breathing down our neck. We have the Symon with their dubious intentions to the East. A self-indulging League of Galahar claiming shores near us, plucking our fleets to fight in their battles. This is dangerous to the nation, to the people of Danwent! Where are you protecting it, truly? By hosting games?” – “Senator-“ begins Royolus Artonii for a moment. – “Don’t Senator me, you fool. Grand Republican Party, my arse. All you do is prance about all high and mighty and these other goons that follow you are none the wiser!” Thoryus stares into the faces of the attending men. “You broke a promise. I can not fix that broken promise. But yes, I can see the error here. The source of flaw. And that, I shall fix.” His gaze halts at Aywentos who sits there, brooding, his eyes focused on Thoryus on the central aisle. “Yes, I will fix this. With your support or without it.”



The news would soon ripple throughout the reaches of Naros. The Republic of Danwent has fallen into a civil war. Thoryus Armon has proclaimed himself King of Danwent and is now marching through the land from hold to hold, city to city, ascertaining his control. Under leadership of Royolus Artonii, the Republicans have organized themselves to prepare for a defense. It’s clear that it would come to battle between the two parties rather sooner than later. Whilst most garrison remain and wide stretches of the Republic are not directly affected as of yet, Senators and mayors of settlements have spoken out their support for one side or the other, a rift beginning to form. The only question is, will this rift turn into a frontline?


More Roleplay might be added, once some things are sorted out.


Nation Info:


Civil War:

King Thoryus Armon + Stalwart Loyalists


Grand Senator Royolus Artonii + Grand Republicans


Republic, ruled by 186 senators (lifetime positions).

Traditionalist League: 19 Senators

Commoner’s League: 30 Senators

Prosperous Path Party: 41 Senators

Stalwart Guard: 30 Senators

Frontier: 11 Senators

Adherence Party: 13 Senators

Grand Republican Party: 23 Senators

Unaffiliated: 19 Senators


Senate Seats: 186 total, 186 filled (20 from the Capital, 10 per city, 8 per town, 4 per settlement)


People of note:

Aywentos Rumaari (Senator of the Traditionalist League), aged 45 – undecided

Dionius Liber (Senator of the Commoner’s League), aged 47 – supporting the Republic

Theodos Abemani (Senator of the Prosperous Path Party), aged 45 – absent, party supporting the Republic

King Thoryus Armon (Senator of the Stalwart Guard), aged 48 – leading

Otto Mikkelbach (Senator of the “Frontier”), aged 39 – supporting Thoryus Armon

Kaylius Sarnari (Senator of the Adherence Party), aged 42 – supporting Thoryus Armon

Royolus Artonii (Senator of the Grand Republican Party), aged 41 – leading the Republic


Hasoran Alaari (General of the Stalwart Loyalists), aged 42

Tarun Syndrii (General of the Grand Republicans), aged 30


Population: 19,596,200 this year. (4,500,000 Starter)

Growth: 3% + 4,5% (farms) + 0,25% Moranese Wheat + 1% (national idea) + 0% Growth Spell (cooldown 3 turns) + 2% (this turn, Elder Soul Blessing)

77 farmsteads.



Tzaria (1,100,000 inhabitants) (Capital) – Market (IV), Trade Port, Manufactory, School, Temple, Monastery (T4), Merchant Guild, Trading Company, three barracks, Military academy

Essevith (800,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild

Ruhia (600,000 inhabitants) (Starter) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Susvii (700,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company

Koryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild

Wessevith (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild

Raedia (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company

Rohsor (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port, Trading Company

Esorvor (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trading Company

Razryii (600,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port

Solinyii (500,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port

Rotyia (500,000 inhabitants) – Merchant Guild, Trade Port



Hybria (700,000 inhabitants)

Shovia (600,000 inhabitants)

Tzarkyii (600,000 inhabitants)

Arevith (600,000 inhabitants)

Esolia (500,000 inhabitants)

Krytor (500,000 inhabitants)

Caldria (500,000 inhabitants)

Morvera (500,000 inhabitants)





National Budget:

Treasury: 3,500 Duwats.

Income: 217,500 Duwats

Base Income: +3,000 Duwats

Economic Points: +4,000 Duwats

Merchant Guilds (12): +36,000 Duwats

Trade Partners: (Symon, Numeria, Bordealeux, Eadni, Galahar, Librarians, Fyr Darrick, Trident, Volarucio, Äulem) +10,000 Duwats

Trade node of Susvii: +3,000 Duwats (city + trade port)

Population Taxation: +58,500 Duwats

Trade Port of Tzaria: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Susvii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Raedia: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Rohsor: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Razryii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Solinyii: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Trade Port of Rotyia: +5,000 Duwats (10 trade partners)

Towns & Cities: +51,000 Duwats

Moranese Wheat: +1,500 Duwats

Manufactory in Tzaria: +1,000 Duwats

Road tolls: +1,500 Duwats

Exports: +12,000 Duwats

Caravels arriving at Danwent: +1,000 Duwats (4 from Galahar)


Expenditure: 22,500 Duwats

Armed Forces:  -9,500 Duwats

Total of 29,500 men. Equals -9,000 gold for land maintenance. -500 gold for Veteran Upkeep.

