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Order of Siegmund


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Poor Fellow-Knights of the Temple 

of Siegmund and God





Over a decade of chaos has gripped humanity following the war of Two Emperors. Kingdom against Kingdom and brother against brother, the blood of humans was shed in the name of false claimants and tyrannical rulers. It was in this dark time that the clergy and faithful Canonists were attacked and slaughtered. Now with new order brought to the Empire under the leadership of his Imperial  Majesty Alexander II, eyes turn towards ensuring that this calamity does not befall the faithful of the LORD again. To this end, the Order of Poor Fellow-Knights of the Temple of Siegmund and God was established by Archbishop Siguard in the Archdiocese of Haense, appointing as Grandmaster Andrik Berhal to keep a vigilant eye over the people of GOD. Watched over by the prophet Siegmund whom they serve, these knights sworn to chastity and poverty so as to not distract themselves from their mission.


In the Footsteps of the Preserver

In days of old, GOD’s chosen people, humanity, were oppressed by the Dwarven race, forced to obey godless heathens in their degenerate, wicked ways.  To defend His people, the LORD chose the Highlander, Siegmund the Preserver, Exalted by the Church of Canon. Siegmund embodied all the virtues that GOD granted to the Highlanders and used them to save His children.  It is with those same virtues that the Knights of Siegmund follow in his example, to protect the Faithful and to ensure that Siegmund’s legacy is protected, and humanity is never allowed to fall so far again. To ensure that those of the Temple follow in the Preserver’s example, a Code was established, based on the actions and beliefs that formed the foundation for the Exalted reign of Siegmund.  It is with this code that the Templars ensure such dark days as came before the Preserver will never come again.


The Code


† To defend the Order of Siegmund and the laws of the land †




† To respect and defend the weak, the sick, and the needy †




† To not retreat from adversity nor from challenge †




† To ceaselessly oppose evil and deceit †




† To remain faithful to my pledged oath †




† To prudently give alms and aid †


† To be always the champion of right, good, and tolerance against injustice †




Ranks of the Temple


Archbishop Siguard of Haense

The Archbishop of Haense

The official head of the Temple, the Archbishop leads the Templars in spirit.  While the day-to-day running of the order falls to the Grandmaster, it is the Archbishop who appoints a knight to the position, and offers direction where the order might lack without a man of GOD to show them the way.


Grandmaster Andrik Berhal


Appointed by the Archbishop of Haense himself, the Grandmaster of the Order is given the task to defend all those who call themselves Canonists from those who seek to bring down the Faith and trample it into the mud.  Leader of the Temple, the Grandmaster oversees all affairs and acts as the functional head where the Archbishop is distracted by other matters tending to his flock.



The right hand of the Grandmaster, the Knight-Captain is charged with overseeing the Order in the absence of the Grandmaster, as well as advising and assisting him however would best serve the order.  A knight of piety and diligence, the Knight-Captain is an example for all others to follow in service to Man and GOD.



Only the skilled may become a Knight-Sergeant of the Temple.  The Knight-Sergeant is a position of authority among the Templars whom they outrank, and is expected to represent their subordinates to their superiors, as well as lead them in battle and in prayer.  The beating heart of the Knights of Siegmund, they are steadfast and true, and represent some of the best in the Temple.



There are many who seek knighthood as a path forward, yet these men understand the duty that comes alongside it, and have devoted themselves fully to the Code.  Unrelenting and fearless, their devotion to the LORD is matched only by their resolve to keep His chosen safe from those who would do them harm.



Men of the Faith who wish to take up the Cross in service to the LORD are welcome to seek service with the Knights of Siegmund, however they may not simply become knights of the order.  First they must prove themselves pious, and obey the Code in every facet of their life until their superiors see fit to properly induct them into the order.


