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Welcome, this is the introduction post on Bounty Boards and how they’re going to progress and function for the duration of the time I’m here. The threads will be posted with this format where it will explain the threat level and rewards of the said creature. With this, I’ve decided to standardise the ‘difficulties’ and give an explanation of what means what. Since in the past, people had varying opinions and difficulties of what should be considered difficult is impossible and so forth.





Threat Levels


Easy - (1-5 Players)

These bounties should not be difficult, they should require anyone from a single person to about a group of five (if needed). These are tasks that don’t require RP preparation and can be undertaken with little to not true experience.


Certain jobs/bounties that normally are placed under the genre of easy are scouting missions, simple retrieval contracts and the culling of benign animals.


Intermediate - (3 - 8 Players)

These bounties will not be a cakewalk, they require a small amount of effort and preparation to undertake. These should not be underestimated, as stupid mistakes may cause injuries or potential harm to those partaking in this.


The Jobs/Bounties that are placed under this difficulty are normally extermination contracts on creatures (like bears, wolves etc.) and then dungeon crawling ruins. These are just a simple guideline.


Difficult - (4 - 10 Players)

These bounties will start to punish players who take risks and do not use their smarts to stay atop of a problem. Preparation is essential, with some form of cohesion needed for those partaking in these tasks.


The jobs/bounties that are under this difficulty would be culling the population of an infesting species, clearing out bandit camps and then spelunking into dungeons that have little knowledge surrounding them.


Professional - (5 - 15 Players)

These bounties WILL kill those who come unprepared. With these bounties, they’re normally escalations of former bounties that have not been dealt with in ample time. These are normally situations that URGENTLY require attention and should be dealt with as quickly as possible before it gets worse. Professional bounties are normally an eventual seg-way into different event-lines and other progressive chains.


The jobs/bounties that are under this difficulty are hordes of creatures, lesser dragonkin (drakes and the sort) and factional antagonists that could progress into a further eventline.


Extreme - (10 - ???? Players)

These bounties should NOT be touched. They are threats that are normally too powerful for a simple coordinated unit of descendants to tackle, these potentially require entire guilds or cities to even lay a threat to these dangers. If one does complete an extreme bounty, ramifications are normally dire and will affect the world or region as a whole. With this, greater eventlines or eventual progression may lead to the posting of this difficulty.


(With this, PK clauses can be implemented into these events and will most likely be common in most circumstances. Contact the ET handling it about specifics if need be)


The jobs/bounties that are under these difficulties are EXTREME threats and creatures, (greater dragonkin, habitat EPIC creatures and out of control eventlines)




Application - Format
















Rewards -

Bounties will normally have rewards relating to the context of the job, simple retrieval missions for an outside party will grant minas. Spellunking may grant you the loot inside a dungeon and for creatures, being able to harvest their parts as trophies and regents is a possibility.

Though a flat minas amount is always considered at first with these bounties, a rough guide is that for every tier up to Professional, there is about 500 minas per tier jump. When you hit professional, the minas increases by normally 1,000 and extreme will have a heavy sum for completing as such.


Progression -

Some bounties will have progression clauses attached to them, which will relate to a certain condition being met for the bounty to get more difficult and climb in tiers.

The main progression factors that will be used are Time, Failure and Luck. (Though the ET may develop their own progression systems and either express them publically in the post, or mention it briefly on their bounty post.)




Time -

Time progression is fairly self explanatory. If the bounty is not completed in an allotted amount of time, it’s difficulty increases and additional factors are added to it. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the time-frame will be up to the ET’s discretion. (The usual time-frame is a weekly progression)


Failure -

Failure is a dangerous system that progresses the bounty for each failure/kill that happens during a bounty’s duration. If a party previously fails, then the difficulty of the bounty increases and this is a limitless scale. This will either be monitored in player-kills or simple unsuccessful attempts.


Luck -

Luck is like time and failure progressions mixed together, when either a certain amount of time lapses or a failure happens, a roll happens to determine the outcome. This could have the bounty scale down, stay at its normal form or increase in difficulty. This is one of the more volatile systems of progression, for it can quickly escalate into Extreme threats if left unchecked.



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