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Vaults Are Open - PLEASE READ

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Vaults Are Open!

Hey guys, vaults can be opened after the next restart (if everything works, I’ll update the thread if things explode). For those not familiar with vaults, you can type /vault and it will open up something akin to your enderchest. However, the items stored in here will be preserved for our transition to 7.0. Everything else will be wiped upon transition, so make sure you choose your items wisely. When we go into 7.0, you will be able to type the vault command again and it will request that your vault be reviewed. Once your vault is cleared by me, you will have access to it.


More information on what is and isn’t allowed can be found here: Click me


If you haven’t used the item conversion thread, you only have a short amount of time to do it (we’ve had it open for over a month, please stop procrastinating). If you have items in the vault when we transition that are not good, they will be deleted when inspected. I’ve given y’all plenty of fair warning about this, so if you don’t make use of the item conversion thread by the deadline, that’s on you. If you are unsure if your items need to be converted, use the thread anyway.


Current Map Launch Date: March 2nd.

Item Conversion Deadline (Link to that found here - Click me: February 23rd.*


*I’ve been busy as of late with IRL and haven’t had time to get to the item conversions yet (currently have to do about 340) so as long as you have used the item conversion thread by the 23rd, I will be keeping the items in a special area so they will survive transitioning maps. If your items are not done by the time we transition, you can pick and choose between them and the vault items when we transition. I will be PM’ing anyone who falls in this category when we transition, so don’t assume that this will be the case.



Book Storage: The command for this is /storebook all. How the book storage works is that you put books in your inventory, type the command and it will automatically put all your books into a storage area for you. You can store infinite amount of books here. If you want to just store one book at a time, hold it in your hand and omit the ‘all’ part of the command.



We will likely experience lag over the next few weeks due to how the vault and book storage plugin function, so please bear with us. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Update: Currently some player signed items are not being allowed into the vault. Devs are currently looking into fixing this issue. I will update the thread once this problem has been solved.

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