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The Braduk Clan

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The Braduk clan

 "Ghash Nagraufom" - "The Fire Rises"


The name of the Braduk clan is one steeped in blood and brutality. Legend tells of the grim, dark giants of the Orcish race, their judgement swift and mercy fleeting. Brothers and sisters beyond blood and oath, theirs is a bond etched with fire upon the iron of their souls, a bond shared with their steeds, the mighty rhinos whose calls are as thunder in the night.


Founded centuries before many of the modern clans of the current Orc society, the Braduk clan was founded in Aegis by Baderkuk, first son of Braduk. Braduk was a legendary and heroic orc who saved thousands of orcs after the fabled Clash of Clans war and founded the city state of Kenuk, which is widely regarded as arguably the greatest Orcish settlement of its time. In that time of history and legend the Braduks tamed and befriended the intelligent rhinos of the deserts, hulking beasts of vast difference in size and ability with sword-sharp horns and armour-thick skin.


From their place of birth the Braduks have cut a bloody path throughout Orcish history, their story one of rises to greatness and falls into apathy. Great Wargoths of the clan whose names sing out across the ages, Mokrag, the Blood Talon, of Asulon, Ghazkull, the Shadow of Death, of Anthos, Kahn, the Iron Rhino, of Vailor, led the clan into greatness only to see their legacies washed away in less than a generation. But the true blooded descendents of the First Rhino have returned and reclaimed past glories.


Turob’Braduk, child of Maduk’Braduk, has taken up the mantle of the broken clan. He, who was born with the mark of the Blud Taluun, seeks to restore the clan to its former glory.






Most of the Orcs in Arcus who name themselves Braduk are not descended from the venerable lineages of that mightiest of lords, for those lines have been sorely thinned by the cycles of attrition and desertion. However with the prophecy of the three coming to fruition once again, purebloods have returned and assumed control of the clan, reforming it and reclaiming it’s past glories.


‘Bloodline’ or ‘pureblood’ Braduks, also known as half-ologs –are the massive, 8-10ft tall dark green skinned descendants of the legendary Braduk, mixed with the blood of the intelligent Olog hero Kudo who cuckolded Baderkuk – they are monstrous behemoths to be feared. though their strength is less then that of a full olog, the combonation of their large stature and their near-normal inteligence are nothing to be trifled with




Clan Chieften Turob’Braduk

The Chieftain is traditionally the biggest and strongest of the Braduks, and may only be a true blooded Braduk. His word is final, and to challenge his word is to face the harshest of punishment. All Braduks and members of the Black Legion fall to his command.






Elders are those of pureblood whom have been apart of the clan for some time and show great knowledge and wisdom of its history. They act as guides and mentors to the younger orcs and the chieftan.










Clan Laws


I. The clan comes before everything else, including you.

II. Every Braduk is a sworn brother and sister of eachother, and you are to lay your lives down for them when called upon.

III. Do not forget those who have wronged us.

IV. Do not forget those who have aided us.

V. If you slay, rob or betray your brothers and sisters, you will be terminated.

VI. Do not put personal wealth, political gain and power or anything else above the clan.

VII. Do not disobey your superiors.

VIII. Do not challenge your superiors without proper cause.

IX. Once a Braduk, always a Braduk.

X. Follow Krugs code to your death. 





  • Ponytails- A Braduk, regardless of their preferred hairstyle, will usually grow out a long ponytail from the crown of their head down, braided or bound with leather or blue cloth. The ponytail is only to be cut off in the event of humiliating defeat. Braduk males popularly shave all of their head aside from the ponytail - with females there is more variation, but a common style is having an undercut beneath the ponytail.


  • History Keeping- Unlike most clans, whose histories are purely oral, the Braduks also make a habit of creating written records of their clan legends on large, word-covered leather skins that are also adorned with illustrations. As a result the Braduk histories are far more detailed and well-remembered than those of other clans, dating back to their founding in distant Aegis. (Examples can be found below in the lore section). These histories are also important in determining how best to follow the third and fourth clan laws.


