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The Festival of Passing, 1724 [Post-Event]

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The Festival of Passing, 1724




The afternoon of the festival, The First Seed, 1724.




                On the afternoon of a cool day in The First Seed, 1724, the town square of Fenn filled with booths, every corner having its own game, shop, or attraction. The tavern opened its doors, allowing guests to flow in and admire the recent renovations. Mead flowed through the streets, the warmth of the tavern’s ever-burning fireplace filling the air. The festival attendees crowd the street corners, every booth and shop constantly occupied and being visited. T-Shirts were given out for free to all attendees, who wore them with pride. They read, “<3 ICE”, and came in a crop top, tank top, and regular T-Shirt version. 




                With colourful booths such as Black Jack, golem arm wrestling, an engraving shop, dunk the Grand Prince, and more, there was something for everyone who attended. By the end of the festival, there were beet boys and Curonians clambering over each other, brawling in the tavern, a tournament taking place in the barracks, citizens and non-citizens alike with empty pockets after having gambled away all their money to a Hou-Zi, and a soaked Grand Prince after having been dumped in the dunk pool several times. 




                Throughout the evening patrons, were able to purchase fireworks in anticipation for an open fireworks show set to be held at the end of the event. After the winner of the tournament was announced the festival goers returned to the fountain in the square, where, just before the sun rose, fireworks lit up the sky. As the sun rose, however, a bandit attempted to rob the organizer of the festival, Emeline Tathvir, but all the goers came swiftly to her rescue and executed the bandit, just going to show how nothing can stop Fenn from having an excellent and successful event. 





Special thanks to all those who attended the festival, and to the following people for going the extra mile and helping out: 
















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Salthor crosses his arms with a huff ”Nae r’sp’ct f’r th’ bl’cksm’th.. b’t g’d t’mes. N’ce j’b Eme”

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Sorley Smiles at the success of the festival “The festival was a really big success, Emeline did a great job”

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