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[✗] [In-game Ban] Pando_ Appeal

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What kind of ban are you appealing?

In-game Ban


Minecraft Usernames:



Reason for punishment:



Players Involved:



By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment?


I was banned for three days by Jaeden for harassing Rukio13, which was in retaliation following her derogatory remarks, one of which being ‘to get back to the other side of the border’ in light of her false perception of my ‘mexican’ ethnicity. Whilst portraying nothing but good behavior during my ban duration, it was unexpectedly extended to a week with an appeal by RideTheSky. After respectfully waiting a week and composing a genuine appeal, my ban was then promptly extended to an indefinite ban in light of an audio call between myself and Mprsh. In the corresponding audio call, I asked the individual if he sought to join my faction at the time being, After the briefing had concluded, I simply asked him if he would start accepting my skirmish requests for we didn’t have to refer to raiding him on the daily (seeing at the time being he was affiliated with my enemy, Curon). I don't exactly recall what his initial response was, though he said something along the lines of ‘no way’, in a sarcastic tone, which is why I proceeded to respond in an equally sarcastic tone that I would ‘two man raid them everyday until they accepted our skirmishes’. This was then taken out of context my moderation whom presumed it to be ‘OOC Targeting’, even though I had every reason to raid their settlement due to our two factions being at war at the time being. Although, I can understand why telling a player I would consistently raid their settlement in an OOC medium unless they did something would understandably justify as an OOC threat and a variant of harassment. This is why I’ve taken the time to file this appeal, because I’ve since reflected on my blatant wrongdoing and have henceforth learned my lesson.


Why should you be pardoned?


I believe I should be pardoned because I have displayed nothing but good behavior during my indefinite ban duration. I have refrained from alting and invading discords throughout the period of my ban because I wanted to have a chance to come back. During this time, I’ve genuinely reflected on my wrongdoing and stupid decision to say something so foolish, regardless of the circumstances in which it was stated, I should have been more aware and cautious of how my statement could easily be misunderstand, and taken in a threatening manner. Furthermore I’ve personally reached out to those whom were involved in my ban in which I apologized to them.


What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment?


After a lengthy break from Lord of the Craft, I now realize where my rule-breaking mentality had stemmed from… OOC mediums. By engaging too much in OOC, it caused unnecessary harassment and toxic behavior which prohibited me from prioritizing on RP as much as I should have. Therefore, I will hence be refraining from OOC mediums to the best of my ability and taking a much more RP oriented approach. For too long I have treated the server like a HCF server, and not a roleplay server. I took joy out of having fun at the expense of other players fun, instead of tackling given situations with an RP approach, which would allow everyone to have fun. If  I were to come back, I would seize my pattern of simply joining another poorly developed group and consistley half-assing roleplay which conclusionary ruins the experience for others. I have plans to join a well structured group and actually pursuing the things which attracted me to this server in the first place.


Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community.


The community guidelines are very vital for promoting a healthier community, as without them Lord of the Craft would simply not exist. I remember Telanir once stating something along the lines of, “If you are here to solely have fun at the expense of others, then yes we will stop you.” At first I did not understand the corresponding statement, though after playing other games and platforms I can finally perceive what he means. People gather on Lord of the Craft for the community and player interactions, which is why everyone joined; including myself.

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On 9/29/2018 at 9:50 AM, AppealAccount said:

What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban?

To prevent similar circumstances from further occurrence, I vow to cease such toxic and unhealthy behavior, and pursue a mentality where I will refrain from obstructing the servers rules and guidelines to the best of my ability.

It seems you have a track record of doing something that is wrong, denying it and fighting it constantly with the moderator, only to down the line try to appeal the ban through fully apologizing and saying what someone typically would say into an appeal to get unbanned. This will last for a little bit before you fall back into your same pattern of negatively server impacting behavior which hurts other community members and makes them less engaged in Lord of the Craft. People who do not have a track record of the destructive behavior you have. At this time I am not convinced by your appeal of there being a shift in that pattern and I will be denying it for a re-appeal date of July 21st 2019.

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