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“Aid us not in power, but loyalty and discipline.”







Family Tree:




The Cuth’arlin lineage has suffered many alterations throughout the last few centuries, allowing few of pure blood to continue roaming the realms. It is known that Cuth’arlin mali’thill have roamed the realms since the ages of Aegis. Whereabouts of current, living, members of this once-grand family are mostly unknown though records hold the following names.


Merideth Cuth’arlin, deceased

Maelanu Cuth’arlin, deceased

          Illithri Cuth’arlin, unknown

          Eloh’ra Cuth’arlin, deceased

                    Adeline Cuth’arlin, living

                      Gareth Cuth’arlin, living



Traits & Appearance:




Cuth’arlin lineage is easily distinguished by their thin and fair appearance, contrasted with light turquoise or royal blue eyes. Women of this ancestry present silver-platinum locks, whilst men tend to hold an ashy-blonde tone to their hair. They often possess sculpted features, dimpled cheeks, pointed noses and elongated ears. Most members of this family will range between 5’11” and 6’2”.





History & Etymology:




The Cuth’arlin name holds no direct translation to Ancient Elven, though it is believed to have originated from a female ancestor as opposed to the male counterpart in sudden retaliation to the beliefs held by Valah where they remained for many centuries. There is a vast history of female empowerment within the lineage of this family, though it is believed that their methods underwent many alterations during the last few centuries. Cuth’arlin women have always been well known for their strict methods in teaching and their undivided practice of elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya.


It is believed that upon the realm of Arcas, this once powerful household has begun to reconcile and mend broken mends within the City of Silver. 






Cuth’arlin family members have not always been the kind to follow mali’thill ways during their lifetimes, mostly due to odd circumstances. Although, in recent centuries, it is vastly appreciated that all children from the lineage practice elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya and continue to preach this onto whomever may proceed these. Anew, due to the history of this odd family, Cuth’arlin do not and likely will not pester those deemed impure or lesser than,— rather demand the respect they so rightly believe is deserved.








If you are interested in joining the family, please contact me on discord. ImCookiie#4775



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"Tayna eth'ehya tilru Haelun'or."



Image result for fancy transparent borders




Family Tree:




Previous Patriarch: Ikur Sullas

Current Matriarch: Dele Seregon

Next Patriarch: Faustien Seregon


Note: This family tree needs to be updated from time to time, if any questions stand about the bloodline, lemme know. (See OOC)  It should also be noted that some of these individuals are actively blurred out of the family tree (See Beranabus)











Seregons tend to range above six foot, though on rare chances there are those below this mark. Ikur Seregon, now Sullas, is a shining example of  this rarity and is a beloved previous Patriarch. A Seregon, depending upon which branch in Haelun'or is in question, can come in varying shades of silver, blondes, whites, and in one very specific sect ginger. Hair can be satin-y or curly, it just really depends! Eye color (typically) ranges in a variety of blue, green, and purple hues. Most will typically sport fair skin, but can range from a healthy porcelain to the beginnings of a sun kissed complexion but never darker than that.



Seregon personalities vary only within a thin breadth. Characteristically, they are stern and disciplined. Absent are those who easily succumb to passions and whims. Thin though the variation may be, it is quite deep. Beneath the hardened exterior a given Seregon may be mischievous or straightforward -- or some combination depending on the time of day. Along with their preference to dutiful labor they are natural enemies of magic.  You may find a Seregon in the Eternal Library, in the fields or on the pulpit -- but never practicing magic..






To a Seregon, there are four principles. State, Family, Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya and Fi'tayna, or Anti Magic. It is these four principles that set the basis for the pillars of a Seregon. How they rank them is up to the individual..

Image result for fancy transparent borders



If you’ve any questions, please DM me @ Delila#0510 on Discord.


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Posted (edited)


"Sacrifice is the first step towards purity."



-= Family Tree =-


-= Physical Appearance =-



The Elibar'acal tend to have golden hair and blue eyes, and a small physique. While one may not notice the physique to begin with, many would see that the Elibar'acal become slimmer with age, some becoming dangerously thin. Their height rests at about 5'9-6'0 for females, and 6'0-6'4 for males.

