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What kind of ban are you appealing?

In-game Ban


Minecraft Usernames



Reason for punishment

Interfering with PvP and No-RP Killing 


Players Involved

Pond and Curon Guardsman


By your own understanding, why did you receive a punishment?

I walked into Curon and I saw Pond getting chased downed and attacked. To me It looked like pugsy since nobody was statused and because Pond had no gear on. Seeing this as a fellow mineman, I took my sword and swiftly put down one of the people who was chasing Pond. Realizing what I did was wrong, I revived the player.


Why should you be pardoned?

Because I have waited out my ban time and will refrain from downing people without rp. I know what I did was wrong, next time in a situation similar to this I will not randomly join the pvp. If I think it is pugsy then I will call a GM, otherwise before pvping I will join the rp. I acknowledge that what I did was wrong, it will not happen again. I will prioritize rp and others over pvp.


What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment?

I will not jump in mid pvp and will further assess situations before making a maneuver. Next time in a situation similar to this I will not randomly join in mid pvp, instead, if I think it is pugsy then I will notify a staff member.



Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community.

The community guidelines are important because they enforce rules that prevent toxicity and intolerable behavior alike. Toxicity and overall harassment is terrible for any community. If more people followed the community guidelines then lord of the craft would have a larger influx of players, fewer bans, and an better community overall. It would be great if more new players got onto lord of the craft and stayed instead of being harassed or driven away by a **** community. This is why I think the community guidelines are especially important.

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Cake, you have quite the history when it comes to breaking rules revolving around PvP and the likes, from looking at the Moderation section of the forums which documents bans and warnings, so I am genuinely curious to see you tell me something – How is this appeal to a change of behaviour going to actually show change from you as a person? What can you tell me that will convince me that unbanning you won't simply result in you breaking another rule and end up back here?

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8 minutes ago, cakefool said:

I don't have to answer to your curiosity. I have waited out my ban time accordingly and have written an adequate appeal.

While you didn’t have to, it’d have gone a long way in terms of showcasing your attitude/behavior as a player if you had responded. You giving this kind of response after your last ban appeal attempt makes it seem like you haven’t changed between you getting banned and now. So it’d be fabulous if you could take a bit of your time to reply to Sky’s question and perhaps change that view.

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If you would feel more comfortable PM’ing me directly, I will be happy to hear why you’ve changed into somebody I want in this community. You can use Discord if you like.

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