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The pact of the Bloody Gold

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7th of Sun’s Smile, 1725

The pact of the Bloody Gold



I. The signatories agree to have a defensive pact between their groups. Meaning that both signatories agree to seize any agressions between themselves and defend each other in times of need, in this case Goldhand clan and Uialbens.


II. The signatories agree to allow trade flow freely between the two groups.


III. When either side are in a situation which could cause issues within either side, the leadership will offer their help in sorting the situation that the other side is in.


IV. The treaty shall rests until one of the party’s leadership changes or until one of the parties desires a change.




Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, Clan Father of Goldhand clan, priest of Da Kirjka Dverga

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