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Update to window breaking

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Hello all! Recently we came across an issue relating to window breaking. To fix this continuity issue we are amending the rolls for window breaking and clarifying it in more detail. We will be looking at how this impacts the in-game environment and making changes as needed. The overall goal was it make it line up with door breaching and make it a curve in difficult whether you are using glass, wood, or iron. Rather than before where it was a flat roll for everything.


-=Rule Update=-

  Type: Rule addition / change

○      You get a maximum of three attempts per lockpick/break and you have a total of up to nine attempts, if a moderator is overseeing and you are not using the lockpicking plugin.

○         Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

○         Iron door — roll 19+(15+ with a lockpick)

○         Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

○         Glass window —roll 12+

○         Wood (fence) window —roll 15+

○         Iron (bar) window —roll 19+


A full change-log can be found here and a link to Server Rules can be found here. Thank you.

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