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The New Jade Laws

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Since the vasallizacion under the orcs, all citizens of the state of Quin are governed by the rules of these in their land, however, in the territory of the HouZi these rules undergo slight variations, respecting at all times the rules of the orcs.

The Laws of the State of Qin are separated by three parts: The Laws of the State, of the People, and of the Huángdì. The Laws of the State and the People are those made to govern the day to day lives of the Hou-zi people, orchestrated by the official military of the State. The Laws of the Huángdì are those of serious offense against the State of Qin, and require the ruling of the monarchy.




Category A- Fine of up to 200 minas, temporary jail time, 10 lashings.

Category B- Minor maiming, 20 lashings, fine of up to 500 minas, any punishment stated in Category A

Category C- 50 lashings, banishment, death, fine of up to 2000 minas, any punishment stated in Category A and B

Repeat crimes up the Category of Punishment

The Huángdì has the right to personally override official punishments of any Citizen or Ally of the State as he sees fit, no matter the law broken. By this, the Huángdì can remove a punishment or declare one of more fitting degree.



Laws of the State

Simple laws for the handling of the militia. Punishments for breaking the laws are set and not to be altered unless by the command of the Huángdì or Generals. 


Minor - Category A, return of goods

Major - Category B, return of goods

Slander against the State or allies of the State

Slander against State - Category C

Slander against Allies - Category  B

Violence against the People and Allies

Armed Robbery - Category C

Assault - Category  B

Murder - Category C



Laws of the People

Simple laws created to protect the culture of the Hou-zi people, also to be handled by the military.


Blasphemy against Hou-Shen and his Children

Blasphemy - Category C

The praising of false Gods as a denizen of the State This law does not apply to Allies. Visitors may not openly praise their Gods in the land of the State of Qin

Praising Metzli - Category C

Praising Iblees or other Dark creatures - Category C

Praising the Aspects - Category  B

Other Gods not listed - Category  B

Destruction of shrines and altars

Minor Destruction - Category A, return of lost goods

Major Destruction - Category C, return of lost goods

Use of Magic of the Void, or any Magic granted by false Gods, as it was said before, this law does not apply to allies to ask for permissions

Voidal Magic - Category A

Dark Magic - Category C

Deity Magic - Category  B




Laws of the Huángdì

Laws to be handled by the head of the Hou-zi people. Generally higher cases and punishments. Punishments are chosen by the Huángdì for each case


  1.   Treason against State and People


  1.  Theft of State property


  1.  Murder of State officials


  1.  Military action without the support of military leaders


  1.  Military action taken on Allies of the State


  1.  The enslavement of a member of any race without consent of the Huangdi



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Zhànfàn-Chen, family head of the Zhànfàn family of the state of qin, approves of the new laws set in place by his Huandi.

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Dael had his expectations set low “But holy ****” he said in frank disappointment.

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Wu-Shun grumbles over the parchment in his wide hands, squinting over the text before crumpling the paper and tossing it aside to a corner of the room, accompanied by dust and strings of hay. Wu-Shun turned slowly to a Kharajyr in its cell, cracking his knuckles and lifting a key from its place as he prepared to commence another beating.

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