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[✗] [In-game Ban] Dapper_Tunes Appeal

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What kind of ban are you appealing?

In-game Ban


Minecraft Usernames

Cover_Art2997, Dapper_Tunes2997


Reason for punishment

Pedophillia RP


Players Involved



By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment?

I recieved this punishment due to the fact that I had rpd as a 15 year old girl having relations with a man. By my misunderstanding, I had thought the AOC (age of consent) irp was 15, I was wrong obviously. When a moderator was brought in, I was as cooperative as I could be, explaining my point of view (about the AOC) and I wasn't entierly sure I had done something wrong, but I was sorry if I did.


Why should you be pardoned?

This happened years ago, I'm unsure of just how many to be honest; but I have changed and would not make the same mistake again. I understand what I did was wrong and would prefer just a healthy fresh start.


What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment?

Well for one, I probably wont play younger characters anymore. But aside from that, I would make sure I reread the rules and made sure I know the server accepted rules and ways of doing things.


Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community.

Following the guidelines is so important to a healthy community because when you have members just going around hating and hurting one another, no one will want to be a part of the community. As a server, we want people to be ok with open to new ideas and changes in their character as well as be ok to see them go, even if it might be painful to lose a character. We also want others to support and encourage us to expand our character and be the best people in character and out of character we can be. On top of that we also want ourselves to get involved with our characters to an extent. We don't want to be too involved with them that we start to make rash decisions based on making sure they stay alive or what have you. We want our characters to be involved with the different groups on the server, yet be their own person, to add to the expirience overall. Most importantly, we don't want people to start to lie and purposefly be mean to one another, as this would just lead to hate and overall unwillingness to play on the server. The guidlines are important for maintaining a healthy community so that we may all be here as friends and not start throwing hate and lies at one another.

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