2x? companies of Bronze Legion (T3 Unique Medium Infantry) at 11,775 men (2,700 garrisoned) – Regular

1 company of Bronze Legion (T3 Unique Medium Infantry) at 250 men – Veteran (upkeep -50% from academy)

12 companies of T1 Regular Light Archers at 6,000 men (1,500 garrisoned)

3 companies of T2 Regular Medium Archers at 1,500 men (500 garrisoned)

15 companies of Danwentii Pavise Crossbows (T3 Unique Crossbows) at 7,475 men (3,300 garrisoned)

5 companies of T3 Regular Medium Cavalry at 2,500 men


Naval Forces: -5,000 Duwats

10 galleys at 250 men each


Fortifications: -8,000 Duwats

1 Castle in Ruhia (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Keep in Essevith (No upkeep) manned by 500 Light Archers

1 Fortress in Tzaria (-2,000 Duwats) manned by 500 Light Archers, 500 Medium Archers, 500 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Tzarkyii (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Hybria (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion

1 Keep in Koryii (No upkeep) manned by 300 Danwent Pavise, 200 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Esorvor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Shovia (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion

1 Castle in Krytor (-1,000 Duwats) manned by 600 Danwent Pavise, 400 Bronze Legion


Available currency: 198,500 Duwats

National Resources:

4 unit of Moranese Wheat for trade (Market in Tzaria) (Exporting to Sehmon (3k), Trident (4k), Surya (5k) (3))


Republican Actions:


Ten new stretches of Farmland are ordered for the growing population in Danwent. (-50,000 Duwats)


And at last, the construction of the Great Wonder is being concluded right before Thoryus’ return from the Bloated Throats. Kaylius Sarnari is more cheerful than ever and he and his followers proclaim that the holy sites of the nation shall be places of neutrality and peace, then with the onset of the civil war even more important. (-115,000 Duwats / 115,000 required ( 35,000 already invested ))


Following the onset of the civil war, massive numbers of men are drafted into the armies of both sides. 10,500 T1 Militia and 6,000 T1 Militia Archers (-33,000 Duwats)


The remainder is being retained. (-500 Duwats)


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Posted (edited)


Nineteenth Post


Kingdom of Bulgar



Before Turn

Population: 15,580,340 (7%)

Cash: 201,000

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 21k city + 48k town + 46.5k pop + 15k merch + 7k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 48k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 12k Port + 2k point of control - 15k mili = 201k p/t
Building: 5 merchants guild, temple, place of worship, shrine, church, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (48), Farmland (63), Market T2, Port 4, Trade Post 3, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf


After Turn

Population: 17,449,981 (12%)

Cash: 500

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 21k city + 57k town + 51k pop + 21k merch + 7k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 48k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 15k Port + 3k point of control - 21k mili = 218.5k p/t
Building: 7 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (48), Farmland (71), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 3, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf

Merchant Guild 2 20k

Port 15k

Heavy Infantry 2,000 T3 24k

Light Archers 8,500 T1 17k

Light Infantry 6,000 T1 12k

Heavy Infantry Equipment 2,000 T3 8k

Monster 3k

Farmland 8 16k

Cathedral 40.5k

Settlements 3 15k built in the west

Barracks 6 30k

The twins are birthed near the POI holy pond and dipped into the water with Daerin holding each of them by their ankles. The entirety of the adepts  and magi are there, praying over the children as they are birthed and then baptised in the water.

Adepts and magi begin growing the Greenthroat Forest into the empire’s lands, bringing the lithborn closer to their ties.


Twentieth Post


Kingdom of Bulgar



Before Turn

Population: 17,449,131 (12%)

Cash: 219,000

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 21k city + 57k town + 51k pop + 21k merch + 7k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 48k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 15k Port + 3k point of control - 20k mili = 218.5k p/t
Building: 7 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (48), Farmland (71), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 3, Prestigious Laboratory, Barracks 6

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf


After Turn

Population: 19,543,027 (12%)

Cash: 2100

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 24k city + 66k town + 58.5k pop + 21k merch + 9k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 58k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 20k Port + 3k point of control - 21k mili = 248k p/t
Building: 7 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (58), Farmland (82), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 5, Prestigious Laboratory, Barracks 12

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf

Settlement 4 (20k)

Barracks 6 (30k)

Farmland 11 (27.5k)

City Upgrade (15k)

Trade Post 14k

Factories 10 (75k)

Medium Infantry 2,500 T2 (15k)

Heavy Cavalry Research 17.4k*+15%=20k

Monster 3k

Adepts and magi continue growing the Greenthroat Forest into the empire’s lands, bringing the lithborn closer to their ties.

