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Healer's Basics by Illynora Aureon Sylvaeri

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This tome is provided to all acolytes of the Institute of Healing, to aid them in their initial lessons on familiarity. Easy to read version on the last two pages.









Curette - Round, looped head for scraping away dead tissue, pus, et cetera


Tweezers - Used for removing debris from wounds, unpicking stitches, holding stitching needle


Forceps - Blades used for grasping muscle, pulling aside tendons, widening wounds, holding bandages and other tools


Needle + thread - For stitching wounds. Always use silk, to prevent shedding


Scissors - Cutting off thread, snipping through clothing, resizing bandages


Bandages - Made of breathable, crepe material to be wrapped around limbs. Staunches bleeding, and keeps wound clean


Bone chisel - Used to bore through bone when tapped with hammer


Scalpel - General dissection, cutting away of necrotic tissue, widening wounds


Tray - Hold tools so they do not become contaminated, easy movement of medicines between cots


Bone saw - Used in amputations, to saw through bone quickly


Pipette - Glass and rubber dropper used for administering small doses of tonics


Basin - Always wash hands and tools before  healing



Blissfoil - Pale blue flowers that make a thick blue salve. Used to numb pain, but do not use in excess


Tippen’s Root - Plant with purple flowers and yellow roots with darker spots, that makes a sickly yellow balm. A strong coagulant to stem blood flow when applied to wounds, but smells like rotting flesh. Counteract smell with peppermint oil!


Serpent’s Stalk - Bright green stalks with lighter green and brown streaks. Produces a clear juice that can be used to treat burns, or lower a patient’s body temperature if they have a fever


Frost Vine - Creates a clear, sticky substance when crushed with water. Salve numbs pain and helps to ease aching muscles


Flash Fruit - A round orange fruit with yellow streaks, flesh is maroon and oozy. Skin helps with dehydration, flesh soothes a sore throat


Night Sap - Golden sap found leaking from tree trunks, strong sleep inducer


Corvisange - To be used topically ONLY. A thin purple resin that is a powerful numbing agent


Biteit - Small green mushrooms with brown speckles, creates a muddy coloured tonic. Helps the body to fight off infection


Thyme - Can be pressed into an oil with antibacterial properties, and applied to wounds and bandages


Mandragora - A turnip like plant with broad green leaves and purple/white meat. It can be used for rejuvenation tonics as it is rich in antioxidants, and its concentrated oil is good for headaches. Be warned, as it is dangerous to collect because of its sleep inducing spores


Aqua Nymph - Chain of blue baubles that is often mistaken for frog spawn. Creates a thick, pale blue oil that is excellent relief from burns


Yarrow - White and yellow flowers that makes a pale yellow paste. Used to treat the inflammation of wounds


White willow bark - Pale bark, usually shredded. Decoction is a pale yellow. Effective pain relief when taken orally


Calendula - Golden flowers that make a yellow ointment. Used for skin conditions and to aid the healing of wounds


Witch hazel - Flower with spindly yellow petals and a red core, can be distilled into a clear, colourless liquid. Applied to bruising, inflammation, minor pain, and used as an antiseptic


Comfrey - Otherwise called boneknit, it is a purple flowered plant that can be applied topically for bruising, and orally for broken bones. It also prevents scarring

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How in the **** did you do literally any of this



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3 hours ago, Fury_Fire said:

How in the **** did you do literally any of this



What do you want to know? 😄 

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