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Howl of the North Trade Report ((Updated 05/15))

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[!] There is a notice bearing a red wolf crest posted on every accessible bulletin board. Below it is hammered a small spike, and a leather-bound book is tethered to it with cord. Penned in neat calligraphy, it reads:

 ~~ To all Buyers & Traders! ~~

My name is Honour Rackham. I am the Captain of the Howl of the North, and my crew deals exclusively in the supply and demand of goods across the whole of Arcas. 

We have created a trading report to show savvy buyers where the best bargains are, and we are committing to update these logs on the regular.

[!] The book includes the following information:

Buyer Beware!
If you find yourself talking with an Uruk called Tulga, give this one a miss. He likes to sell information you already know, even when you ask beforehand, it-isn’t-this-right? He’ll play it off on very particular wording, so he didn’t “lie...” (... but he knew exactly what you meant). A few have shared stories about someone matching his physique, saying he talks to the newly arrived at the Temple, befriends them, then either steals what little precious they have or takes them as slaves. Don’t know if there is truth to it, but more than one soul has mentioned his rather unique description, so I am left wondering and somewhat unsure. Friendly bloke, but is it worth the risk?


Fair winds, may Dame Fortune smile on your cups.
Honour Rackham
Howl of the North

((OOC: The Trade Report Guidelines))

  1. We will be updating our trading information on the 1st and the 15th of every (real) month.
  2. An item must have a quantity available by the dates above to be included. In Stock = 0  will be ignored.
  3. If we do not have access to a trade market to verify prices at stalls, the location will not be included on the report. If a location wishes to grant access solely for the purpose of acquiring prices, we will gladly fix this.
  4. All have access to view, but only the Howl of the North crew have access to edit. This is to maintain a level of trust in the reporting, and to prevent people from accidentally borking the formulas in the spreadsheet.

    PS – Nuffin but lurvs, BenDaMack!  ❤️❤️❤️ 

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*The Mali"ker looks at red wolf Crest
"we did a fine job Miss Honour"

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Coming to a bulletin board now was a young dwarf with dark hair, grey skin and mismatched eyes. She eyed the posting curiously, then went to have a look the the book herself.


“Bloodeh ‘ell. T’ey beet meh to eit.” She said with a laugh as she thumbed through the listings. “S’pose I canneh complain too much. S’better than what little I ‘ad so fer an’ saves me t’rubble. Ah’ll appreceate work well dun’ who’err did ‘ti.”


Then, glancing around, she started to pen down copies of some of the useful listings into her own notebook.

((Really well done document. I had the same idea a week ago with a dwarf I’ve been working on haha.))

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On 5/20/2019 at 6:47 AM, QueenGeorge said:

((Really well done document. I had the same idea a week ago with a dwarf I’ve been working on haha.))


((Thank ye kindly! So glad to hear it – my first go at trying to put something out there the community can use. We could always collaborate?  😄 ))

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