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Law and Power of the Principality of Alderyn

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Law and Power of the Principality of Alderyn

4th of The Amber Cold, 1706



The Legal Jurisdiction of Alderyn is restricted to the areas specifically contained within, or under the direct influence of the Alderyn. Law is dictation of the Empyreal Monarch, the Grand Exarch, and their council. The Grand Exarch, by definition, is the lawmaker, judge, and executioner of Alderyn.


1.1 Justice


    I. Justice is the ideal that every man must be rendered what he is due, to both defendant and prosecuted in due process of law.

         A. Jurisprudence is the knowledge of all things Divine and Mortal, as well as the Sciences of the Just and the Unjust.

         B. Law shall apply to all men, women, and races whom are citizens of Alderyn.

         C. Alderyn Law defines what it is to live honestly, to hurt none without cause, and to give all is due.

         D. Noncitizens of Alderyn are not liable to the same rights and protections as a citizen, if accused of a crime as defined Alderyn law.


1.2 Right of Personage

All Law relates to Persons, Things, or Actions. It is improbable that all men shall be defined beneath one Law, yet it is the Alderyn maxim that we must know the persons for whom Law was written and constructed. The chief division in all rights of peerage, is that men are free, or not.


    I. Slavery is defined as the ownership, domestication, or indentured servitude of the degenerate races.

         A. Slavery as defined in section 1.2.1 is not permitted within the borders of the region of Alderyn regardless of the citizenship of the owner or guardian of said slave. A slave to a foreign nation who is a noncitizen of Alderyn is liable to be returned to their aforementioned nation.

         B. The sale, trade, barter, or gift of a slave within the borders of Alderyn is barred and considered punishable by law.


    II. Freedom is defined as the natural power and authority to behave as is considered natural to a person within the parameters of law and due order.

         A. All citizens are considered to possess freedom and all it entails as a citizen of Alderyn.


   III. A person is considered Indigenous who is free from the moment of birth, being born in matrimony to parents who have been born, or previously set free. If the mother be a free individual, then the child sired is to be considered free, and a member of Alderyn

         A. When a Man has been born free within Alderyn, he does not cease to be indigenous. If a Citizen of Alderyn is enslaved by some matter of prejudice or enfranchisement, the man in question shall be set free by the Jurisprudence of Alderyn Law.


    IV. Those who are not independent, yet possessing of Freedom in limited form, is considered a major importance to the Law and Rights of Person and Peerage. It is to be considered that there are those who are subject to the powers of others, but remain Independent in the legal writ of the Law. Of those, some are in the Power of Parents, Masters, Wardens and Husbands.

        A. But, at the present initiation of the Law, no singular Legate subject may use unrestrained violence towards their warded, or other subjects, except for a reason that is to be recognized by Jurisprudence. The power of masters over their subjects ought to be preserved, but none should misuse their own property. However, it is for the best interest of all Masters themselves, that relief prayed on good grounds against cruelty, a denial of sustenance, or any other intolerable injury, is subject to investigation and punishment under Alderyn Jurisprudence.


    V. Considering the Power of Parents, it is the case that Children who are begotten in a lawful marriage, are in the ultimate power of these parents.

        A. Marriage or Matrimony is the binding of two consenting individuals, to live in indivisible union beneath the eyes of the gods.

        B. The child born to you and your wife is in your power. Such is the son of the child born to your son’s wife,- that being your grandson or granddaughter, as this is with all descendants of the son. However, a child born of your daughter is not in your authority to control, but rather in the power of its own parents.


    VI. Citizens may be bound together in lawful matrimony when they are united according to law, and by a Priest of the respected Pantheon, or the Chieftain of a Clan or Seed. In this case, both being married must have attained the age of Elven adulthood. They must first obtain the consent of their chieftain, or parents. For both natural reason, and the Law this consent is required, so much so indeed that if consent of the Parents of both Son and Daughter are not acquired, then the marriage is legally annulled upon its consummation.

        A. All women may not be married without distinction. As such, with some, marriage is forbidden. Marriage cannot be contracted between two individuals who are similar to one another in the relation of ascendant and as between a father and daughter, a grandfather and granddaughter, a mother or son, a grandmother and grandson, an aunt and nephew, and so on- ad infinitum.

        B. All specifications of women may not be married without distinction. As such, marriage is forbidden, by writ of jurisprudence, to those other than , may under no circumstance marry any of the races such as Beastkin (of any Degree), Orc, or Dark Altered Races.