Physically, they are generally very weak. Once in a while, exceptions emerge. An Elibar'acal may be born with silver hair. This is regarded as a sign of cunning for the Elibar'acal, and those who have silver/white hair have often followed this trend

-= Personality =-



 In terms of personality, the Elibar'acal vary. However, the family itself is very strict, seating discipline and purity atop the agenda, liberal ideologies quickly crushed within the family. Strangely, though, they can be seen as very unorthodox. They can sometimes be found talking to themselves, they have very tight-knit bonds with friends and family, sometimes defending them past the point of logic.

 They are indeed a strange family, but a successful one nonetheless.


-= History/Beliefs =-




When the High Elves first bathed in the golden pools, they inherited an incredible thirst for knowledge in the arcane arts. One family of High Elves, however, gained the opposite viewpoint. They saw magic as a weakness, a liability which would restrict one's true purpose in life. They were the Elibar'acals, the Golden Owls of the Elves. In secret, they developed their own magical abilities which would negate the power of the Arcane that their brothers and sisters were learning. It is here that one finds the strange flaw in Fi'hiiran'tanya. To defeat magic, the Elibar'acals created their own, one that left them weaker than most other High Elves.


At first, they kept it a secret. Rumors spread of the extensive family and their ability to defeat those who wielded the arcane, clerical, and druidic arts. They would keep to their towers, achieving no real feats in the years of Aegis. They merely perfected their art and their form, and married infrequently, and with strict requirements for allowing a mali'aheral into the family.


Upon returning to the city for a third time, the families apparent anti-magic abilities have been lost to them. Instead, the family devotes themselves to the upkeep of puritan ways, while still toting their blatant anti-magic beliefs. Those family members not present within the city can be found living a more nomadic lifestyle, travelling throughout the realm with the Elibar’acal caravan.



-= Etymology =-




Directly derived from Elvish, Elibar’acal translates to Golden Owl  in the common tongue


[If you've any questions regarding the Elibar’acals, please send me a discord DM. Grandpa Shay#1084]

Edited by GrandpaBlue

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The crest of the Telperions of the Silver Isles as completed by Evelon of that same family, 3 Snow’s Maiden 1752





The Family Tree


The Bloodline of the Telperions in Part.








History and Etymology


The history of the Telperions of the Silver Isles, as recorded from their re-emergence in late Atlas.




The Telperion family, known as the Telperions of the Silver Isles for their impact on the formative period of Fi’halen and the Haelun’or of early Arcas, is an intensely magical one. While sufficiently able in the arts of war, they are better known for their control over the Arcane – though Nivoren, son of Endiel, chose instead to become a Wind Elementalist.


Their name, a Common bastardization of Tilru’parion, means ‘Failure in Submitting’, or Defiant.


The modern history of the Telperion bloodline begins with the Fall of Okarn’thilln, and subsequently the Rise of the Silver Enclave. The record on their patriarch of the time is brief, perhaps by design - Delos Telperion served at a variety of positions, including Okarir’san, Okarir’tir, and Laurir, before suddenly retiring from his posts. He was known to have created the initial designs for Lareh’thilln, as well as having helped to orchestrate the Reimposition of Unity, the set of wars and proclamations that climaxed in the collapse of the Alderyni state, and the Haelun’orian intervention in the War of the Two Emperors. From that time in late Atlas and early Arcas in which the Telperion bloodline continually advocated for war against lesser races stems their reputation as hardline purists.


His daughter, Evelon, would become too an able Councillor of the Silver State, rising from humbled beginnings in the family disaster that would see Delos retreat from public life and his partner stricken from nearly all Haelun’orian records as an impure of the highest order.



Evelon went on to adopt the role of Okarir’nor before her twentieth summer, later advancing to Okarir’akaln and finally Okarir’leyuan - a position reinstated to the Silver Council by herself.








The defining characteristics of the Telperion bloodline, of which there are few.




The Telperions of the Silver Isles are distinguishable only by the electric-blue eyes that seem pervasive in their bloodline, made more apparent by the magical nature of their members. Generally white-haired or faintly blonde, there is little more to say on the family’s appearance.

By personality, the Telperions can be spotted for their overwhelming condescension towards lesser races, to the point one might call it hatred. It is said that the day one finds a Telperion speaking amicably with a Mali’ame is the same day in which Haelun’or will fall.





{ OOC: Originally written and formatted by @edelos! Graphics and some of the added information by myself. Reposted so I may edit this entry in the future as my character has become head of the family.

Currently not looking for more members, but if you have any questions about getting started in Haelun’or do let me know. }

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