Twenty First Post


Kingdom of Bulgar





Before Turn

Population: 19,543,027 (12%)

Cash: 256,100 (+2k last turn)

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 24k city + 66k town + 58.5k pop + 21k merch + 9k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 58k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 20k Port + 3k point of control - 21k mili = 254k p/t
Building: 7 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (58), Farmland (82), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 5, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf, Heavy Cav

After Turn

Population: 21,000,000 (12%) (nerfed down)

Cash: 12,600

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 36k city + 57k town + 60k pop + 24k merch + 9k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 58k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 20k Port + 3k point of control - 24k mili = 259.5k p/t
Building: 8 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (58), Farmland (97), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 5, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf, Heavy Cav

Farmland 15 (37.5k)

Merchants Guild (10k)

Settlement 5 (25k)

City Upgrade 4 (60k)

Monster 3k

Heavy Cavalry T3 4,000 (88k)

Light Infantry T1 10,000 (20k)

Adepts and magi continue growing the Greenthroat Forest into the empire’s lands, bringing the lithborn closer to their ties.


Twenty Second Post


Kingdom of Bulgar



Closing the summary of the war with the Trve Chapel of Knauledge, a cleric inserts the prime copy of the book into a shelf within the Great Temple. Written in golden ink the tale reads:

The One Day War

In the year 1516, citing the weakness of the True Chapel of Knauledge and their lack of rule over the citizens of the Auld lands, His Majesty High Lord Relis Korkus sent an army under the command of his son Prince Hector Korkus to subdue the civilians of the Chapel lands. Thousands of lithborn marched into Chapel lands, their numbers over thirty thousand loyal soldiers. To oppose the invasion, the Chapel conscripted thousands of unwilling men to protect themselves in their fortified library, their numbers dwindling at seven thousand. Wishing for a quick end, and understanding that an unnecessary slaughter could be avoided, His Highness Prince Hector sent out a diplomat to the Chapel leaders requesting a parley. Chapel Monks, caring not for the denizens of Auld, sent a monk to speak on the terms of surrender. In a brief conversation The True Chapel of Knauledge allowed its population and towns to be vassalized by the Kingdom of Bulgar, on the condition that the True Chapel of Knauledge itself, and its fortified library, were allowed to continue as a neutral, independent enclave within their borders with its monks and knowledge remaining under its own control. Prince Hector, believing he had achieved what his father had prescribed for him to do, accepted the surrender allowing the annexation of over a million and a half men and women in a day. Relieved the Auld men who had been pressed into service by the monks were allowed to head back to their homes unhindered. With the agreement came the ancient city of Auld, the capital of an ancient empire and several economic resources the kingdom still uses to date. Ever merciful, High Lord Relis divided the lands of those who would have sought to undermine the conquest and granted the lands to lords who bent the knee. Most notable of the land division was that of House Tralen’s lands to the lords of House Ozark.


A letter is sent to the inquistorial head, Head Priestess Taper Greenhand:

Head Priestess Taper Greenhand,

You are hereby charged in searching within the capital lands for heresies not inline of the teachings and religion of Grimsborith. Your task with the inquisition is to be supplied by two thousand five hundred dracma. Should your investigation upturn items of suspicion the crown shall supply more to the cause of interrogation and extermination of those heresies against Grimsborith. Given under crown approval you are allowed to use the tools you see fit, within the limits of discretion and secrecy, and use the chambers of the temples to execute this order. May the changing light of Grimsborith guide us. So signed under my hand.”

Daerin Korkus, Emperor Regent, His Highness Crown Prince of The Holy Empire of Grimsborith, Imperial Commandant of The Imperial Army of Korkus, Lord Steward of The Northern Holds


Before Turn

Population: 21,000,000 (12%) (nerfed down)

Cash: 272,100 (+12,600 from last turn)

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 36k city + 57k town + 60k pop + 24k merch + 9k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 58k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 20k Port + 3k point of control - 24k mili = 259.5k p/t
Building: 8 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (58), Farmland (97), Market T2, Port 5, Trade Post 5, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf, Heavy Cav

After Turn

Population: 22,890,000 (9%) (nerfed down)

Cash: 100

GP: 5k Eco + 3k cap + 36k city + 66k town + 64.5k pop + 36k merch + 9k trade + 2.5k The Last Rage + 61k manufactory + 6k Trade Deals + 36k Port + 3k point of control - 27k mili = 301k p/t
Building: 12 merchants guild, 2 temple, place of worship, shrine, 2 church, cathedral, hermitage, monastery, great wonder, manufactory (61), Farmland (97), Market T2, Port 9, Trade Post 5, Prestigious Laboratory

Previous Research: Properties of The Last Rage, Heavy Inf, Heavy Cav

Merchant guild 4 (40k)

Port 4 (60k)

Heavy Infantry T3 4,000 (48k)

Light Infantry T1 3,000 (6k)

Monster (3k)

Barracks 18 (90k)

Factory 3 (22.5k)

Rooting out heresy with inquisition in capital (2.5k)

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Posted (edited)