    VII. Man may under no circumstance marry the daughter of a brother or a sister, nor the granddaughter of a brother or sister, despite the fact that she may be separated by the fourth degree. Equally so, there is legal impediment to the marriage of a daughter, granddaughter, ad infinitum of a woman whom has been adopted into the family by your father, grandfather, or any other ascendant, ad infinitum.


    VIII. Woman may under no circumstance marry the son of a brother or a sister, nor the grandson of a brother or sister, despite the fact that he may be separated by the fourth degree. Equally so, there is legal impediment to the marriage of a son, grandson, ad infinitum of a woman whom has been adopted into the family by your father, grandfather, or any other ascendant, ad infinitum.





2.1 Crime

  1. Minor Offences – Enforceable with Class I Punishments Public Disturbance 

    1. Public Disturbance


    2. Vigilantism

      1. Vigilantism is defined by law as a person or group taking law into their own hands without legal authority granted by the Monarch or Grand Exarch

    3. Slander

      1. Public slander of nations and factions allied to Alderyn will not be tolerated and will result in Class I punishment. This includes posters, public speeches, and other such crowd-riling acts. Casual conversation and private talks to not fall under this law.

    4. Impersonation

    5. Physical Assault or Brawling

      1.  Intentional bodily harm towards a citizen of Alderyn is prohibited, unless in self-defense with no other alternative.

    6. Theft

      1. Theft, defined by law as the unlawful obtaining of any item not bought, traded for, or willingly given, is strictly prohibited.

    7. Vandalism

      1. Vandalism or other acts that result in the destruction, damaging or modification of any object or home against the will of the property’s rightful owner is strictly prohibited by Alderyn Law.

        1. Desecration, tampering, destruction, or other disruptive activities in holy sites or areas is a serious offence and will result in Class II punishment.

  2. Moderate Offences - Enforceable by Class II Punishments and All Prior

    1. Slandering the rule of the governing body.

      1. Punishments range from Class I to Class II depending on severity.

    2. Sadistic and sociopathic behaviour is strictly prohibited.

      1. While this goes without saying when dealing with fellow citizens, this law also extends to plant life and animals. The unnecessary torture of animals will be treated akin to the murder of an elf.

    3. Underage sex is strictly prohibited.

      1. No individual over the age of 20 years may partake in sexual intercourse with another individual under the age of 20 years unless such age gap is under 10 years.

    4. Underage labour is unenforceable by law.

      1. This does not extend towards military service.

      2. This does not extend towards labour enforced by the parent of said child.

        1. This law does not apply to labours that could be considered abusive by the acting Exarch.

    5. Physical Assault or Brawling is strictly prohibited by law.

      1. Intentional bodily harm towards a citizen of Alderyn is prohibited, unless in self-defense with no other alternative.

        1. Punishment is usually up to the handling Avchirran, Exarch, or official who is handling the situation.


  1. Major Offences - Enforceable by Class III Punishments and All Prior

    1. Physical assault on any appointed Counselor charged with an authoritative position within the High Council.

    2. Conspiracy against the state; be it supportive of the enemy during wartime or lending information to a potential outside or internal threat.

    3. High Treason, defined by law as the betrayal of Alderyn to any enemies of the state.

    4. The act of murder in its second and third occurrences.

      1. Murder is defined as the act of ending one’s life without their consent.

    5. Kidnapping, defined under Alderyn Law as the portation or confinement of a person against their will.

      1. Punishment for this crime will be determined by several factors, including the mental and physical state of such abducted persons, and the age of the person abducted

      2. Constructs and golems do not fall into this category.

    6. Interbreeding betwixt Mali’ and non-Mali’ is strictly and unequivocally banned in Alderyn Lands. Such acts both defy the laws of nature, and doom children to a life of two curses due entirely to the selfish actions of their parents.

      1. This law does not apply to the breeding between Mali’ races.

    7. Using one's affliction, either by beastial or vampyr means, to evade capture or to cause any one citizen harm or misfortune.

    8. Feeding the Vampyr curse by means of involuntarily consuming the blood of any one citizen of The Empyrean Valley; criminals are exempt.


2.2 Punishment


I. Minor

A. Warning

B. Fine

C. Incarceration

D. Public Beating


II. Moderate

A. Public Flogging

B. Public Branding

C. Extended Incarceration


III. Major

A. Brutalization

B. Execution

C. Maiming




3.1 Housing and Property

  1. Housing

    1. Only full-blooded elves (Of any of the Elven subraces) may own a home within Alderyn, however, exceptions can be made by select members of the High Council

    2. By owning a home you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil.

      1. Failure to do so will result in confiscation of property.

    3. If another Mali’ wishes to stay together in an already occupied home, the owner and new occupant must notify the Stewardry.

