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The Artisans Guild

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 Da Barimmar Oz Azidjen


The Artisans Guild




The guild of High Crafts


For long the many professions of old have seemingly been forgotten or have been lost in but scripture as the times have gone on. The times of Vailor and Axios well remembered where many a professions thrived and many a crafts were brought into the realm to be worn or carried by those with the coin to pay for it all.


It is the aim of the Artisans Guild to bring back relevancy to those that have studied and gained experience in many of the noble arts where one’s own hands are used to turn raw material into the grandest of creations. It is the virtue that many such Artisans shall work together under one roof in unison where all can thrive in the business it creates - the knowledge that can be shared - the secrets that can be uncovered.


Distinction of the Crafts


The Artisans Guild differentiates between the classes of goods that are created and sold to its clientele. Goods can either be created according to a clients specific wishes, but shall at times produce goods on its own and output these for the public to behold and save up for. The following classes of goods exist:


Goods of Luxury

Where items are fledged with great skill and often consist of complicated construction, ornate design and rare materials. These items are the creme de la creme for those clients that wish to carry with: items that shall surely create conversation and display their wealth directly.


Tools of Defence

Where an item’s purpose rests in defense. Often concealed crafts that the client can keep hidden until a moment of need presents itself. These products can be mundane or magically imbued and are reliable defenses to deal with the threats they are created for.


Weapons of Might

Where items are created that display might and can bring it if need be. Mundane or magically imbued items to strike fear into the hearts of men - intimidatingly precise and accurate crafts, often magically imbued. These goods are only limited to well aquaint clientele that are recognized to not use these grand crafts for malevolent goals.


Runic Golems

Dwedcraft of the old. From agile and speedy to robust and war-bred. Golems are created within the guilds walls and sold only to specific clientele.


Ranks and Disciplines

The Artisans Guild wishes to cover a broad spectrum of crafting disciplines to create all there is to be made with rare and complex materials. A ranking structure existing to display the level of skill each crafter possesses.





Guildmaster - The individual in charge of managing clientele complaints, taxation of the guilds holdings, import of products and materials, export of items and client relations. Overseeing apprenticeships.


Master Artisan - For those that truly excel in their fields of work and may declare them master in that field. At this level, the Artisan may take on an apprentice so that their craft may live on into the new ages to come.


Artisan - For those that have shown great competence and uniqueness to the trade they possess. Capable of creating reliable and beautiful crafts worthy to be sold as an Artisans Guild item.


Apprentice - For those that wish to learn an art. They must show their dedication through tasks and patience. Often offered mundane tasks for a lengthy time before ever wielding the tools of a true craftsman. With enough dedication and showmanship of talent they can ascend to become an Artisan in due time.



The Artisans Guild currently employs or wishes to employs individuals that posess the following disciplines of High Art. Let it be known that not anyone that declares himself to be a crafter of any kind is immediately elligable to join in with the Artisans Guild and must prove themselves - not only with results, but also their competency in crafting processes:


Artificer - Those that, by means of magic or rune, can imbue items already made with magical spells.


Golemancer - Those that, by means of runes and thanic cores, can create golems to serve the Guild and be sold to specific clientele.


Grand Steelworker - Those that do not simply know the works of the forge, but dream it. A master smith versed in nae only weaponry, armoring - but also general steelworks to create sub-products for the other artisans to use.


Grand Mechanist - Those that can create complicated tinkery - mechanics grand and small - to display time or fend off foes. Often in junction with the steelworkers.


Grand Alchemist - Those that make an art of potion’ry. Creating mighty and delicate works with herbs found and imported from all over the realm.


Grand Woodworker - Those that can work with the strongest and rarest of wood-kinds and create functional and beautiful crafts ranging from bow-parts to ornate staves.


Grand Stonemason & Jeweler - Those that wield the hammer and chisel steadily and can decorate stonework as well as cut gems - producing anything from golem parts to jewelry.


Grand Stichter & Sower - Those that can work with any fabric known, from the toughest of leathers to the finest of silks. Producing works of art to be worn by princes and princesses afar.



Joining the Guild:


Audition for your position by meeting with Dlunar Irongrinder. Send a bird with information about yourself and the craft you practise. When you are invited for an audition bring with works of your craft as well as tools, as we will request you to create in front of us (RP crafting)




With the disappearance of nexus we’ve seen a decline in crafting rp and professions rp. To bring this back to some extend I’ve taken it up to the highest level of rp professions and crafting for those that find this sort of rp interesting. To type out paragraphs of smithing or stitching rp and create items with lengthy descriptions - even having these items you’ve spent time creating imbued with magical ability to be used by yourself - or to be sold as exclusive good to the upper class citizen’ry of Arcas.


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