T H E   M O R N I N G   K I N G D O M



[Last Turn]


3 Manufactories [22.5k Gold]


2 Manufactories [15k Gold]

New Outpost [5k Gold]


[This Turn]

New Town

4 Manufactories [30k Gold]
1 Temple [10k Gold]

2 Units T3 Zhizhou Gou [13k Gold]
New Outpost [5k Gold]



Morning Kingdom Statistics

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Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II

Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy

Population: ~ 15,966,933 (next 17,084,618)

Allies: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick

Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans, Republic of Danwent, Hakkans, Princedoms of Volarucio, Aulem, House Blackmarrow, Trident



Rp later maybe



  • Souvois (12 Barracks, 1 Port, 1 Place of Worship, 1 Temple, 1 Merchant’s Guild)

  • Omignon (1 Port, 1 Merchant’s Guild)

  • Vascogne (1 Port, 1 Merchant’s Guild)

  • Senzia-by-the-Bay (1 Port, 1 Merchant’s Guild)


TOWNS 19 24

  • Suttre-upon-the-Twins

  • Vispard

  • Adana

  • Frigia

  • Mennebor

  • Coutrinia

  • Rune

  • Verendelia

  • Plestiphor

  • Touvres

  • Benninbinges

  • Epsomme

  • Werdaux

  • Serridinia

  • Wetz

  • Lusignan

  • Gadebors

  • Alingavia



  • Talouse

  • Lassus

  • Vermont


FARMLANDS - 65 - 16,250,000






Income: 179,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 46.5k, Resources - 6k, Merchant Guilds - 15k, Trade Partners - 10k, Ports - 20k, Cities/Towns - 69k, Incoming Caravels - 1k, Manufactories - 1k)

Upkeep: 16,000g (Army), 13,000g (Veterancy) =29,000g.

+6,000 treasury


[20,000g] First loan payment to Galahar

[15,000g] Constructing 3 Settlements: Brevonnes, Moraviscourt, Venderval

[0g] Upgrading Talouse, Lassus, and Vermont to Towns

[20,000g] Constructing 4 Farmlands

[15,000g] Upgrading Alingavia to City

[15,000g] Constructing Port in Alingavia


[20,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T4 Medium Cavalry

[13,000g] Recruiting 1 Unit of T4 Heavy Cavalry

[12,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T4 Medium Infantry

[24,000g] Recruiting 3 Unit of T4 Heavy Infantry

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The Royal Era of Aemer, A.E 422 (Year 1522)




Available Imperial Denarii (Gold): 57,500


With peace settled in the west, the Numerian Army is entirely redirected to the east once more. [Relocating the Numerian Army away from Mineria and towards the Symonian Army]


Nine Adepts, and 1 Magi are tasked with scouring the mountain ranges to the north of Lyria. They are following up on the failed expeditions to explore the mountains a decade ago. Utilizing a varied range of spells, they are tasked with flying high above any obstacles, eventually reaching the top of the enormous wall that blocked previous attempts of conventional climbing. [Spending 9 Adepts and 1 Magi to fly out and scout the Point of Interest in the Roots of the World]


The Royal Academy of Warfare is established within the Capital - it serves to teach the affairs of stratagems, tactics, and other combat related studies. A subsidiary of this Academy, the Royal Helmden Training Camp, acts as the center of all soldiery training. Thousands of Numerian soldiers are brought here every year, as they are inducted into the army of His Royal Majesty, they are taught the matters of combat doctrines, unit operational levels, standard fitness. The Regimental system remains in place, groups of 500 men sectored into these units This new directive is dubbed the ‘Aemyrian Reforms’ and it seeks to completely overhaul how the Kingdom fights its wars. [Constructing a War Academy in Lyria | 15000/15000]


Part of the Aemyrian Army Reforms. [Upgrading (42 units) 21,000 soldiers to Seasoned | All Heavy Infantry, All Medium Infantry, All Light Infantry, All Medium Cavalry | 21000/21000]


In order to compensate for the Aemyrian Reforms, in which it promised land to those retiring from service, several new state funded settlements are propped up throughout Numeria. [Constructing 5 Settlements in varied locations throughout Numeria | 20000]


Aemyr’s army is replenished with newcomers - half strength Regiments are now filled. They’re expected to arrive within a years time, as the Army crosses over their own Kingdom and meet the Symonian Invaders.


