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Imperial Diet of 1725

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    Issued and scribed by Her Highness, the Princess of Alstion

   9th of the Snow’s Maiden, 1725



     Under the Behest of the Imperator and GOD


All vassals and estates of the Holy Orenian Empire are hereby summoned for the

IMPERIAL DIET OF 1725 in regards to preparations for war.





His Highness, John Alexander Alstion, Prince of Alstion. [stigwig] @_Stigwig


The Right Honourable, Jamie Oliver Alstion, Count of Thesmer. [teegah] @Syfy


The Right Honourable, Evan Lethes, Count of York. [Evonpire] @Evonpire


The Right Honourable, Stephanos Palaiologos, Count of Mystras. [Glocky18] @Glocky18


The Right Honourable, Alexander Merentel, Count of Vintas. [sergisala] @sergisala


The Right Honourable, Arno Bolivar, Count of Fuerte. [BannedPlayersAlt] @Boomboxdoom23


The Right Honourable, Lucian Renault, Burgrave of Stratton. [SquakHawk] @SquakHawk


The Right Honourable, Robert Arryn, Burgrave of High Peak. [_x_Hyperionx] @_x_Hyperion_x_


His Lordship, Seth Baden, Baron of Fredericksburg. [TheAlphaMoist] @TheAlphaMoist


His Lordship, Charles-Edmond Talraen, Baron of Rennes. [LithiumSedai] @LithiumSedai


His Lordship, Nicholas Keint, Baron of Kaath. [Kursion23] @Kursion


His Lordship, Valentín Castelo, Baron of Rodenburg. [viggen92] @Virre


His Lordship, Uthred Gromach, Baron of Herborn. [FlemishSupremacy] @TheElvenMage


His Lordship, Adrian Sarkozic, Baron of Renzfeld [Redmarch] @Icarnus


His Lordship, Corwin Alstreim, Baronet of Alstreim. [LithiumSedai] @LithiumSedai


His Lordship, Rozmeo Kastrovat, Baronet of Arrotse. [cowmoonist] @cowmoonist


Her Ladyship, Illythia Arator, Baronet of Whitepeak. [SquakHawk] @SquakHawk


His Lordship, Bernhard d’Rem, Baronet of Toslurph. [Hepatot] @Rudster




His Majesty, Andrik III Barbanov, King of Haense. [Emenzi] @Emenzi


His Serene Highness, Kazimar Alimar, Red Prince of Muldav. [Silverstatik] @Silverstatik


His Grace, Viktor var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus. [Kanahz] @Kanadensare


His Grace, Henrik Ludovar, Duke of Kvazs. [Legoboy7984] @Legoboy7984


The Right Honourable, Iver Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland. [Gastly3] @Lsuvsfar


The Right Honourable, Lerald Vyronov, Count of Graiswald. [Flapman] @Flapman


The Right Honourable, Sigmar Baruch, Count of Ayr. [Drew2_dude] @Drew2_dude


The Right Honourable, Erich Stafyr, Count of Nenzing. [Scourgeoforder] @Scourgeoforder


His Lordship, Otto Kortrevich, Baron of Kovraia. [Quinn275] @Quinn275


His Lordship, Joren Baruch, Baron of Gant [Bubby_64] @Bubby


His Lordship, Wilheim Barclay, Baron of Freising. [MadOne] @MadOne






His Grace, Stannis Staunton, Duke of Westmarch. [funcSoap]  @mra8ur93ss


His Lordship, Reynault Fournier, Baron of Riveryn. [Reynald] @Cleggmire_


His Lordship, Siegmar Sudholt-Staunton, Baron of Normarch.  [Giolino] @Gekkie






His Majesty, Abbas Kharadeen, Caliph of Kadarsi. [ibraheemc2000] @ibraheemc2000


To be held within the Rubrummagnus Palace in Helena on the date: [  July 19th, 5pm EST ]


Held during the following Saint’s Days will be a series of wargames in order to inculcate comradery amongst fellow Orenians and their allies.







His Imperial Majesty, Johannes VII of the House of Cascadia, Holy Orenian Emperor, King of Cascadia, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland and Santegia, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, et cetera...

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