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[✗] The Push on Reza.

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The Push on Reza


For years, now, the flames of war had ravaged the lands of Mankind. Thousands upon thousands of lives lost, and thousands more to come. At the edge of the Koengswald, the beleaguered Haeseni forced had been set upon by wave upon wave of invigorated Renatian soldiery. As the Haeseni turned and their forces crashed upon each other once more, it soon grew clear they could do naught but run.

The fog of war would not clear til morning. The body count in the Koengswald was significantly lower than at the Silversea, perhaps because Haense was running out of forces to sacrifice in delaying actions, perhaps because Renatus did not commit their full armies to the engagement. In any case, the command structures of both would remain intact, and the war-camps arranged in due order.

In the months to come, the fortunes further favored Renatus. Ser Rodrik and his Order of the Red Dragon captured a highborn company of Haeseni and dragged them back to Renatus. One Haeseni prince was sent to the Seven Skies by a Dragon Knight, in the name of the late Aurelius Tiberius Horen. Another Crow was executed by a Dragon that night, called by many to be his counterpart in ability - but how could a mere bird compare to a dragon’s majesty?

As the Field Marshals and General Staff of Renatus convened in their command tents, they smiled. For years they had toiled, and the end was now in sight. Below Reza’s walls, the Haeseni forces would be forced back, and they would face their end. Their claimant would be placed on the throne of Hanseti, and the traitorous Barbanovs deposed.



Type of War & CBs (if applicable)

Already approved.


Imperium Renatus & Allies


Haense & Allies


Restoration of the Empire, Control over the rebelling territory of Haense


Location & Proposed Time

Saturday 3PM EST / 8PM GMT - 22nd of June 



Contact Information

you already have it.


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Siege camp battle accepted.


Exact details will be confirmed in war chats.

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