100 Heavy Infantry T3

325 Medium Infantry T3

350 Light Infantry T3

200 Medium Cavalry T3


Saving 1500g


Leader: Aemyr V of House Namyr

Capital: Royal City of Lyria [Merchant Guild, Hermitage, x5 Manufactory, Church, x3 Farms]

Cities: Nyria [Merchant Guild, Temple]

Tyria [Merchant Guild, Church]

Tyniria (+3k) [Merchant Guild, Temple]

Arris (+3k) [Merchant Guild] | OCCUPIED BY FOREIGN INTRUDERS |

Mineria (+3k) [Merchant Guild]

Aenyria (3k) [Merchant Guild, Church]


Towns: Grelderia (3k)


Settlements: N/A


Fortress: Helmden


Current Projects: N/A


Population: 8,371,314 Total

500,000~ in Lyria

300,000~ in Tyria

200,000~ in Nyria

3,500,000~ in rural regions




6 (3000) units of Heavy Infantry [All T3]

1 (500) unit of Lyrian Sentinels [All T3]

??  (2750) units of Blackmarrow Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep)

?? (925) units of Blackmarrow Veteran Heavy Infantry [T4] (No Upkeep)


15 (7500) units of Medium Infantry [All T3]


11 (5500) units of Light Infantry [All T3]


7 (3500) units of Light Archers [Unique]


1 (500) unit of Light Cavalry

9 (4500) units of Medium Cavalry [All T3]


Total Infantry Count: 27,700 - ?? units with Blackmarrow | 25,000 - 50 units



36 Adepts, 3 Magi






Base Income: 3000g

Economic Points: 5000g

Town: 12000g [9000] (Tyniria, Arris, Mineria, Aenyria, Grelderia)

Population: 24000g

Trade: 1000g (Republic of Danwent)

Merchants Guilds: 21000g [18,000] (Lyria, Tyria, Nyria, Tyniria, Arris, Mineria, Aenyria)

Manufactorie(s): 5000g (Lyria)



Infantry: 9000

Fortress: 2000


Total: 57,500

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Antigonid Dynasty



Lord Byron paces towards the large and all too familiar silver doors. Behind him, several of the Centurions from his remaining forces follow. Outside the doors, two Celestial Knights stand at the ready, their elaborate silver armor glimmering in the palace light. As Byron’s party reaches the doors, the knights push them open, revealing the dimly lit throne room. The Lord entered slowly, removing his helmet as he passed the door. From high on his throne, Aegos looked down on the defeated man. Byron eventually reached the foot of the throne, falling to his knee, “Your Gra-“


“I don’t want to hear excuses, nor apologies. Where is my Legion, Byron? Where is my standard?” The King interrupted. Aegos rises to his feet, stepping down the stairs and before the Lord. “You lost my standards, nearly half my Legion is dead or devoured in the desert, and the Great City does not fly my flags… Tell me, who advocated for this crusade to the west? Was it not you you championed this cause? Who is to blame for this catastrophe?”


“Your Grace, I believed the city could be seized, my men were exhausted and the desert did not provide suitable terrain. I did what I could, there were simply too many. My men, we were overrun..”


“You would be wise to save your breath. Count yourself lucky that I did not have your head removed after learning of this debacle and what it cost me. Return to your holdings, and do not fail me again, or repercussions will far outweigh what I have laid upon you. Now leave, your presence dilutes to sanctity of my halls..”


At once the lord rose from his position and bowed to the King as he slowly climbed his throne once more. Byron pivots on his feet, walking at a brisk pace towards the exit. His political career was now effectively finished. Whatever influence he might’ve held over the king had evaporated, at least he still had a nice hall to die in..


On The World’s Edge great braziers line the fine sand beaches, though they are filled with water great bouts of fire still leap from their rims. In the midnight sky the full moon and stars hang, letting only pinpricks of Voleus’s lights pierce the earth, and enchanting the ocean waves with their light. A circular structure encased in a ring of pillars, made of rock and stones rise from the beach, the waves brushing along its base. In the center a great brazier burns, casting daunting shadows across the landscape. Far down the coast, the lights from the Royal capital can faintly be seen as they beam through the midnight sky.


At the top of the beach a party of figures stands, gazing down on the scene. King Aegos, clad in ceremonial silver armor that reflects the full moonlight leads the group. At his side, holy men and members of the Etheairoi. Silence consumes the group as they all mutter silent prayers and gaze in awe at the sight, until finally the high priest speaks quietly. “Your Grace, the Ancient One slumbers, he has not made his presence known in millennia, he speaks faintly and infrequently.”


Aegos remains silent for several moments, pondering the High Priest Aleuas’s words before he speaks with a hint of determination not yet heard in the young King’s voice. “Aleuas, you speak as if I have not read the ancient texts, I am well acquainted with Voleus’s behaviors. This will have to be an.. exception. I have returned his most faithful followers to Naros. I have conquered and brought millions into his fold. Every night, I will conduct this ritual, no matter the conditions. I will make my devotion to Voleus known. The Ancient One will make himself visible to me, he will show me his light. I will awaken him..” Aegos turns to face his retinue, “Let it be heard that I call the banners, legions will be raised, the very ground will shake. I will lead a great crusade in Voleus’s name. I will tear down the unbeliever’s idols, and desecrate their temples. If the Ancient One does not acknowledge my presence now, he will in the years to come…” With that, the king steps forward, marching down across the beach towards the coastal temple. Aegos walks slowly, following the trail of braziers, uttering prayers along the whole path. He slowly ascends the stone stairs, finally reaching the blazing hearth where he falls to his knees, grasping the edges of the large brazier. He bows his head till the flames dance on the edge of his person, licking his features. For hours and deep into the cool Latesian night the young King kneels before the holy site, simply praying..


