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7 hours ago, Moribundity said:

Shame unto the sinner, Caesar the elf, for the murder of a legion officer, fraternizing with dark mages, causing innumerable innocents’ deaths be it by his own hand or otherwise will, failure to adhere to the Lex Arcana, illegally casting and teaching magic, knowingly harboring anti-imperial sentiments and acting upon them, participating in miscellaneous Dark and UnGODly cults, treason through the plotting the murders of his imperial highness, Emperor Augustus, and Her Excellency, Lady Vexalia, espionage, and intentionally lying to or misleading empire officials and legion personnel.

"I really think the fact she accuses a dead man of all of this should be noted." Osheim remarks with a laugh.

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*the blonde high elf genuinely clapped to himself as he read the paper. A mischevious grin would settle on his lips as he would simply ripped the paper apart and threw it away*

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