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LT Announcement Pt. 8

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LT Announcement Pt. 8 - The Last Hurrah

It’s been a long run, but all things must come to an end. This will be the final LT announcement thread made before it is phased out in favor of the Story Team. During the next two or so weeks, we will not be reviewing new lore (if your lore is pending you can still have your edits reviewed) due to the restructure/creation of the Story Team, plus there’ll be changes in how certain procedures are done (a thread on the Story Team will be posted within a week which explains it and why it’s being done).





Standardizing Lore

This is the project that I have been focusing the LT on as of late and it is finally complete. Below you will find links to our newly made Lore Submission Rules and Guide. It has been segmented into two different parts as to not be overly long. It will likely be tweaked and updated within the next few weeks. Any changes will be described via a reply to the thread.



Lore Sub Guide 1: Categories and Formatting: This guide covers some of the background information behind each lore submission type, and also provides formats for these submissions. In order to promote a more organized atmosphere where anyone can look over a lore piece and understand it, these will be mandatory. With this, there will no longer be lore pieces riddled with fluff that requires some secret code to decipher what is lore and what is just backstory. Abilities now need to be cleanly laid out on what they can and can’t do, so it’s not just left up to red lines on their limitations.


Lore Sub Guide 2: Rules/Writing Tips: This guide covers various aspects of a lore submission that the LT is looking out for, such as ability balancing and trying to avoid redundancy between lore pieces.


With these guides comes a change to how we implement lore. If you are submitting a piece of lore that is playable and extensive, such as a magic or creature, you will be required to write up a guide before your piece is implemented. How it works is:

  • You submit lore.

  • It passes the reviewing process.

  • You will be given a timeframe from 2-4 weeks (dependent on how extensive the lore is) to produce a guide.

  • Once the guide is submitted and approved, your lore can be implemented.


The guide requirements are laid out in Lore Sub Guide 1. The primary reasoning for this change is because we want everyone getting involved in the lore piece to be able to understand how it is RP’d and how they should be telling others how to respond to something. For example, if your lore has a fancy fireblast that causes temporary blindness, the guide should lay out how you RP this and what you need to describe for your victim so they understand how to emote an appropriate response.


And finally, if something is not described in the lore/guide, it can not be RP’d. We will no longer be permitting people to go a mile when given an inch, so if you want to use your magic for various things that are only hinted rather than described in the lore/guide, you need to get it fleshed out first.


Already Accepted/Submitted Lore

As some of you have noticed, a lot of the lore that has been ported over from the forums to the wiki has been left unformatted. This is because we intend to have the already accepted lore transitioned into the newly accepted format detailed in the Lore Submission Rules. The wiki pages will be converted over the next month or two until the wiki has all of the updated lore. The lore on the forums will no longer be maintained and will be used as an archive instead.


If you have submitted lore that is pending a review by the LT, you’ll be receiving a reply on your thread from me (likely in the next 2 days) stating you have to reformat your lore and have two weeks. During these two weeks, lore will not be reviewed as we will be undergoing staff changes and members on the team will not stay the same. You do not need to start reformatting until you get a reply from me on the thread.


Item Conversion

I’d like to remind everyone to check out the vault announcement located here: Vaults and You and make use of the item conversion thread found here: Item Conversions.


And to reiterate, just because your item has an LT or ET signature does not mean it is safe. Some people seem to have the notion that these signatures make your item not need converting and I assure you that is not the case. I’ve seen some items that are mundane yet still have a lore team signature, which would be something that doesn’t pass in the vault.


The entire point of this process is to cycle out poorly made/defunct items while also converting the items that have staff signatures purely there to up the value of the item. You don’t need an LT signature on a fancy mundane sword, that’s something that a player signature should be used for.


The new map is slated to launch at the start of March, so get your conversions up sooner rather than later.


For those of you who LTreq’d in-game, your items will be converted over the next week. Apologies for the wait, I’ve been sidetracked with the whole Story Team thing.



  • With us entering February, we will be shifting our focus onto the February projects while wrapping up the January projects. Things will likely take a bit longer than anticipated due to the timing of the Story Team being formed, as this will be shift team members around and some people will be cut.

  • Once the Story Team is established, our focus for the month will be the Void and Deific Pantheon projects. 7.0 regions are more or less in their final stages, so we will be set for the map transition. You will be able to find the region information on the wiki (links will be provided in an announcement made upon transition).

  • The index is being re-opened after the technical issues with the previous form, expect it to be up later this week (there’ll be a post made when it’s up). Please remember to review the lore submission guides before submitting a plant/creature as we have elaborated on what we want to see in regards to them.

  • Bloodbending has been addressed in a hot fix update. The changes are being made to the lore piece itself and you can resume RP’ing bloodbending starting on February 6th.

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