That night, messengers ride across the Dynasty, things are put into motion..


Actions & Spending

Gross Income + Treasury: 96,700 Denarii

Net Income: 90,600


Financial Actions:

-A Port and Merchants’ guild are constructed in Solace (22,500)

-7 more manufactories are constructed, 5 in Pelos, and 2 in Asterion(52,500)

-Routine Farm Expansion (5,000)

-1,000 Silver Legionnaires are raised, equipped with surplus gear. (6,000)

-Incense and Offerings for the King’s routine is purchased (4,600)

-Dytikos becomes a town

Mod Actions:

-Lord Byron’s Legion returns home in shame. 

-Aegos begins his quest, engulfed in religious fervor, to awaken Voleus, The Ancient One, The God of Magic. Every night of the year, through all conditions, he leaves offerings and prays for hours before a holy site not far from the Royal City of Pelos. (4,600 dedicated)

Edited by Krefarus

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The long march north.


A thick lair of dust rose into the heavy air, made thick by the heat and breath of fifteen thousand men and beasts on the move. Rain had rendered the roads to a muddy kind of slush, but still these men pushed themselves onwards. It was not the officer’s rebuke or the sergeant’s cruel physicality that spurred their advance, but their own feverish desire to repulse the invader. Step after harsh step they took, sometimes singing their marching tunes, ofttimes not uttering a word but soft grunts. The shining breastplates and helms had become stained by the road, splattered with mud and patterned by their use. Cloth wraps were bound around boots that were falling apart from the harshness of the road. Raincoats were worn over uniforms, and helmets were stowed away on packs, broad brimmed feathered caps replacing them.


On and on the road went, the monotony often broken by lines of common-folk, throwing roses, lillies, tulips and more into the road, or pinning it to soldiers’ coats as they went past, a good luck charm to take into battle against the foul Lithborn. The drums beat forwards, the rain pattered down  from the sky and, once again, the drums began to beat their constant marching cacophony again. Somewhere in the line a soft voice began to sing, a call quickly taken up by his compatriots, until their words thundered against the sky itself.


Oponiendo picas a caballos enfrentando ballesta a piqueros,

Con el alma unida por el mismo clero que la sangre corra protegiendo el reino,

Aspa de Borgoña flameando al viento Hijos de Santiago grandes son los tercios,
Escuadrón de picas, flancos a cubierto, solo es libre el hombre que no tiene miedo,

Lucha por tu hermano muere por tu reino....”



-The Tercio de Candeliara and the Tercio de Vivar are raised.

3 units of Volarucian Tercios (Medium Unique Infantry) – 10’500

2 units of Crossbowmen – 6’000

1 unit of Rodeleros (Light Infantry) – 1’000

All T3 equipment – 12’000

Total: 29’500 Gold


-A temple is constructed in Grandiz (15’000 Gold) 



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Commonwealth of Ruhn


Only got my RP post 33% finished before I got busy. Will finish and post it next turn lolol.




Misc. Effects:
Colonial Bureaucracy: 400,000 pop required for towns.
Tablet of Zakhet: 5% off of all construction prices.
Seljin Fish & Chips: 0.25% growth per turn.


Base Gold: 9,000 gold,
Towns/Cities: 39,000 gold,
Merchant guilds: 36,000 gold,
Population: 27,000 gold,
Trade: 32,000 gold from eight trade partners (incl. 24,000 gold from six ports),
Manufacturers: 20000 gold,
The Levers of the Divines: 6000 gold,
Major Trade Route ownership: 3000 gold,
Harkon’s Gems: 4000 gold,
Upkeep: -14,500 gold

Total: 161,500 (152,100 gold incl. vault)
100 in vault


(-14,250 gold towards three farm stacks)
(-9500 gold towards two settlements)
(-24,000 gold towards training/arming four units of T3 regular heavy infantry)

(-14,250 gold towards three barracks)
(-15,000 gold towards three units of regular T3 crossbowmen)
(-22,500 gold towards researching trebuchets)
(-16,000 gold towards 4,000 T2 light archers)
(-24,000 gold towards 6,000 T2 light infantry)
(-10,000 gold towards four sets of sandcrawler T4 light armour)

-100 gold left in vault


Population: 9,152,460 citizens.


