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"Then an Elf came unto many fragments, devoid of the divisions marked upon his skin, and he said this: “Abandon yourselves of this folly that breaks our unison - the Humans die hastily, and their sons learned from their history, and shall come to know keenly of your conceit as they of theirs.” But the countless divisions ignored him, for they relished their individualism and honored Malin in their own ways. So the Undivided One who came, with blood of Sylvaen, was marked Outcast - and his whole line of Undivided, Outcasts."

-excerpt from the Anticipations



The Principality of Alderyn burns, her peoples scattered. But in times of great adversity lie the potential for greatness; to overcome. It is the resilience and persistent nature of the Elven peoples that has allowed for us to stand time and time again. From the sacking of Malinor to the subjugation of our peoples at the hands of the Imperium of Man’s predecessors to the own folly of our complacent and weak rulers through the years. It is now that such qualities must prevail yet again. Hereby, as of the 14th of the First Seed, 1712, it is declared that the Principality of Aegrothond shall mend the schism of the Dominion - the divide between the House of Sylvaen and the Clan Ithelanen, and unite in the face of uncertainty. Aegrothond is no more, only Elvenesse stands.


I. The Prince of Alderyn hereby dissolves the Amber Throne and the state of Alderyn as a formal political entity.


II. The Principality of Aegrothond, following the dissolution of the Amber Throne of Alderyn, discards its previous identity as a splinter state of the Dominion of Malin to henceforth establish itself as the Crown of Elvenesse, with High Prince Feanor Sylvaeri presiding over the unified peoples of Aegrothond and Alderyn.


III. Din’laselan Ithelanen is conferred with the title of Prince of Lathadlen, given princely deference and authority within the demesne of Elvenesse, and shall sit with permeance a chair upon the High Council of Elvenesse to represent the interests of the Irrinites and Alderfolks, and to aid in the governance of the realm in perpetuity.


IV. The Prince of Lathadlen shall hereby recognize the primacy of the High Prince of Elvenesse, recognizing them as the rightful protector of Almenodrim, Alderfolk and the Irrinites, and to serve without question in the preservation of their rule.


V. The Prince of Lathadlen shall be afforded lands within the Principality of Elvenesse to house his people, and conferred with the right to self-governance through the maintenance of his own council as long as it does not stand to usurp the authorities of the High Council of Elvenesse.


VI. The High Prince of Elvenesse shall recognize the cultural and religious sovereignty of the Irrinites and Alderfolk, and in no way endeavor to infringe upon their religious and cultural practices within the jurisdiction of their own lands.





His Eminence, Fëanor Sylvaeri, High Prince of Elvenesse, Lord Heir of the House of Sylvaen, Forge Master of Sylvaen’s Hammer, Lord Protector of the Isles of Almenor


His Highness, Din'laselan Ithelanen, Prince of Lathadlen, Heir to Fang-and-Fury, Sovereign of the Alder Clans and the Irrinites, Favored by Morea

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