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An Address from the Lord Palatine, 1719

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An Address from the Lord Palatine

Issued and Confirmed by His Highness Prince Georg Stanimar


9th of Owyn’s Light, 1719




Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlerik,


Shortly preceding my address to you, my beloved brethren of the North, I took the time to remember my predecessor, Lord Leopold Stafyr, whose service in this place, to the Crown and to the welfare of the realm is immense. May the saints and prophets in the Seven Skies duly grant him repose and welcome him among their heavenly dominion.


In this place, I address the kingdom with sincerity and resolve. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is a realm that has stood unwavering in the face of great odds, united in the cause for humanity, and remains true to the values of holy virtue and the liberties of men. Here again, in the midst of these arduous moments, we are tested once more as we have been in the days of our fathers, judged by our measure and capacity to carry out these values. We are reminded of the sacrifices that those who came before us have made, that in this same spirit, we persist in protecting our sovereignty.


The sovereignty and integrity of the Highlanders is placed at the crosshairs of human conflict. Our identity is again challenged by the external affairs of malicious intentions combined with the struggling confidence within our land. However, I remain ever more confident that the strength of our people can never be weakened by any power or dominion. We are a steadfast nation, full of bountiful grace and strength to carry on the duties and responsibilities of maintaining a free and just people.


After being conferred this responsibility by the king, I will now form a government that is as good and honest as our people. As Head of His Majesty’s Royal Government, we will commit to giving back to the populace, strengthening the authority and sanctity of the Crown, and ensuring the needs of our realm are properly met. Under my administration, we will swiftly enact reforms to reinvigorate the fabric of our society:


  1. We will build a stronger defense and reform within our Royal Armed Forces

  2. Develop our city’s infrastructure to create a safe and beautiful urban life

  3. Keep our promise to the hinterlands and invest more heavily in rural Haeseni life

  4. Reduce excess and decadence at court and within the Royal Administration

  5. Ensure greater unity among our vassals


In doing so, our kingdom will be ever more poised to stand up to the challenges of our times. It is in this effort that I know we can truly honor Lord Leopold’s vision for Haense and that of the sacrifices our fathers have made to the prosperity of our hearth.






In the transition that we have just completed, I seek to inform the realm of the intentions of the Royal Government for the upcoming years.


Firstly, I am appointing Prince Otto Sigmar of the House of Barbanov-Alimar and Mister Thomas Raleigh to serve in the newly and temporarily created post of Inspector General of the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. They shall be charged with counseling His Majesty’s Government in reforms and strengthening the organizational structure of the army, to work in an advisory capacity with the Lord Marshal and the Knight Paramount to carry out all marshal necessities in reinforcing strong defense and discipline. This office shall serve at the pleasure of the Lord Palatine and will be dismissed when their purpose is fulfilled.


Secondly, the Royal Government will be focusing on the infrastructure of the Capital City of Reza. It has come to my attention and that of the Lord Seneschal of greater need for labor and supplies to adequately support the structures, both military and civilian, within the kingdom. A saint’s daily wage will be provided to those who contribute to the projects prioritized by the Office of the Lord Seneschal. In this regard, this government shall seek to readily train and appoint new city stewards to assist the Lord Seneschal.


Thirdly, this government will look to the interior. I am hereby creating the office of the Lord Castellan to the Aulic Council, whose role shall be the oversight of vassal estates and landed noble holdings. His duties shall also extend toward overseeing and reporting to His Majesty’s government of the development of all civilian and military settlements within the interior lands of the North and all places subject to our jurisdiction outside of the capital city of Reza and the County of Leuven. An appointment shall be made in the upcoming saint’s days.


Lastly, I have decided that I will call a general election for the Aldermen seats in the Royal Duma and the Lord Maer of the Capital City of Reza to be held within the coming saint’s days. It is needed to ensure that our political institutions are refreshed and open to aspiring citizens to run for these respective offices. Therefore, the seats of Lord Maer Butch, Alderman Fabius Bracchus, and Alderman Martin Kortrevich shall be subject of these elections.


As we look toward the future of our kingdom, let us entrust our hopes and prayers to the Seven Skies, in whose name we pledge our virtues and strengthen our determination to create a kingdom stronger for our people.


In this new capacity, I offer a prayer for the prosperity of our citizenry and the harmonious reign of His Majesty the King:


GOD, in whose mercy and power we depend,

Look kindly on the afflicted,

Look mercifully on those who have sinned,

Look justly at those who have wronged,

Look benevolently at those who seek peace,

And may the unity of men be brought to you,

To consecrate with our love and joy,

That we as a kingdom be brought to fulfillment.







His Highness, Prince Georg Stanimar of the House of Barbanov-Alimar, Lord Speaker and Herzen of the Royal Duma, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska



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