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Eldarian Calendar of 1703 - Games, a Wedding, and Duels

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The Royal Golden Band Seal of Clan Atraedes of Gladewynn


The Royal Right Hand’s Phoenix Seal of Seed Csarathiare


Gladewynn’s Greater Seed Games

[WEDNESDAY 13TH FEBRUARY - 5PM EST - The Caerme’onn Festival Grounds]



Letters are sent out to the Chieftains of Ithelanen and Csarathaire, along with the Head of Atraedes, by jet-black carrier ravens, marked with a red ribbon around their right foot.


“My fellow Chieftains,


    As the last feast turned out to be a success, I’d like to extend another invitation to you and your kin. This time, some friendly competition is in order. The games as a whole will begin the day before to give you time to send your greatest on a hunt and have them bring back the best they can possibly track down… these catches will be used during prayer and offering to our Wild Gods. Bring your best fighters, as hand to hand combat is on the schedule, along with archery and a few other small contests. Of course, our games will conclude with a feast.


I hope to see you all there and in good health.


ame nae evareh

Empyreal Priestess of Gladewynn and of the Stag,

Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn.”


The Union of Wolf and Stag

[SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY - 4:30PM EST - Upper District Throne Hall]



Personal letters are sent out to those invited, delivered by the same jet-black carrier ravens, marked with a red ribbon around their right foot.


You are formally invited to the wedding of


Annilir of Gladewynn,

Chieftain Rivaldir of Ithelanen,




Empyreal Priestess of Gladewynn and of the Stag,

Chieftess Aelin of Caerme’onn


((Letters will be sent to those invited via Discord))


The Second Atraedean Tournament

[SUNDAY 17TH FEBRUARY - 6:30PM EST - The Lyarian Colosseum]



Two years since the first warrior games of Moccus and Morea concluded, a new champion will have an opportunity to reign victories in the eyes of the Great Mani. All Sons and Daughters of Malin from the world over, whether Mali’ame, ‘aheral or ker, are welcome to enjoy the protection of the Atraedean kingdom at this event.


The previous victor of the tournament shall not be permitted to participate, and shall preside over his successor-champion’s ascension. Accordingly, the winner shall once again receive the ceremonial title Blade Blessed by the Wild Gods - a warrior which all others might look to and emulate, personifying the Mani and the Lord Cernunnos himself.


The first round shall be fought with blunt sparring blades, while those who progress further shall fight in the primal manner - hand to hand.


Queen Layla Atraedes

Royal Right Hand, Archchancellor Khaine Csarathaire


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