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The Almenodrim Of Aegrothond

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The Almenodrim Of Aegrothond


A book would lay open on a table in the library of Aegrothond for all to read and ponder





The Almenodrim are a semi-ethnolinguistic cultural group of Sea-Elves which originated from the sons and daughters of Sylvaen. They have historically been a meritocratic nomadic society. Often lead by the house Sylvaeri. They are a high culture, a proud people, renowned for their craftsmanship and naval abilities, but are otherwise solitary to the outside world.






Although in time more and more of the Almenodrim’s past will be uncovered as Aegrothond is further excavated, the titled ‘Lay Of Aegrothond’ may serve as a starting point for the myths and history of the people.










The Almenodrim have always been proud of their culture, and of their people. They excel in naval combat, sea travel, smithing, woodcraft, and stonemasonry. Their culture, thusly, revolves around all such things. The following is a list of cultural traditions that the Almenodrim hold, or other important cultural information one may need to understand the people.



Rite of Passages 

The Almenodrim rite of passage is taken at the age of 50, or otherwise when an outsider wishes to become an Almenodrim, where they are instructed to take a sloop and sail the waters for a single year. How they survive, how often they dock at port, or where they go is entirely up to them - So long as they remain on the sea, and return after the year’s end with the same boat. In this way, every man and woman of the Almenodrim is a sailor, personally able to hold their own in any condition, rain or shine.


Blood Pacts

Blood Pacts are a form of agreement or contract between an Almenodrim and another individual (Sometimes another Almenodrim, but not always). These pacts are made on the weight of the Almenodrim’s honor and status, and are often taken as ‘promises’ of something in a deal. The tradition is almost always one-sided between an Almenodrim and an outsider, and is usually done to reflect a definite assurance of the Almenodrim’s action. However, Blood Pacts are almost never null and void, even if the opposition fails to uphold their own side of the bargain -- The Almenodrim must uphold their side, and thus these pacts are not taken lightly. However, the only exception to Blood Pacts becoming void  is when another Almenodrim on the opposition also declares a Blood Pact, and they thus break the deal. Blood Pacts, if broken, usually destroy an Almenodrim’s reputation in the community.


Name Cleaving & Oath Rings

Oath Rings are what separate ‘true’ Almenodrim from others. Oath Rings are rings given to Almenodrim who take their Oath, usually after their rite of passage. The ring symbolizes your acceptance of the Sea Tenets and your official status as an Almenodrim proper. When an Almenodrim is disgraced, Name Cleaved, or otherwise unfit to remain in the cultural group, their ring is removed along with their finger.


Name Cleaving is an extremely rare and brutal occurrence in the Almenodrim culture, one that is never taken lightly. Name Cleaving is the process of cutting (or ‘Cleaving’) a name from their status as an Almenodrim. The is normally done to disgraced Almenodrim who are being ousted from the culture, their status stripped from them. 




It’s not uncommon for Almenodrim to take up smithing, or for younglings to take apprenticeship under a senior blacksmith in their youth. The Almenodrim are famed for their metallurgy, being surpassed only by the Dwed of the mountains, or otherwise legendary figures in yesteryear. Although not every Almenodrim becomes a smith themselves, almost everyone is acquainted with knowledge of forges, furnaces, or anvils as the culture is so heavily impacted by the trade.


The Dream Of Elvenesse

Although the Almenodrim have always been rather aloof, especially among other Elves, there has been a recurring dream in the collective minds of the people, the idea of Elvenesse. To unite an imagined grouping of Elves and otherwise into a nation of Elvenesse, all working in tandem to forge a nation stronger than any could do alone. This is mostly a dream, however, and even the closest grasps the Almenodrim have gotten to such a dream have been far from what was envisioned.



Other Cultural Information

These are things that remain in the culture of the Almenodrim but are not usually considered core tenets or ‘rules’, but rather simply commonplace knowledge and accepted as the norm. They do not need major extrapolation and thus are given bullet points.



Striving to better one’s mind and body

To contribute in any way possible to the nation and kin group

To be compassionate, or otherwise avoid unwarranted cruelty

Temperance in the use of drugs or alcohol

General pursuit of peace, or otherwise unity among Elves





Sea Tenets 



While most of the original Almenodrim could trace their bloodlines back to Sylvaen, as well as Malin, the new era of Almenodrim are no longer a solely exclusive kin group. Generations of nomadic lifestyle combined with the hardships of the outside world eventually dwindled the Almenodrim down to dangerously low numbers. Worse even, the Almenodrim that remained had lost touch with their own heritage, and were unrecognizable to other Elves at times. The solution at hand was the ‘Sea Tenets’, a collection of cultural laws that allowed outsiders to become Almenodrim themselves, so long as the rule set was obeyed.





To conduct oneself with the pride and honor of an Almenodrim



To the Almenodrim, conducting yourself with honor is necessary. To act underhandedly, to betray your kin, or to cheat against your opposition is seen as a black stain upon yourself, and your own family. Pride, however sinful to other races, is a given -- The Almenodrim have always been proud of who they are and what they represent.



To wear the armor and bear the arms of the Almenodrim



The Almenodrim use their own crafts and bear upon their backs their own armor in battles and in guardforces. The designs, the colors, the craftsmanship, all are considered a tradition to their people.



To teach thy children of the Almenodrim, to induct your family into the culture



To simply be an Almenodrim isn’t enough, it’s necessary that one raise their own family into the culture, to raise their children to be proud Sea Elves as they are. As they should be.



To forego the corrupting temptation of the voidal evils of the world



Although this law is vague in nature, it was designed as such. Any voidal corruption, dark magic, or otherwise unworldly evils should be avoided, or otherwise combated.



To raise in defence of the Almenodrim homeland, and all her peoples



While they were once nomadic, the Almenodrim have since settled again. There is no Almenodrim who would not defend the homeland of his family and of his people. To run and hide from this duty is one of the greatest dishonors.



To uphold the traditions of the Almenodrim’s past



Rituals, rites of passage, challenges, or otherwise unmentioned traditions of the culture must be adhered to as instructed.



To respect and honor all other true Almenodrim, despite any other variables



The Almenodrim are people of different backgrounds or races, though the Sea Tenets wash away all misgivings. He who follows these laws is an Almenodrim, and should be treated with the respect that an Almenodrim commands.



To pledge loyalty to the Sea Prince who bears the Crown of Storms For As long as he follows the tradition of the Almenodrim



The Almenodrim need a leader, and he is the Sea Prince. As he leads, and as he upholds the Sea Tenets, so must the Almenodrim follow.



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