Cities & Investments:
Ruhn (Merchant’s Guild, Temple, Military Academy, Church)
Bruger (Merchant’s Guild, Temple)
Riveruhn (Merchant’s Guild, Temple)
Shatterbridge (Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple)

Leberstadt (Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple)
Barter Town (Merchant’s Guild)
Staublund (Merchant’s Guild, Port, Temple)
Eichenholz (Merchant’s Guild)
Shadowcliff (Merchant’s Guild, Port)

Aschengrube (Merchant’s Guild)
Carroburg (Merchant’s Guild, Port)
Brakkenbridge (Merchant’s Guild, Port)
Krokodilsee (Town)
Kargholz (Town)
Deepwater (Town)
Blackwood (Settlement)
Deepwood (Settlement)


Defensive Structures:
Fortress Bergen


Other Investments:
36 Farm stacks (39 next turn)
20 Manufactories
6 barracks (9 next turn)


Trade Partners:

Kingdom of Five,
Kingdom of Karel,
Auldhuin Hierarchy of Melda,
The Passans,
Kingdom of Hakkan,
Galaharan League,
Free Cities,


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The Fortress Libraries





gettin’ ma **** out before the deadline. AGAIN





  Hide contents


Points and Basic Stats:

Population: 4,026,530 Humans

Cities: The Bastion (fortress), Fort Vane (keep), Hardshore (keep), Endeavour



Buildings: Merchant Guild x 4, Temple, Church, Cathedral, Shrine, Hermitage, School, Trading Company x 6, Manufactory x 4, Farmland x 16 (+4%), Bog Silk Market, Barracks x 3

Economy: 6

Education: 7

Size: 2

Military: 2

Mysticism: 4

Trade Partners: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Bulgar, Sehmon, Danwent, Trident, Ashval, Volarucio, Fyr-Darrick

Enclaves: Blackmarrow, Knauledge, Ulyadar, Danwent, Trident, Ashval, Antigonids, Volarucio


Research & Technology

Advanced Fortifications (10% off Fortification buildings)

Superior River Boats

Bog Silk Exploitation

Medical Knowledge (35k)

Heavy Infantry

Poisons (10k)



254 T3 Librarian Knights (50 men per unit)

1000 T3 Heavy Infantry

2275 T3 Medium Infantry

250 T3 Medium Infantry Veterans

4500 T1 Light Infantry

2400 T4 Light Archers

450 T3 Medium Cavalry

970 T2 Light Cavalry


12,099 troops


25 Adepts

3 Magi



Saved: 700

Base: 3000

New Towns/Cities: 9000

Econ Points: 6000

Pop: 12,000

Trade: 10,000

Ports: 5000

Merchant Guild: 12,000

Manufactories: 6000

Bog Silk: 3000

Enclaves: 16,000

Unit Upkeep: -4000

Veteran Upkeep: -1000


Total: 77,700


Total Funds: 77,700



  • The remainder of the Librarian army is marched into Ashval, to join the forces barracked at Mud Creek.
  • The encamped Librarians construct a stone keep and stone settlement walls for Mud Creek, out of their own funds. It is immediately handed over to the care of the Ashval state. [9k] (10% tech discount)
  • 1500 T3 Medium Infantry [12,000]
  • 1000 T3 Heavy Infantry [12,000]
  • Farmland [5000]
  • Manufactory x 2 [15,000]
  • Work continues on a Monastery at the Bastion. [10,000] (20k total of 100k)
  • Fyr-Darrick contacted for the construction of an Enclave to facilitate diplomatic, cultural and scholarly ties.
  • ^ the above for Symon Empire as well.
  • Blackmarrow congratulated for the performance of their men in combat. More men requested.
  • All sides in ALL current conflicts reminded of Librarian neutrality, and the harsh penalties for harming librarian personnel and enclaves.
  • TWO new settlements south-west and south-east of the Bastion, in the mountains between the Libraries, Symon and Ashval. They are named Highhold and Skypeak. (Don’t have time to edit a map, you decide where). [10,000]
  • At the request of Ulyadar and Duke Bruce, the Great Corpus is scoured for any reference to the “Mindfull One”.

4700 saved

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The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick




Nation Stats






King Eonir the Great Stag


High Priestess Dycha


Prince Aeleandor the Warden








Base: 7,000


Towns/Cities: 18,000


Population: 21,500


Trade: 6,000


Trade Caravels: 16,000


Manufactories: 11,000


Merchant Guilds: 21,000


Port: 3,000


Upkeep: -12,900


Total Before Upkeep: 103,500


Total After Upkeep: 90,600




Start: 94,700

End: 1,700


Trade Partners


Galaharian League

Empire of Bordeleaux

Kingdom of Hilmedhi

Kingdom of Bulgar

Republic of Danwent

Fortress Libraries


Cities, settlements and Fortresses


Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 889,404


Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 790,404


The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers


Modryn (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 569,951


Tal Silvoc (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 598,978


Tal Dovar (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 598,934


Glade of the Eternal Midnight (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 590,987


Tal Rarvyn (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 598,526


Tor Woyn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 566,450


Tal Shavil (Outpost) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000


Elysria (Outpost) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000


Chrace (Outpost) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000


Calabor (Outpost) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 500,000







Font of Life - 1% Population Growth

Temple x1

Church x2

Farms x21

Merchant Guilds x7

Manufactory x11


Barracks x2


National Idea


Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites.




