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-=The Hall of Paragons and Heroes=- as Recognized by Da Kirkja Dverga

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~=~ The Paragons ~=~

As recognized by Da Kirkja Dverga


The Paragons are a collection of Dwarves who have been deemed by the Clergy to have ascended beyond the typical afterlife bestowed upon followers at the Auction of the Dead and occupy a high seat along with the gods, elevating them to a nearly demi-god like status. They are the greatest examples of our ancestors and what all Dwarves should aspire to be, and as such reverence and prayers are encouraged in their memory so that we may receive their blessings and guidance.


~=~Paragon Urguan~=~


“The Father”


Patron: Yemekar

Symbol: The Mountain


Known as the first Dwarf and father of all Dwarves. He defeated Khorvad with the help of Malin, Krug and Horen. the first Dwarven city was built by him and named after him. Urguan was known for his great honor and respect during war times. This great Dwarf showed respect for his enemies and abided by honorable warfare. In return, many of his enemies showed like respect. Urguan is the greatest Dwarf ever known as well as the first paragon.


~=~Paragon Yudora~=~

“The Hearth Mother”


Patron: Anbella

Symbol: Runic symbol for Water


Mother of Urguan’s sons, and paragon of Birth. This woman was the first mother of the Dwarven kin and the first female Dwarf. Some say she was the only person Urguan ever feared, even in all his might and glory. She fought like a beast and drank like a monster. She was the most respected female Dwarf of her time.


~=~Paragon Bogrin Grandaxe, “Master of the Axe”~=~


Patron: Dungrimm

Symbol: A single, double-edged Axe


Father of the Grandaxes, one of the sons of Urguan and the Paragon for the Grandaxes. Bogrin was one of the first Dwarves who fought with an axe and he was known for his fierce aggression on the battlefield. He is also known as the first axe master, what also gave him his name.


~=~Paragon Tungdil Goldhand, “The First Merchant”~=~


Patron: Armakak

Symbol: A Golden Hand


Father of the Goldhands, he was one of the first Dwarves to a build a merchant empire and get rich doing so. It has been said that his bargaining prowess was unmatched and he could get the best deal out of anyone, be he Dwarf or not. Tungdil made his wealth by approaching skilled craftsmen and workers directly, whether it was deep in the mines or in the heat of the forges. He then bought their products in bulk for a reduced price and then would deliver these products to his easily accessible stalls where he sold the goods for a profit. He served as a facilitator and a middleman and made vast amounts of wealth in the process.




~=~Paragon Gotrek Starbreaker,“The Apprentice”~=~


Patron: Yemekar

Symbol: A Cracked Anvil


Father of the Starbreakers he was one of the first Dwarves Apprenticed to Yemekar, and one of his star pupils, one of the first to learn the knowledge of Runesmithing, eventually developing the art of Golem Smithing and passing these arts on to his children.


~=~Paragon Urir Ireheart~=~

“Bane of the Undead”


Patron: Dungrimm

Symbol: Runic symbol for Fire


The destroyer of the Undead scourge. Nearing the end of times in Aegis, a group of brave warriors ventured into the Nether to have one final strike against the undead. Urir was of this group, fighting his way into the undead taint. At the end of the journey into the nether, Urir reached the legendary Axe of Krug. This was the only thing keeping the Undead to this world. Sacrificing everything, Urir grabbed the Axe and cast himself into the infernal pit of lava, not knowing if his soul would even pass on to the next. Such a great act of selflessness ascended this Dwarf to a godly paragon.


~=~Paragon Kjell Ireheart~=~

“The Emperor Dragon Slayer”


Patron: Dungrimm

Symbol: Golden Lightning Bolt


The Paragon of Dragon Slaying, Kjell has been dubbed Paragon due to his achievement in slaying the six black Dragons, killing most with the legion, thus far known as the black scaled sons of the evil Daemon Khorvad. Kjell is also renowned for leading the Dwarves into wars against the orcish hordes and the conquering of Alras, which in turn created the first Dwarven Empire, with Kjell as the First Dwarven Emperor.


~=~Paragon Valen Grandaxe~=~

"The Wordsmith"


Patron: Ogradhad

Symbol: A Parchment and Quill


One of the wisest and most dedicated Dwarves known to the Kingdom. Valen was a Dwarf who many aspired to live up to, his unending loyalty to the Kingdom inspiring many. By his own hand wars ended, alliances formed, and the nation prospered. Valen brought to the Dwarves the first ever Human-Dwarf alliance, brought an end to the war with Krugmar, and displayed his skills as a Commander during the Great War. Valen Grandaxe was also one of the great Champions who entered the nether to challenge Khorvad's scourge and survived to tell the tale. Not only did he claim these achievements, he brought the Kingdom back to its full strength and played an important part in the creation of the Articles of Urguan.




~=~Paragon Thorik Grandaxe~=~

"King of Kings"


Patron: Yemekar

Symbol: A Crown


Thorik was among the most renowned Dwarves of his time, famous for founding the Third Kingdom of Urguan and leading the Dwarven race into an era of military and economic dominance. Feared on the battlefield for his prowess in axe mastery, as well as his skills as a tactician, he led the Kingdom through the Great War of Aegis, forcing the Orcs and their Elven allies into a peace treaty. During the numerous conflicts with the Ascended, he paved the way for the Dwarves to once again worship the Brathmordakin. Upon his return to his Dwarven kin, he redeveloped a new system of leadership and governance that is followed to this day.