Other Positions



To aspire to be a Knight of Siegmund is a worthy and noble goal for any boy of Faith; yet they cannot simply be made a knight of the order.  Those younger than the age of fourteen will not become initiates in the order but rather wards, to be trained and prepared for their vocation protecting the Faithful and serving GOD.



Though the Knights of Siegmund may be holy and true, they do not have the authority to take on the role of a priest.  As such, an ordained member of the Church must be given the position of chaplain within the order to celebrate Mass and to absolve the knights of any sins they must confess to, few though they may be in their role to safeguard Canonism.



It is through the Will of GOD that the Templars find victory, yet it is unbecoming of any knight to be anything less than diligent in their duties.  One of these duties is training and readying themselves for battle. Under the watchful eye of the Master-at-Arms, an experienced knight of the order, the Knights of Siegmund maintain their status as some of the most formidable soldiers in all the realm.



How to Join

In order to join the order, one must be of the Canonist faith, and Loyal to GOD. This is a lifelong commitment, only death may free you of service. If you wish to join fill out the application below and see out Archbishop Siguard or any Knight of the order ((Ave_imperium#4314 grnappa#6709))




Former Affiliations:

Past Experience:

Why do you wish to join:


MC Name:



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Name: Vladimir Aleksey

Race: highlander

Gender: male

Former Affiliations: Black Company

Past Experience: Sergeant in the black company

Why do you wish to join: To serve the lord


MC Name: ornj_joos

Discord: ornj joos #5598

Timezone: EET

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Name: Otto of Judeberg

Race: Man

Gender: Man

Former Affiliations: I live only with the church.

Past Experience: Participant in many holy orders.

Why do you wish to join: “To serve as a brother in battle for GOD’s name, To lay down my life for my brothers, for love hath no greater meaning than to lay down life for his brothers.”

((OOC: I desire the old way of the church to return))

MC Name: FashionBeard

Discord: The grand master has it

Timezone: Central

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Name: Andrik Berhal

Race: Raevir

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: Brotherhood of Saint Karl

Past Experience: 30 years of field experience as both a capable soldier and capable commander.

Why do you wish to join: To absolve myself of sin and purify myself by serving GOD’s most holy order.


MC Name: grnappa

Discord: grnappa#6709

Timezone: EST

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Name: Constant Castell-Dassel

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: Archbishop Siguard's Retinue.

Past Experience: Apprentice blacksmith and guard.

Why do you wish to join: To serve GOD.


MC Name: paulobig

Discord: Paulobig#2719

Timezone: BRT

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Name: Joseph Alder

Race: Hanseti

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: Retinue of Archbishop Siguard van Reza.

Past Experience: Skilled bard and cook, Retinue

Why do you wish to join: To willfully serve GOD and dutifully do His work.


MC Name: Pogmeister

Discord: I'm too lazy to look at the numbers. You have it.

Timezone: CST

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Name: Heinrich Castell-Dassel

Race: Highlander Human

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: Retinue of Archbishop Siguard van Reza

Past Experience: Commonly known as a former no one

Why do you wish to join: To bring God’s will to the whole world. 


MC Name: drtrollado

Discord: nah im not telling you

Timezone: BRT

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Name: Henrik

Race: Highlander

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: N/A

Past Experience: World’s worst philosopher

Why do you wish to join: To protect all the faithful of the world and smite the heathen.


MC Name: FireCrimson

Discord: FireCrimson#1915

Timezone: EST

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Name: Gabriel

Race: Highlander

Gender: Male

Former Affiliations: Brotherhood of Saint Karl

Past Experience: Military

Why do you wish to join: To spread the word of God


MC Name: SovietPan

Discord: BrotUndWasser#6620

Timezone: MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)

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Name: Markus Ryall
Race: Highlander
Gender: Male
Former Affiliations: None
Past Experience: Hunter
Why do you wish to join: To purge the infidels and bring the light of righteousness to the kingdom
MC Name: Cyphrlock3
Timezone:MDT(Mountain Daylight Time)

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