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Official Registry of Marsumar

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[!] Nailed to the noticeboard lies a notice!

(This is an IC post, please keep it non-cluttered!)


Looking for a house?

This is the official notice of the Seneschal & Stewardship of Marsumar, all letters sent are forwarded directly to them for examination and approval, where they then settle the individual into a house within Marsumar, please send a letter to this office using the following format, thank you. Do note that Newcomers are subject to an interview, for security purposes.

(Stewards: Korvic, tadabug2000)


Name & Surname:

How many will be living with you?:

Affiliation with Marsumar(Friend, newcomer.):

Who is the ruling order of Marsumar?:

Do you accept that violation of any laws subjects you to the appropriate punishment?:

Do you accept that if you are a newcomer, you are to be interviewed?:

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