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[X] If you don't free TheCollectivist your probably gay

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What kind of ban are you appealing?



Minecraft Usernames

The Collectivist, DF2, HugeIfFactual, Quetzalcoatl


Ban Reason

“Spreading Misinformation With the intention of causing harassment,”


Players Involved

Dewper, Myself


By your own understanding, why are you banned?

In the short time I was unbanned, I was then banned again for accusing a fellow Lord of The Crafter of having a affination for the underage variety. More commonly known as pedophilia


Why should you be pardoned?

I should be pardoned because as I have served well over my ban time, twenty two days over, as well as having learned my lesson that toxicity has no place on lotc.


What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban

Well, as the staff put it, having a “large track record”, and being banned for toxicity before, it may seem hard to believe that I won't be a toxic player. But in order to prevent my toxicity, whenever I get these thoughts like discussing the matter of pedophilia in OOC chat, I’ll just take a step back, and think better not.


Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community.

Obviously, the Community Guideline that works to prevent Toxicity is the most important. After all, how can you have  a healthy roleplay experience on this great server of ours, Lord of the Craft, with such ooc hostility. Because were there is ooc hostility and bad blood, it can be hard sometimes for people to separate that in roleplay.

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Don’t post on this or you catch a forum warn, first and last warning

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Your appeal date is April 11th. Please appeal at that point.

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