  •  Initiation- If a clanless Orc wishes to join the Braduks, they must be complete numerous initiation tests.  These tests can vary from obstacle courses, to riddles, but usually include a klomp with the current Warmachine of the clan (which they usually do not win). These tests are not about if the Uruk completes the tests, but the way they complete the tests, which will later be looked over by the Elders of the clan. If all aspects are pleasing and show good qualities in the Orc, they will be sworn into the clan by the Wargoth.


  • The Initiation Verse- The Wargoth asks the the Orc to hold out his klomping hand, beginning to say the verse. He then places a cloth in the Orc's outstretched hand, lighting it with a flint and steel. At the end of the verse, the Chieftain sprinkles a small bit of 'Braduk zand' into the fire, which causes it to flare up, turn purple, then die down. At the end, something similar to "Welkum tu da Bradukz bruddah." is usually said by all attending. "Da Bradukz am awl bruddahz am ziztahs, iv nub bai blud, den bai hart. Ib latz behtrae latz bruddahz, latz zuwl, agh da zuwl ob awl latz kubbehz wil buhrn en da Nefah liyk da kluwf duz en latz hand."


  • Choosing Ceremony- At the age of six, or when a recruit joins the clan, a Braduk must receive his or her Braduk rhino. A bond must be cemented, for they are as much a brother as an orc. The tradition goes as follows, the orc will enter the rhino pen where many unbonded rhinos are residing. Then, a rhino must take interest in the orc. They cannot be forced. Once a rhino has found interest in the orc, the two will engage in a klomp, a show of strength. If the orc can successfully mount the rhino, he will go on to name it. From then until their deaths, the two will be bonded. 


  • Carrying of the Golok- During the choosing ceremony, a new Braduk is thrown a short ceremonial machete with which they cut a ‘Z’ shaped mark into their rhino’s cheek - the rhino creates the same mark on the Braduk with its razor sharp horn. Thereafter the Braduk will carry the machete with them for everyday use and possibly in combat (although it would be inferior to most battle-purposed weaponry), generally worn strapped to the belt or small of the back horizontally in its sheath. Should the terrible day come where the Braduk is guilty of an incredibly severe dishonour he or she will be expected to perform the punishment of Uihnce with it, as detailed below.


  • Giving out of the Rudis- A Rudis is a short wooden sword earned by an orc of the Braduk clan once they have achieved a great and glory filled deed. Whether it be an immense service to the clan, the slaying of a beast or taking many lives in a battle, an orc will be given this wooden sword by the Wargoth, who would have inscribed the story of as to why it has be earned, on the blade.





Bloodline Braduks are, in short, the phenotype of the Orc species that developed in the city state of Kenuk during the Clash of Clans War in Aegis – the great cataclysm that drove the Orcs into their current state of technological regression in ceaseless waves of savage and unending destruction. The genes of Kenuk’s founding family proved dominant and inter-breeding with other Orcish refugees from the senseless carnage consuming most of the Orc lands produced a high number of very large and dark skinned Orcs.


While there is a reasonable amount of variation amongst Braduk’s descendants, a combination of many of the following is usually a good indication of Braduk blood:


  • ·         Dark Swampy Green Skin – Some variation here but invariably darker skinned that most green Orcs.
  • ·         Large Physical Stature – Generally ranging between 8ft to 10ft tall, with heavyweight, imposing frames.
  • ·         High Birth Weight – Braduk blooded cubs are usually quite large when born, leading to a higher chance of difficult births for Braduk fe-orcs and more so for Orc women who aren’t Braduk descendants themselves.
  • ·         Larger Tusks – The tusks of Braduks are, in general, larger and grow earlier.
  • ·         Signature eyes – All modern Braduks bare piercing blue eyes, a calling card of the descendants of the rhino. However, it times of old in blood lines now long lost, the colours white, purple and black appeared. However, it appears the Black Moon bloodline, baring black eyes, has returned.


There are countless bloodlines that have stemmed from Braduk’s offspring. As previously mentioned, they all possess similar physical traits – however these bloodlines would dictate or even prophesize certain things about the Orcs born to them. They are a unique cobweb that is spun to make up the pureblooded, having created both honourable heroes and terrible warlords.


