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A painting depicting the wedding of King Jarrack Devereux and Katheryna of Alban




To the Citizens our Great Empire,


It is in the most joyful spirits that we do invite the nobility and citizens of the empire to witness the holy union between that of King Jarrack Devereux, to his betrothed, Princess Katheryna Eleanor of Alban. The pair shall wed before the grace of GOD, his divine authority blessing the sacred sacrament of their union. The ceremony is to be held within the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Johannes in Avalain, Curonia.


We humbly extend invitations to the following:


-Emperor Antonius I, and the further Imperial Family-

-The further Royal Family of Curonia-

-King Marius II, and the further Royal Family of Hanseti-Ruska-

-The Nobility of Curonia-

-The Nobility of Hanseti-Ruska-

-The Citizens of Avalain-

-The Citizens of Reza-

-The Citizens of Helena-


Following the ceremony, a grand ball shall be held within the Avalain palace. The House of Devereux does further extend this invitation to such an event, allowing a time for diplomatic celebration in light of this holy union.


The royal couple graciously welcome all attendees, so long as they hold a peaceful temperament.






HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Jarrack I of the House of Devereux, King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Asrian, Blackreach, Rivia & Vasile, Lord of Bear Mountain, Blacken & Drakon.


HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Katheryna Eleanor of the House of Barbanov, Princess of Hanseti-Ruska




Prepared & Scribed by Her Highness, Princess Anabel of Curonia




Saturday the 20th of April, 6pm EST.

Avalain, Curonia


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Reynauld smiles from the Seven Skies

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Salvatore wonders where the invitation to the citizens of Ves was, his visage appeared puzzled over this small oversight,  ”Well the curonites have never been the brightest I suppose.”

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Katheryna would smile upon the invitation that Anabel had showed her. She’d then become very anxious and begin to frantically check and double check the lists for the event preparations. 

”This is going to be one of the best days of my life... I have to make sure it’s perfect!”

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