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7.0 Launch Thread

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Welcome to the Isle of Arcas everyone! Atlas was a very fun map for us as a community and while there were a lot of good memories made during its run it is time to move onto the next chapter of Lord of the Craft and experience the lands of Arcas. Launch day can be very chaotic so I’ll be summarizing some relevant information that we’ve been sharing over February so you can be informed and spend more time roleplaying and less time looking for information! 


Edit: Posted on behalf of Fireheart, so if it sounds cheery and un-Flam like you know why. Also, we are anticipating that the server goes down/crashes a handful of times as the Devs work through bugs. Please bear with us!



Our hardworking developers have spent months preparing for this launch and we are very excited that we will be experiencing Arcas on Minecraft 1.13.2. Ensure that your clients are running that version of Minecraft when attempting to join Lord of the Craft otherwise it will not work. The developers gave a short update post reflecting on some of the notable changes and also sharing some awesome data about last map. Big shout out to Lock for spending roughly a quarter (almost a third) of his life in 2018 on Atlas clocking in over 110 days! For more details you can click this link <here>. As a small PSA please make sure you run Optifine on 1.13.2 since the optimization for the game has largely been harmed in this update which means things won’t run quite as smoothly as they did in 1.12. As a second PSA you will die when you spawn in on the new map. Don’t freak out this is a one time occurrence.



Our moderators have been preparing for 7.0 and spending a lot of time over the past couple of days making sure that everyone was playing nice on the temp map. There will be a larger update post coming out later om, but the nation and charter information post is now live. Coming out of the your view we had last month there have been a couple of minor changes, but this will be the route you take to getting land outside of a nation tile and if you don’t want to build in the wildlands (freebuild) which is far off to the side of the map. There have been several other updates and notices over the past couple of weeks, but do note that raids will be on halt for two weeks and warclaims for one month.



The world devs and ET builders have been hard at working developing out and building cool locations and builds on Arcas for you to explore. These areas, alongside with easter eggs, are scattered around the map and there for you to find and discover.


Our final update on vaults can be found <here>. Over the next 3 weeks, we will be going through the items people submitted for conversion. Flam wants to make it clear that if you submitted it via an ltreq or you did not format your forum post correctly, you are at the back of the line since that requires Flam screenshotting all of your stuff or reformatting things.


Flam has another update which can be found <here>. This covers a lot of information that you need to know regarding 7.0 and lore.


Please be patient as the ET/LT/WT are going through some restructuring to better serve your needs!



Our community staff have been very aggressive in tackling long standing issues of player retention. They will be out on the new map in full force roleplaying monks to help guide and assist new players and old ones alike. They have a lot of projects in the pipeline so make sure to check out their monthly update post and keep an eye out for the community newsletter which will be dropping very shortly! We appreciate the patience and love they show to new players and all the hard work they put into connecting those players into LoTC to have the experiences and enjoyment that happen everyday.

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