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A Legacy Continued

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Support Ayliana Maehr’tehral for Okarir’akaln





[!] Fine ivory parchment embellished with inky floral design would be distributed and displayed around the Elcihil’thilln for the Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State to view at their leisure with the following written:


“Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, it has come to my attention that a vacancy upon the Silver Council has come to be. It would be my honor and absolute pleasure if the empty seat of Okarir’akaln would be filled by none other than myself. Haelun’or is an ever thriving society, many changes are still to be made and I would be blessed to aid in the endeavor of enriching the already prosperous Silver State to further glory. 


 As your Okarir’akaln I would not only insure the safety of Haelun’or’s wealth but too the assurance of its prosperity. As many of you know, my mal’onn, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, was formerly upon the Silver Council. I wish to continue the legacy of the Maehr’tehral and ensure that our name may continue gloriously into the annals of time.


Though this is not all, I have many plans as well. First upon my tenure as Okarir’akaln is to found a Botanist Guild within Haelun’or, one where mali’thill can come together and share our discoveries and provide elcihil’thilln with all the herbs it needs to supply the clinic as well as funnel wealth into the city. I also will be overseeing the reconstruction of the Trade District into something truly appealing or at the very least more directly functional for Haelun’or and her people.


I’m beyond fit for the position. I am hard-working, insightful and I do not stop until the vision I see comes true. I also have vast experience with business, as many of you have seen my tailoring shop. I truly wish to help guide the Silver State forward and ever beyond.”


    Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya    



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Silir Uradir raises his eyebrows expectantly, ”An amiable choice, in the absence of a Maehr’teral on our council. Her unadulterated purity is granted due to her relation to Nelgauth being her Patriarch – and an unquestionable puritan is fit to fill the role on the most blessed of assemblies, especially due to the fact that it was left vacant by putrescence. I wish you luck, Ayliana – for too is an Aldin running, and they also make up a considerable portion of our blessed populace. May our council choose wisely.” 

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