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Lament of a Vulture

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Shakul’Gorkil would say ‘Damnit! He never got a chance to teach me.’


Upon reading this letter, Shakul’Gorkil would sit, reading the words put to page over and over again until it was finally cemented in his mind that Shagarath must truly be dead. He would contemplate the various crimes of Shagarath, the various deeds, his respect, his disrespect, and his ambivalence about the ancient orc. He sat there, contemplating for a good long while, his face contorting as he went through the various emotions. At length, he would speak, and hope the words would reach the old orc. “Shagaraff. Mi nub gruk’d lat muzh, bud mi gruk’d lat az hozh. Lat am uld; lat am wiyz; lat am yung; lat am fuulizh. Lat am ah libbihn’ ekzampul ub ull an uruk kan bi agh ull an uruk kannub. Lat haz mayd lat’z mark un hiztori. Lat haz mayd latz mark un generayzhunz ub urukz. Lat haz mayd latz mark un mi, un mi’z bruddaz, un dah goi, un da urukz ub Krugmar, uhn dah zpirichuwul playn, agh zo muzh muhr. Lat am dah hozhezt agh dah wurzt purzun mi hahv ebbur gruw tu rezpekt agh dizliyk. Huwevuhr, mi’z rezpekt owtweyz mi’z dizppruvul. Lat hab bihm mani fingz; ah bub’hozh zhomo, ah whiytwazh, owur teechur, owur objekt ub haytred. Eebihn durin’ mi’z Rekzdum, lat wuz unwhiytwazhed agh whiytwazhed alturnativli depehndin’ upun dah tik.” the orc inhaled, reflecting upon the old man’s history. “Id iz ah zhaym lat had tu liiv dah uzg. Frautgat kû zûruruk.” The orc would then head back to his forge, leaving a tear at the base of the message board, for he had recognized that a great orc had passed on to the Stargush’Stro.

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