4,600 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry) T3 Equipment


400 Greenthroat Riders Veteran (Medium Cavalry) T3 Equipment


7,750 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2/T3 Equipment


180 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment


3,850 Heavy Infantry, T3 Equipment


200 Veteran Heavy Infantry, T3 Equipment


2,250 Light Infantry


3,000 Light Archers


200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment


12 Trade Caravels


23 Adepts


2 Magi


3 Mangonels


3 Ents


Military Equipment


Iron (T2): 3,700 Equipped, 4,750 Stored


Leather (T2): 750 Equipped


Steel (T3): 16,800 Equipped


Detailed Military List








The Kings retinue now returned to the homeland of Fyr-Darrick gathered themselves at the gates of the Capital Talsyn, within the Kings Glade. The King had gathered one hundred of the veteran Greenthroat Riders and one hundred of the elite Greenthroat Guard. The sun itself was beginning to rise, light managing to breach the dense canopy that rise highly within the forest that surround even the great cities of Fyr-Darrick. The King would appear, walking to mount his War Elk at the head of the column as they party would prepare to leave to traverse depths of the forests that have not yet been reached. Without a rousing speech or any words he would take the reigns of his mount and begin the long march, the column of elite and veteran soldiers passing through the gates. Eventually almost with no noise they would have left and vanished into the depths of the forests as they head north.


Around the Darkyrian City of Lamentation the Fey would remain encamped and comfortable in their siege, the humans of Darkyria now were caged in, unable to supply themselves as the Fey grow their forces and prepare new siege techniques after learning of them through the Black Army. A further ten thousand infantry would be on their way to assist in the siege along with the allied forces that remained. Within the Kings timeframe the City would be taken and the war would finally be over. A new Ent would be created outside the City as it was decided  the Royal Army would need as many of them as possible to ensure that the siege could be won in a single assault.


Expenditure and actions


The Expedition of King Eonir to the Northern Greenthroat as part of his vision from the Elder Soul would be undertaken. 100 Veteran Greenthroat Riders, 100 Elite Greenthroat Guard and one Magi would be accompanying him. They would bring along 10,000 for the expedition.


All Outposts are upgraded to Towns. fa2b2cbd250a868df00dc45e0870d32d.png


35,000 is spent on buildings 7 farms in order to keep up with the rapid population growth of Fyr-Darrick


25,000 is spent on researching Trebuchets


3,000 is spent on creating a new Ent


20,000 is spent on recruiting 10,000 Light Infantry in order to prepare for the final assault on the Darkyrian Capital.

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Kingdom of Hilmedhi


The fire burned hot against the open plains outside the jungles of Hilmedhi. Spreading with no end insight, before suddenly stopping at the rune carved rocks that surrounded the pit of unstoppable fire. Asher looked upon the intense burn, as he smiled wide. His eyes filled with the reflection of the fire. As he figured out how to create one of the deadliest weapons on this planet. Knowing no end, the princess obsession with Moradin and Creation were growing. His ability and genius were expanding has he aged. The boy king turned to the other priest and engineers smiling before waving them off as to go home. As he followed suit, packing up newly designed weapon for the Kingdom as he gathered in his wagon.


During the ride home, he cracked open a book he had been saving titled ‘The Rise of Moradin: The Blessing of Powerful Kings’ as he read through the book he discovered several things of interest that laid from devout worship of their God. Rumors of Immortal Kings, and unimaginable weapons that held such power only a few could possess them. These came from a building from what he found as ‘The Nexus’ A great building that a monument in its own right, built in a great plain. Surrounded by stone, a building so powerful it took many a magi to harness the powers held within. But the book ended there with a sad tale of a mad and jealous man, who witnessed what it produced but went mad with his attempts to use such a device. Then the book shut closed, Ashur leaned his head back and sighed. Knowing his dreams wouldn’t be reached for several years.



Total Treasury: 209,000 Gold (Last turn treasury included and upkeep taken out)

Population: 5,070,000



Monastery construction (70,000 Gold) (70,000/70,000 Gold needed)


7 Units of T3 Armor are crafted and shipped to Surya (10,500 Gold)


A Church is constructed inside the gates of Cinder’s Valley (17,500 Gold)


A Port and a merchants guild is constructed at Moradin’s Gate. (20,000 Gold)


Four units of T3 Medium Infantry are recruited (14,000 Gold)


The sewers below Dorhimi are cleaned up, now the engineers and adepts begin to reconstruct them and repair them. (20,000 Gold)


Another crew is sent to expand the tunnel system that was established long ago, with the ability to carry more people through it using it as rule of thumb to possibly expand into a city if need be. . (20,000 Gold)


Two farms are constructed (8,000 Gold)


Two units of Hilmedhian Flamers are constructed near Moradin’s Gates (9,000 Gold)


A great road, that exits the end of tunnel system from the mountains up towards the Death pond beings construction (20,000 Gold)


Moradin’s Peacekeepers get their armor enchanted to become tougher in combat. (0 Gold)


The army is mobilized up towards Moradin’s Gates. Seems big things were coming, the Infrastructure just needed to be established for ease of supplies. (0 Gold)

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