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Conflict Blacklist Information

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Conflict Blacklist

Returning To Our Roots | July 14th, 2019

During your roleplay, you may encounter players who disrespect and provoke you. If you believe the real conflict is rooted in out-of-character (metagaming) or you are being targeted, you should seek staff support.

If a player tries to win unfairly, such as roleplaying beyond their character’s limits, and they refuse to negotiate, they are not acting in good-spirit. Coercing an unfair advantage by emoting on behalf of another’s character is also powergaming.

What warrants a blacklist?
A blacklist is a final measure. We only use it once we exhaust our options for reasonable mediation. If and when staff show up on-site, their instruction is designed to help you avoid a blacklist. If your behaviour warrants a ban then nothing here applies.

The following examples serve as a guide you can use to recognize poor behaviour.


- Metagaming
- Poor attitude / toxic behaviour
- Powergaming
- Weak or rushed roleplay, including copy-pasted or vague emotes
- Targeting a specific settlement, group, or player, especially if repeatedly
- Minor rule infractions, replacing bans

The administration encourages staff to consult their peers on situations that are borderline.


The Divine Curse
Once a conflict blacklist is applied, the restriction itself is nuanced. The discipline depends on divine discretion. The divine may curse your characters in clever ways…


Docile — Divinely cursed with an oppressive humility and meekness, none of your characters may conduct themselves aggressively or in a way that would provoke combat. They may not introduce aggression that aims to start a fight into roleplay. They may defend, but not instigate.


Players blacklisted this way may not initiate any form of combat. You may not conduct roleplay in a way that would provoke combat. The blacklist permits self-defence, but not instigation. In other words, your characters may not introduce aggression that aims to start a fight into the roleplay. 


Cowardly — Cursed with transcendent paranoia, none of your characters may approach a specified area(s) or character(s).


Players blacklisted this way may not enter specified locations or may not interact with certain players. If you are brought into these settlements/tiles by force or capture you are exempt from this blacklist for the duration of the roleplay. 


Harmless — Celestially cursed with withdrawal and defeatist futility, none of your characters may participate in any conflict. Whether they flee or lie down to die, the accursed will refuse to engage in conflict. Neither may they give hostile commands.


Players blacklisted this way must abstain from all forms of combat. You may neither attack nor defend. You must flee or accept your death. Where PvP is chosen, you may run away but may not mechanically retaliate. In cases where you are part of a larger conflict, you must sideline yourself and may not partake.

*These are not a story/lore team affiliated curses, this is simply here to provide an RP reasoning for those that get blacklisted.

If you must file an appeal for your blacklist, you may do so at this link.

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