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A Humble Request to Cease and Desist, for the County of Ravensburg

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To the Esteemed Count of Ravensburg,


I, alongside my peers, write to you this day to present our concerns to thee. Previous attempts for civility have been met with wrothfulness from your employees and the banner-men, which, in turn, leads me to believe that you have sanctioned such activity and share no concern in punishing them for such disrespectful conduct. When my company-men and I approached your settlement, we were told to disperse or leave a message. We attempted to leave a message, to which your men told us to disband, join Ravensburg or “**** Off”.


Regardless, our issue shall be defined and made clear to you so that you may understand the angle in which we write from. Simply put, the tabard in which you have equipped your company with acts a disrespectful thorn upon the legacy of those who came before you, that being the Order of the White Rose. I in no way, shape or form claim to be a Roseman nor a spokesperson for the Kaedreni. However, I can state that my ancestor, Jack Rovin, was indeed a Man-At-Arms within the Order of the White Rose, thereby making my family Rhoswhenii. Thus, to have your men parade about as if they were the spiritual successor to the White Rose not only spits upon my Ancestor, but, in consequence, feels as if you are spitting upon the ancestors of all modern Rhoswenii.


The literal successor to the White Rose was that of the Order of the Flaming Rose - an Organization, which, as history shows, only forms out of perceived necessity. At this point in time, however, there is no perceived necessity for the Order of the Flaming Rose - which, to clarify, was ran and led by direct descendants of House Chivay. Additionally, those of House Chivay formed the Third Holy Orenian Empire, linking their legacy - and that of the White Rose - to that of humanity for eternity. Such was evident within the Imperial Palace in the realm known as the Fringe where a stained-glass White Rose was displayed before the court and the populace as a whole. Once Again, Ravensburg is not linked in this capacity as, although the settlement is growing, it is by no means a successor to the White Rose. To believe such exhibits the sin of pride and, more importantly, showcases your willingness to not only utilize the colors of the White Rose, but to attempt and hijack the Order’s sigil. The Order has been retired, as has its sigil. I pray that you may see the folly in its use.


Let the evidence speak for itself, here is an artist's depiction of the tabard in question:


As far as I am aware of, there are no Rhoswenii houses within your County, and - more importantly - I am certain that you yourself lack blood of the Kaedreni. Therefore, I humbly ask thee - on behalf of the descendants of the men of the White Rose, to cease and desist in the use of this uniform so that peace of mind and respect may be given to those who perished honorably centuries before.



Hans Rovin, Patriarch of House Rovin, Titular Markgraf of Vanderfell, Titular Baron of Arnheim and descendent of BLESSED Jack Rovin, White Rose Man-at-Arms.


Ser Helton Hadrian Helvets, Patrician of Ves, Last Elector of Kaedrin, descendent of BLESSED Ser Foltest of Aeldin, Knight of the Flaming Rose.


Caleb Crider, descendent of Alexei Nicodemus, White Rose Decurion.

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Joey 2 loads his arbalest to kill his treacherous kinsman...

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6 minutes ago, Doggedwasupxxx said:

“Who?” A young boy asks showing his brother, Owyn.


“What zhe **** is zhis brainsmall reply?” Bruno states to the young, nameless boy – laughing as he is too cowardly to introduce himself before speaking!

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