~=~Paragon Hiebe Irongut~=~


"Father of Mages"


Patron: Ogradhad

Symbol: A Tome


Hiebe Irongut, a Dwarf of the 1st century, forged the beginnings of the powerful Dwarven mages. Through his dedication to the Dwarven people he was seen through his constant work as a warrior, adviser, and even as king. His ability as a mage was outright one of the most powerful in terms of fire and water. He taught many students and passed his knowledge and wisdom to many of all races. Hiebe Irongut was a leading figure amongst the Dwarven people throughout his over a millennium years of service until finally he passed away during the Third Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Outside of his service to the Kingdom he was known as one of the most skilled Clan Fathers, maintaining the Ironguts position as one of the three most prominent Clans with numerous Kings.


~=~ Paragon Igor Ireheart "The Purifier" ~=~


Patron: Wyrvun

Symbol: A Hammer and Ice Shard


Igor Ireheart, son of Paragon Kjell Ireheart. Known as a dedicated Commander in the Legion, as Clan Father of the Stormhammers and as a Lord of the Kingdom of Urguan. When the final battle with Ondnarch drew close, Igor was given the task of meeting him in combat with the Hammer of Barradin as his weapon. Igor lost his life in the immense duel, but also freed the god Wyrvun by defeating Ondnarch, his corrupted form. Igor is often known as "Igor The Purifier."


~=~ Paragon Thorin Grandaxe, "The Liberator" ~=~


Patron: Yemekar

Symbol: An Iron Fist


Thorin Grandaxe formed the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. During his reign as the Grand King, he conquered or vassalized the Kingdom of Oren, The Kingdom of Savioe, The Kingdom of Adunia, The Kingdom of Salvus, the Kha and the Pirates. He is credited with ending Orenian agression against the Elves of Malinor and freeing them and their lands from Human domination. The mighty Dwarf Thorin created the sacred Obsidian Throne on which every true Dwarvish king since has sat upon. He destroyed the Alpha Dragon of the North and successfully commanded the Legion during his time, never losing any of his battles. During Thorin's reign he filled the bellies of starving Dwarves by solving the Famine Problem. Even with solving the Famine Problem many people did not like Thorin Grandaxe as their ruler. Vaerhaven rebelled against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Though having to crush the Vaerhaven rebellion he increased the riches of the nation and brought the dwarvish religion into the human realms. Created equality throughout the different realms.




~=~ Paragon Omithiel Strongbrow, "The Builder" ~=~


Patron: Yemekar

Symbol: A Stone Mason’s Hammer


Omithiel Strongbrow was famed among his dwarven kin as one of the most diligent and humble rulers in the nation's history. A dwarf who often shied away from conflict unless it was absolutely necessary, he was renowned for his prowess in the art of stonecraft, working tirelessly beneath the reigns of numerous kings until his death. He led a successful reign as Grand King from which he mediated the various conflicting interests of the bickering dwarven clans and defeated the orcish War Uzg, as a credible threat to the nation's territory. He was also known as a humble dwarf, descending from low-born birth, who never boasted of his exploits, despite there being many. For this, he was considered an exemplary role model for dwarves everywhere.





~=~ Paragon Indago Stormhammer, "The Faithful" ~=~


Patron: Anbella

Symbol: An Inked Feather


Indago was a Dwarf all Dwarves could look up to. During his lifetime he boasted many accomplishments including having a personal experience with the Brathmordakin, reforming the Clergy to the functional system we follow today, leading the Grand Kingdom of Urguan successfully through a tumultuous war with Oren, and building the Dwarven capital of Kal’Ithrun where all Dwarves lived in Anthos after Kal’Azgoth was overtaken by Odnarch. Despite his many successes, Indago remained a humble and friendly Dwarf, always willing to put his own interests aside for the interests of others. For these reasons and many more it is only appropriate that Indago be recognized as a Paragon, a light for all Dwarves to follow.



~=~ Paragon Morgrim Grandaxe, "The Paladin" ~=~


Patron: Dungrimm

Symbol: A Hammer and Open Book


Morgrim Grandaxe, son of Paragon Valen Grandaxe, father of Grand King Wulfgar Grandaxe. A pious Dwarf who translated Scribberfolk runes in an attempt to locate the Hammer of Barradin. His search led him to the very location of the Hammer of Barradin, where his body was found before he could ever reach the hammer itself.




~=~Paragon Dwain Irongut, “Master of Food and Mine”~=~


Patron: Anbella

Symbol: Blue Cup with a Pickaxe


Father of the Ironguts, known for his love of leisure, he was a heavy drinker, a lover of all things food, and an avid fisherman. Some of his descendants have showed his love for food, the best example of that of course being King Algrim the Fat and his love of fishing, represented by King Belin the Peaceful. Dwain was rumored to be married to a Aengul. His children and those after them are known to have the blood of gods within them. Dwain lived a full life full of merriment and a bit of riches, enough to sustain himself and his dwellings. Dwain was not known for his prowess in combat, but is known for his blade, which he used only a handful of times. Mourgil, rumoured to have the first blade Yemekar bestowed upon his children when they were taught the art of the smithy, and although slightly misshapen, it induces a source of ferocity believed to be unmatched.



~=~ Hall of Heroes ~=~

As recognized by Da Kirkja Dverga





The Hall of Heroes; a selection of Dwedmar folk who are deemed "legendary" among their people, but who have not performed feats worthy of being made a Paragon or who have not yet been recognized as such. These Dwarves can be chosen because of their role in society, political endeavours, or even for just being notably courageous, kind, or for having other personality traits of that manner.



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