The Founding Lines

The First Rhino Blood Line

All Braduks descend from this bloodline, begun by the famous Braduk himself. Descendants of the First Rhino are giant creatures, fabled to be destined for great or terrible things.


The Line of Goregutz

Known as the father of the blessed lines of the Braduks, those of this line were once the great leaders and chieftains of the clan who valued honour and diplomacy above all. The Line of Goregutz gave way to the three famous sub-lines; Blood Talon, Howlur Durub and Black Moon. The Line of Goregutz is extinct.


The Line of Orgrim

Known as the father of the warrior lines of the Braduks, those of this line are titans amongst men. They are the largest bred Braduks and have an affliction for war and combat, revelling in the glory that becomes from it. The Line of Orgrim gave way to three famous sub-lines; Rage, Psychotic and Insanity. The current pureblooded Braduks all stem from this line.




The Blessed Lines


The Blood Talon

The most noble and honourable of all the Braduks, those of the Blood Talon bloodline were heroes – champions of the clan and the Uzg. Known for their purple eyes, those of this line took the symbol of the horned raven. The Blood Talon line would occur every one hundred years, yet none have been born with it’s mark. It was beleived that this bloodline had gone extinct, until the current chief, Turob, was born with the mark.

Howlur DurubLoyal to the death, the Howlur Durubs were utterly without fear and equally without mercy to those who would defy them and their allies. Giant Orcs baring white eyes, those of this line took a snarling wolf as their symbol. Occuring every sixty years


Black Moon

A disgraced bloodline of the Braduks, the Orcs of the Black Moon who have existed were unearthly cunning and completely malicious. It has been thought that they are inherently evil. Long believed to be extinct, the Black Moon bloodline made a brief return but was soon put back to rest. Those of the Black Moon took a crescent moon as their symbol. this clan is beleived to have gone extinct


The Warrior Lines



Those of this line take to the spirit Enrohk for worship, and were touched by bloodlust moreso than any other Orcs had ever been. Breath-takingly aggressive and hot-headed, they are well an excellent combination of strength and speed. The children of Kahn’Braduk are all of this line.



Orcs of the psychotic line possess no feelings of sympathy, nor empathy, and live only to inflict pain and relish in doing so. Torturous, murderous, they are the greatest warriors in the Braduk clan and have taken to the spirit Leyd so that they may be blessed with tremendous strength and physical dominance. The children of Ghazkoth’Braduk are all of this line.



Quick and agile warriors those of the insanity line strike hard and strike often, and with lethal intent. They pay no mind to the harm befallen to themselves, only to the pain they can inflict on their foes. They cannot be reasoned with, only pleaded to – even then there is no guarantees. The children of Drax’Braduk are all of this line.


Consider that when making a returning or newborn braduk, even if the sign is extict, perhaps the bloodline has simply not shown its mark until your charactar. or perhaps the day the bloodline

appears has fallen onto you.





Like most Orcs, the Braduks hold fast to their belief in the Spirits and their interaction in the mortal plane. Chief amongst their worship is that of Enrohk, spirit of war, blood and murder. Braduks have served him well over the centuries as well and their clan words make up the latter half of the standard phrase spoken to invoke Enrohk's interest when sacrificing in his name. The last Chosen of Enrohk was Kahn'Braduk, mighty Rex and wargoth in Athera. The greatsword of Kahn, War Maker, is blessed by Enrohk and remains in the clan's possession. It is said that the axe of Leyd is also possessed by the clan.


Moreso than most other clans the Braduks engage in ancestor worship. This is for both famed figures from their history, especially their namesake Braduk and his son Baderkuk, founder of the clan, and general reverence of past Braduks of any rank in order to honour their memory and draw on the strength of the honoured Braduks in Stargush'Stroh, the Orcish afterlife believed to exist at the zenith of the Spiritual Plane. Shrines to all Braduk ancestors are commonly erected by Braduks, as are memorial caves which depict the names of deceased Braduks remembered in their histories as well as those who have more recently joined the honoured dead.


