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[Bug] Missing Painting Upon Pasted-In Zone

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**MC Names of all involved**
TheBananasaurus, EnderMiaishiro, Viltaren(?)


Before the map went live, the building of Sutica’s kharajyr area was created by kha players overseen by EnderMaiashiro. I chose a plot and customized the house. All items were looked over, approved, and then pasted in correctly except a for a painting. I was told to make a modreq by Ender when the map first started but unfortunately I’ve been in extremely poor health and continue to be. I made a modreq today, but the mod was unable to help with this particular matter, suggesting it might be a resource pack issue (I use PureBDcraft, formerly known as Sphax, but Ender also didn’t see the painting. It’s not invisible, it’s just not there at all). Barring a resource pack issue, I was pointed towards here to make a dev bug post.

**Date of occurance**
The day the week went live, I checked on my house and the painting wasn’t there. Everything else, including a noteblock and custom banners, were just fine.

**In game specifications**
My IGN is TheBananasaurus, and the persona it occurred on is Tlaloc.

**Steps to Reproduce**
<!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem →

I am uncertain of this.
1. Step 1
2. Step 2
3. Step 3
4. Step 4

**Expected Behavior**
The painting had been positioned over the table on the inside of the house, to the right of the entrance.

**Actual Behavior**

Since it was missing, I placed a banner on the area instead until another painting could be given/fixed.

**Additional Information**
Here’s a screenshot of the coordinates of my house where the painting in question is missing, from the viewpoint of the outside of the house. I don’t come on the forums often at the moment, so please **ping me on the LOTC Discord** @Bananasaurus (AKA LOTC’s Abra). DMs may not work but you can always try using the Discord link I have under my username on here.


**Error Message**



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