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In Aide of the Sea

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The trunk and branches of the Swumplag, the great Lak Tree underneath San’Strok, creaked softly under duress from the wind that billowed through the massive cavern. Yet the Swumplag acted as shelter for the 3 shamans that sat huddled in a small circle on the upper level of the hollowed trunk. As the smell of Eaths green began to fill the room, a gnarled hand began to beat against a boarskin drum, the soft thud echoing around the room. The drum began to pick up in speed and intensity and a raspy goblin voice began to hum, his voice mixing with the drum beat in an frightening amalgamation of noise. Amid the cacophony, a chant began to rise above the other sounds…


Ankruz. Ghorza. Frumz, bigdizg latz, anork uzg gorbugudlab.

“Anrkuz. Ghorza. Spirits, I call upon you, take me to your lands so I may work in your name.”


The chant was repeated over and over again, until the minds of the 3 of Krugs kin slowly left the mortal plane and wound their way to the Immortal plane. The interior of the Swumplag was replaced by nothing but blackness, consuming all they had known.


The sound of seagulls cawing erupted over head, and the sound of waves gently lapping against wood filled their ears. The soft whoosh of the sea a constant noise in the back of their mind.The sun suddenly began shining down upon them, reflecting off of the water and causing it to sparkle. The boat they sat upon came into vision, rocking softly in the middle of the sea. An island covered in palm trees swaying in the breeze sat in the distance, seeming to dance on the horizon. The faint smell of fish filled their nostrils every few seconds before being swept away by the warm breeze.






Sharing a few smart comments with each other, the trio looked around for several moments before one of them spoke up, point to the island in the distance, “Zo, zhuld wi paddle ovah tu da izland, or zhuld wi go fur ah zwim?


Well, wi ahr peepin’ fur da Ocean zpirit…” retorts the goblin with a slight shrug of his shoulders. The trio give each other a knowing look and collect themselves before diving into the cold, crystal clear water. The goblin swims around for a moment before noticing a strong current that schools of fish and groups of sea turtles are swimming in. Unsure whether the call to the Spirit of the Sea was heard and if they were under her protection, he gives his companions a slight nod before plunging into the current only to be swept away at breakneck speeds. With no choice but to follow after him, the two orcs swim forward as well and tumble after him.


Just as the last of the air was about to leave their lungs, the current spit them out and their lungs found respite, suddenly able to function normally despite them being underwater. A massive sea turtle swam in circles in front of them, letting out a sharp shriek into the void of the ocean. Reluctant to interrupt, the trio held back for a moment and argued amongst themselves the best course of action to take. One of the orcs firmly decided that he would approach the assumed lesser spirit of the ocean, given that this spirit walk was his lesson. He swam forward and called out to the distraught sea turtle, attempting to give a bow as best he could while underwater.



Kul-Izg Hargurr, a Gorkil, târpukhlanr-khatûn sha Burbur nub-fiin a Lur agh Bogrum, nub-fiin a Lak.

“I am Hargurr, of Clan Gorkil, I seek your wisdom alongside Burbur, Elder of Clan Lur, and Bogrum. Elder of Clan Lak.”


The giant turtle seems to calm for a moment, swinging its massive body toward Hargurr before it cries out. Its face contorts into a visage of anger and rage, spitting its words out.



Matûrz! Lat az-dâgizub? Dhruz lat nalmâd tabzizub dot!

“Mortals! Is it you who kill my children? It is because of you I lose my claim on the sea!”


The sea round them seems to get dark for a moment, as if there were clouds that were blocking the sunlight from reaching the water.The young Farseer flinches at the beings outburts, completely unsure what she was speaking about.


Durbûrz Frum, iist-nub lat pukhl. Grat-nar nul-dot. Brus-hai hiil-ob dot agh Ankruz.

“Mighty Spirit, I know not of which you speak. We do not wish to harm. Our people have many followers of the sea and of Ankruz.”


The spirits rage seems to reside for a moment, the dark cloud above them dissipating as the water returns to its sparkling glory. She quickly turns her head at Hargurr, staring intently at him and the turning her gaze to his companions as she seemingly contemplates the Uruks words..



Akh, lat nar honzash amirz az-dâgizub. Amat lat tul?

“Yes, you do not look like those who kill my children. Why are you here?”


The Lak orc spoke up now, unaware that most spirits did not understand common or regular Blah. One who came to their realm must play by their rules after all.



Wi haff koom to blah wif lat. Me peeped earlar lat Kub wuz ab nubded, eyd quz peep wif buurz blud.


Hargurr quickly translates for Bogrum, conveying his message to the spirit. As Hargurr finishes, the spirit stares intently at Bogrum, almost as if staring into his very soul.



Lat az-dâgizub? Lat atish-slaiûrz dâgizubizub?

“Did you put them out of their misery? Will you save the rest of my children?


Mi dyd, agh mi weel peep oud wud ez happeneng agh flat dat whych ezg flatteng latz kubz.






Before either of the Farseers can translate, their vision cuts out as if it was a jumpscare. Images of the depths of the ocean flash before them. A fort stands alone at the bottom of an oceans barren landscape. A single robed man atop the parapets, his skin long bloated from the water. People like him mill about the inside of the fort, tending to various undead creatures that swam beside them. Just as quickly as the vision came, it was gone again. Before them, where the giant turtle once was, a mermaid floated before them. She uttered a single, melodic statement, seemingly making the gnarled Old Blah sound desirable.






Thrak-burzash agh lat brusub kaanizub, Hargurr’Gorkil.

“Restore balance and you will have my blessing, Hargurr’Gorkil.”





My Old Blah could probably be translated better, but this is the best I could do for now. 


Thanks to @KBR for the spirit walk, and @Doom321.


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