 When a Braduk dies their material remains are cremated on a pyre and scattered, although certain figures who attained legendary status amongst the clan in life have been known to have their burned bones placed in large stone urns and interred in elaborate tombs.





  • Blood Talon Celebration- A day to honour the glorious and honourable Mokrag'Braduk, known as the Blood Talon, the greatest Braduk to ever have lived. His life, his deeds and ultimately his sacrifice is the reason why the Braduk clan exists to this day, and he is honoured in an annual festival. ((First weekend (fri/sat/sun) of the IRL month)).


  •  Kenuk Feast- A day of feasting and drink, celebrating the end of the “Village Wars” between feuding arms of Braduk’s family and the start of peace. Various competitions testing strength and dexterity will be held throughout the day, prizes varying from the mediocre to the more valuable. 


  • Zpidhammah Day- Named after the weapon Braduk used in the Village Wars, Zpidhammah day is a celebration of the founder of the Braduk clan; his life, and his death in battle immortalized in the somewhat joyous occasion. On this day, klomps will be held, feasts will be had, and many stories of times long past will be shared to the cubs from the knowledgeable Elders. 




All punishments can be issued at the discretion of the Chieftan


  • Blood Taloning, Blood Eagling: Named for the favoured execution method of the acclaimed Braduk Chieftan Mokrag’Braduk, the offender will be placed on their knees with their arms restrained in a stretched out 'T' position. Their back will then be sliced open, created a large wound. The offenders ribs will individually be broken, before the lungs removed from the body, being strapped to the shoulder blades to form makeshift wings. The cause of death-suffocation.


  • Decimation: If any given party of orcs disobeys their superiors in combat or in a given task, the ancient act of decimation will be carried out. The group of orcs will be lined up, and usually every tenth orc will be chosen, and beaten to death with clubs by the other orcs. However, if the number is too few or simply one orc, the clan as a whole will engage in the killing. Due to the low numbers of the clan it has been well over a century since this act has been carried out.


  • Flaying: As the title suggests, the offender will be flayed either lethally or non-lethally depending on the severity of the offence. 


  • Crucifixion: The offending offender will be nailed through his wrist arteries and Achilles heels to planks of wood in the shape of a cross, and left to starve or bleed out. Only when the body has completely rotted may it be taken down. 


  • Skrote'n: A punishment reserved for males who bare no children, should they commit a great offence against the Braduks, they will have their testicles cut off so that they subsequently cannot breed.


  • Uihnce: An ancient Braduk punishment, given out for only the most heinous of crimes. The orc, in full view of the clan must take an ancient Braduk weapon, a machete type blade known as a Golok, drive it into his stomach and slice it open, allowing his innards to spill out, therefore committing suicide. 


Clan Lore Threads


Overview of the clan history:



Sagas of the Braduk clan: 



Lore of the Braduk Rhinos: 



Overview of pureblooded Braduks:



Previous Braduk thread including information on specific bloodlines:



 Recruitment Information:


Considering joining the clan? You can join in one of three ways:


  • Approach the clan on your current character and ask to join. You will be tested, and if found worthy will be inducted into the ranks.
  • Create a new character that is a returning Braduk (either pure or normal). You can either have your character be a Braduk who was previously in the clan, or the (possibly adult) child of one or two of them born outside the clan. After testing for traits of cowardice and divergent behaviour, your character will be re-inducted.
  • Be born into the clan. Start from childhood and work your way up.


To join, approach us in game or post here. Alternatively, message me here on the forums.



Credits to Samoblivion for contributing to much of the clan post.

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Ghorvakh’Braduk grunted in some far off cave, idly cleaning his axe with his war-cleaver resting beside him. The blue-daubed uruk released a heavy snort as he looked off toward the sunrise occasionally in silence, before shrugging his shoulders, “Perhupz.”

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(Shouuuld be added that you cannot just create a Bloodline Braduk UNLESS it is a returning character or the child of a current Bloodline Braduk. All of which can be found here: 


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