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The Curonian Ball of 1712

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An Artist's’ depiction of the Curonian Ball




To the Citizens of Curonia, and the further Empire of Man


The House of Devereux does cordially extend an invitation to the grandest of celebrations in light of our young king’s wedding. Hosted within the heart of Curonia, the palace of Avalain, the event shall include a variety of festivities and merriment in the name of a long and prosperous reign for the new couple.


We highly encourage the conviviality of dancing, and do wish that each attendee brings upon a partner, or in the event of being unwed and/or not currently courting, makes a point to courteously ask the accompaniment of another. Any gifts, well-wishes and blessings may also be presented to their Majesties. Following the dancing, a feast of lavish variety shall be held within the courtroom.


The ball shall be held immediately following the wedding ceremony within the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Johannes, Avalain.


We ask that all weapons be left at the door, and that no commotion is to be brought within the palace walls. Those who do not adhere to this shall be swiftly removed from the premise.






HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Anabel Lisette Horen nee Devereux, Princess of the Empire of Man, Princess-Royal of Curonia, Duchess of Cascadia








Saturday the 20th of April, 6:30pm Est

Palace of Avalain, Curonia


Please respect the work put into this event, and refrain from meme and/or disruptive roleplay



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Will rolls a blunt for the special occasion! What a way to celebrate his favorite holiday. 4/20 blaze it

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Matthias, hesitantly, wonders if he should use this opportunity to finally leaves the borders of Adria, to fully step into this new world he was forced into.  He blindly reached for his old fancy coat, feeling the familiar fibers between his scarred fingers.



It’s too soon for him to leave, not with this.

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