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Golin "Hammerhand" Grandaxe

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General information:

Name: Golin

Titles: Beardling

Aliasses: Hammerhand, Shortbeard and Stout-ale

Race: Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf


Father: Barthain Grandaxe

Grandfather: Fimlin Grandaxe


Clan: Clan Grandaxe

Age: 63, born in 1644.

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Brown, often grey looking

Skin tone: Olive

Height: 4’5’’ ft

Weight: 225 lbs





Build: A stout and muscular dwed,

broad shoulders; yet fast in battle.

Facial features: Golin is a young dwarf,

one could say his face is a testament, proof

that this dwed is not yet experienced.

Clothing: Golin is clothed in brown and grey, always wearing

 his gold and silver necklace.



History and backstory:
Golin was the secondborn child and son of Barthain son of Fimlin,
Fimlin being the current Dwarven King of the Dwedmar.

Like most other Dwedmar, especially his Mountain Dwarven kin 
Golin took a liking to gemstones and craftmanship.

Golin however, understood that in order to gain something, you need to do something
and became a miner in his early years, straying away from the Legion and straying away

from becoming a blacksmith.

Digging up much stone, gems, coal and iron in his early years.

Eventually delving deeper with too many greed, thus he stumbled upon gold.
Taken away and inspired by its glowing beauty Golin brought it to a blacksmith
that made it into a necklance, adding silver into it.

It is said that Golin helped him on this project and thus earned his alias,
”Hammerhand” though this is only speculated and nobody knows for sure but him.

Golin himself however, continues his mining expeditions and continues selling his wares to other Dwedmar.
And he has yet to pass his trials to become a true Grandaxe.

Non Physical information – Good character traits:

♦ Hardy ♦ Open-Minded ♦ Fair in skill with an axe ♦ Confident in his works

Neutral character traits:

♦ Loyal ♦ Stubborn ♦ Proud

Likings and dislikings:
♦ Trading  ♦ Mining  ♦  Woodcutting

♦ Elves   ♦ Humans  ♦ Orcs  ♦ Goblins

♦ Respect ♦ Jokes  ♦Unhonorable names


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