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Flam's 7.0 Thread

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Flam’s 7.0 Information

Here is a mix of information that you should be aware of when it comes to 7.0, ranging from 7.0’s regions to rule additions to shelving stuff. If you are looking for vault information, check this thread out: Click me


Region Information

As we go into 7.0, we are currently putting some surface level information regarding the regions of Arcas on the wiki. It contains some info regarding the flora/fauna/interesting areas within said region. You can use this during exploration RP or just as general reference.


The information is not currently live, but it will be by the end of the weekend. I will edit this thread to include a link once everything is ready and will also make an announcement in-game.



As you may have noticed with the whole conversion process, we are trying to eliminate bad items. Part of that endeavor will be that any substantial lore item will require an LT signature. This includes magical enchantments, alchemical potions (read below), representations for lore animals, et cetera.


Any player signed items for these items are prohibited. If you notice someone using one of these items, please make a modreq to get a moderator involved. I will be releasing a guide on lore pixels later in the week once the Story Team has settled and reviewed it, which will showcase what we are looking for when going to sign an item.


For the time being, the LT/soon to be Story Team will not be signing items. This should only last for about a week or two as the team gets settled however.


Rule Addition

§3.2 Your roleplay must coincide with the server’s lore. Exclude real-world lore or lore from other games.” This is an existing rule and we are currently adding in a bullet point under it.

  • This includes not "inventing" or "creating" things that mirror more modern day tools or technology, whether by mundane or magical means. If you wish to see things of a more advanced nature, you need to write a lore submission for it. If you are interested, more information can be found here.


The reasoning for this is because last map we saw people attempting to create things such as nukes, particle accelerators, modern trains, et cetera outside of approved events (just because an ET did something does not mean you can suddenly replicate it). So this is a reminder to avoid trying those things as they will be shut down outside of events without proper lore.



Alchemy is currently in the final stages of being overhauled. The final touches are being made to existing plants and other reagents one would use in alchemy. However, as it is not finished, we are prohibiting alchemy to be done on 7.0 as alchemy will be changing compared to the old version.


As such, any potions or concoctions (non-event ones, Aesopian’s potions are still fine), should be saved and not used. You can turn them in when alchemy launches and we will convert them into their new counterpart (assuming it’s a legit potion).


If you notice someone using one of these items, please make a modreq to get a moderator involved.



As I mentioned in one of my previous announcements, we will not be having events for the first week or two. This is because we are in the middle of the transition from ET -> Story Team. Once the team is settled, they will begin to do events again. If you are a nation leader, expect a ping in the NL chat to discuss event representatives (this will occur once events start up again).


Soft-Shelved Creatures

As I announced prior, any soft shelved creatures will become hard shelved once we reach 7.0. This includes (but is not limited to): Fae (Sprites/Cervitaurs/Satyr/Spriggans), Dreadknights, and Paleknights. The option to have them under cex will be removed shortly, so make sure to repurpose or PK your current persona if you played one of these creatures.

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