      1. If there is a child in the household, he/she is not required to be registered until they reach the age of 30.

    4. Expansions that are deemed too big are strictly prohibited and one should listen to a steward about how big an expansion can be.

    5. Squatting is prohibited.

      1. Squatting is defined as living in a home or makeshift home without Steward or higher approval.

    6. Any buildings constructed or structures dug without approval is prohibited.

  2. Property

    1. By owning a business you agree to contribute to society in times of prosperity and turmoil.

    2. Undocumented changes to shops, such as expansions, are strictly prohibited. In order to make such changes, a Mali’ must go through a steward to get approval.

    3. Any buildings constructed or structures dug without approval is prohibited.

3.2 Punishment


  1. Property Law Violation Punishments

    1. Fine

    2. Confiscation of Goods

    3. Restriction on Keys

    4. Demolition

    5. Eviction




4.1 Magical Law and Regulation

  1. Usage

    1. Usage of all Dark Arts, including but not limited to; Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy, Demonology, and Fi’hiiran’tanya is strictly prohibited.

      1. Ichorian Druidism is allowed, so long as it is used responsibly.

    2. Illegal Wizardry or ‘Summoning’ without granted permission from the Avchirran or a member of the High Council.

    3. The practice of magic with malicious intent is prohibited and should only be used in self-defence.

      1. Magicks may be practiced and taught in private, however, reckless, unnecessary, or otherwise offensive casting will result in Class III Punishment.

    4. Use of any kind of mental magic is prohibited unless the person has permission to use it on such persons they will be using it on, or a writ approving such action from the High Council.

  2. Regulation of Enchanted Goods

    1. Illegal Item Possession

      1. Eg. Weaponry, armour, or otherwise illegal enchanted objects.

        1. Legality is up to the discretion of the reigning monarch and or Grand Exarch


5.1 Avchirran Military Offenses - Punishable to the Discretion of Commanding Officers

  1. Conduct

    1. Insubordination against any superior officer(s).

    2. Harming innocent civilians or other innocent parties

    3. Being intentionally abusive to visitors or citizens.

    4. Provoking fights with malicious intent.



Punishment Types and Ranges

Capital Punishment

The most severe punishment of all, used in the most extreme cases. It. involves the execution of the guilty. This will effectively also banish said guilty from the Alderyn should they live, with a permanent blacklist to all territories of the Alderyn until lifted by order of the Empyreal Prince or Princess.


The act of desecrating the guilty’s body as result of their crimes. Includes maiming, branding, or simply scarring. A very severe punishment should be only considered if the offence was severe. Branding acts like whipping, a scar for public shaming.


More of a public display of humiliation than a painful punishment, it’s traditionally a punishment in the military ranks but has since been a symbol of the deterrent from causing a public disturbance. Should only be issued if the offence was moderate.

Confiscation of Goods or Other Property

Used in such cases where persons have come into possession of goods in an unlawful way, or in such cases where a person has been evicted from their housing within Alderyn  Such confiscated property henceforth becomes the property of the government of Alderyn until such a time that the guilty wishes to appeal to the council for the return of the confiscated property. Even in this case, goods may not be returned without an official writ from the Empyreal Prince or Princess.


Banishment means that the criminal is not free to live or visit any of the territories belonging to Alderyn . Usually only issued for a moderate-severe crime.


A mina fine, usually issued to petty offenders or improper use of magic in the halls of Alderyn. Fines should range from 100-1000 minas, depending on the severity of the crime committed. Magical offences and vandalism are by default a mina fine 300 minas.


An eviction is classified as removal of a person or family from such person’s housing. This includes a removal of keys from such citizens. This means the person shall no longer own their home or be a resident, in addition to having their keys being revoked from the citizen doors.

Public service

Public service is not a recommended punishment, usually due to the uncooperative nature from both the carer and the participant. Setting tasks such as planting flowers, transcribing books, and other petty works of manual labour should be considered. Follow up on checking the criminal’s progress should be done regularly. Issued only for petty offences.






Empyreal Princess Layla Atraedes, Sovereign of Alderyn


Evar’tir Ithelanen, High-Consular of the Avchirran, Reeve of Talareh’sae, Elder of Clan Ithelanen, Grand Exarch and Senior Chancellor of Alderyn

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Posted (edited)

Csaba screams at the usage of “man” and “woman” to refer to elves, but calms down realizing the elven language doesn’t have good translations of those words.

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