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Re-establishment of the Greyguard 1720

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For generations, the Greyguard has served as the primary levy within the County of Ayr under the House of Baruch. In recent years it has instead been used as a small bodyguard retinue; a shadow of what it once was. In the wake of the removal of the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 in the most recent Chancellor’s Report sent out by the Lord Regent — Prince Georg Stanimar — the House of Baruch has decided it is now time to raise its levy to what it was in the days of old. Sigmar I Baruch, Count of Ayr, calls forth any and all willing northmen to join the ranks of the Greyguard to fight for justice against the Pertinaxi tyrants.


History of the Greygaurd:


The Order of the Unbowed — The Greyguard’s predecessor — was founded during the reign of Otto Marius Baruch, Count of Ayr in 1611 at the start of the Greyspine Rebellion. Count Otto marched the Unbowed down from their mountain keep, Jorenstadt, to reclaim their seat of Saint’s Rest from the imposter Kovachev who had sworn fealty to the Kingdom of Courland. The levy fought well, however they failed to fully reclaim the land and so Count Otto ordered the retreat back to his mountain keep, knowing that he would need as many men as possible to join with his Ruthern allies to eventually launch an attack on the Courlandic invaders. Count Otto eventually led his host to join the Rutherns, where they routed the Courlandic forces during the second battle of the Rothswood to restore the Kingdom of Haense.


Ser Aldrik founded the modern Greyguard in Atlas, after the construction of his keep, “Greyguard Hold”. Aldrik and the Greyguard soldiers had multiple small disputes with the monarchy over the legality of having a levy, despite Aldrik reassuring that they would only be used in favor of the King. However, Otto II insisted the Greyguard be reduced to only a few bodyguards instead of an active levy. These bodyguards participated in multiple wars, protecting their Count from enemies such as Renatus-Marna and Norland.


During the reign of Marius Karl Baruch, Count of Ayr the Greyguard served as it had in his father’s reign. When Greyguard Hold was infiltrated and taken by Arberrang, Count Marius called the Greyguard and marched upon his old home to vanquish the Arberrang dogs and reclaim his family’s seat. Count Marius and the Greyguard were victorious, and the Greyguard once again were able to defend the lands of the Baruch family and assist in the protection of northern Haense. Count Marius led the Greyguard in the crossing to Arcas, before his abdication in favour of his grandson, Jan Eirik Baruch.


Jan Eirik Baruch, Count of Ayr saw the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 and so he integrated the Greyguard into the Royal Army in return for the position of Commandant. He served in this position, with the Greyguard under his control in the now Royal Army, until his expulsion from the Kingdom for conspiring against the King and other allies. The Greyguard then returned home to Ayr, not wanting to serve anyone but a member of House Baruch, swearing now to Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr.


Sigmar Joren Baruch is the current Count of Ayr, and with the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 being lifted his goal now is to restore the Greyguard to its former glory and to help his house and Kingdom prosper.


Ranks of the Greyguard:



The Kommandant is the overall head of the Greyguard. A title held by the Count of Ayr. He commands the Greyguard, leading them into battle and organising his forces with his advisors. The current Kommandant is Sigmar Joren Baruch (Drew2_dude).



The Captain commands the Greyguard in the absence of the Kommandant. He is the Kommandant’s most trusted advisor, and his word holds great weight within the Greyguard. The current Captain is Joren Aldrik Baruch (Bubby_64).



Sergeants are a group of lower officers that help command small groups within the Greyguard. They are responsible for the wellbeing, management and drilling of their individual groups, and serve as a bridge between the Men-at-Arms and the Captain; voicing the concerns of the Men-at-Arms, and enacting the orders sent down from the top.



The Physician is the medical equivalent of the infantry’s Sergeant. They are tasked with keeping the Medics in check and ensuring that all members of the Greyguard are healthy.



Men-at-Arms are the backbone of the Greyguard. They are seasoned in battle and each and every one of them are prepared to give their lives for the House of Baruch and their home, Ayr. They are trained and drilled often to ensure that, should they be needed, they can be called upon to defend House Baruch and their respective lands.



The Medics are the medical equivalent of the infantry’s Men-at-Arms. They take care of the soldiers, tending to any wounds that soldiers may have picked up in battle or in training. Medics may stay as pacifists or they may choose to join the infantry in battle and training, it is to their discretion.



Initiate’s are the fresh faces of the Greyguard. They are yet to see true battle and they are ready to start their training to become a Man-at-Arms or a Medic. Initiate’s will stay in this rank until they have completed 3 training sessions or obtained their first kill in a siege, skirmish or raid; whichever comes first. Upon completion of this task, Initiates will take part in a small ceremony where they will transition from Initiate to Man-at-Arms or Medic.


Ranking Structure:



Honourary Ranks:


Drill Sergeant:

The Drill Sergeant is responsible for the training and drilling of all members of the Greyguard. He will train the Greyguard both in groups and individually in all aspects of warfare: on land, at sea, on foot, on horse, melee, ranged, jousting, siege defence and attack. The current Drill Sergeant is Dietrich van Jungingen (The3GhostWaffl3).



The job of the Quartermaster is to ensure that all levy members are equipped with armour and weaponry. He will take stock checks of all materials and assist in resource management throughout the County as well as the levy. The current Quartermaster is Swithun (NovumChase).


Master of the Hunt:

The Master of the Hunt is a title given to someone on the basis of their passion for the art of hunting, paired with their ability to be able to track and kill a great beast. There is currently no Master of the Hunt within the Greyguard.


Saint’s Son:

This title is mostly held by the Baruch family or their relatives. It is awarded for remarkable service to the Cannonist Church, be that through direct or indirect service. The current holder is Lord Marius Karl Baruch (KIIWIKILLA) for his efforts in preserving St Otto the Bald’s body, and his restoration of the Chapel of the Final Revelation in Reza.


Champion of Ayr:

The Champion of Ayr is someone who has proved their martial prowess in tournament. There is currently no Champion of Ayr. The new champion will be the winner of the first tournament of Ayr.



The cooks are there to ensure that all members of the levy are fed and watered. The head cook us currently Gri-ilk Dimpleduruk (RedTurtle8).


To join the Greyguard, you may come to Ayr and enlist directly, or send a bird to Count Sigmar Joren Baruch (Drew2_dude – Drew#7225), Joren Aldrik Baruch (Bubby_64 – Bub#9995), or Marius Karl Baruch (KIIWIKILLA – Connor#0320).




The Right Honorable Sigmar of the House Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Lord of Jorenstadt and Saint’s Rest. Kommandant of the Greyguard, and Guardian of the Hansetti Coast


His Lordship, Joren of the House of Baruch, Baron of Gant, and Captain of the Greyguard




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Joren grins with anticipation, pumping an armoured fist into the air,  “Now once more, the banners of the Greyguard will fly ‘igh and proud o’er the peoples of Ayr, protectin’ them from the Pertinax tyrants”

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Sigmar Smiles reading over the missive, “I believe we’ve made the right call grandfather. Cousin, it seems we’ve much to do. The north remembers.”

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“Your nations life span is two weeks. Stop writing this dribble up and get to working on the defenses!” Screamed Hannibal from the streets of Reza.

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'Ah, the Greyguard. A worthy institution for a worthy house, if I do say so myself.' Says Dietrich to himself.

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