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Maintaining the bulwark of man's soul, an open petition

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Maintaining the Bulwark of Man’s Soul 

An open petition from the Office of the Solicitor-General 




To His Holiness Daniel VI, 


The canonist and faithful Men of the Imperial Judiciary  hope this finds you well. It has come to my attention that throughout the centuries of Man’s united political state, that the Holy See has been stymied and left out from properly upholding the moral and faith obligations to which we all hold. As such, I formally write and petition you. 


For the sake of the spiritual and moral well being of Canonists throughout the realms of Acras, we the humble office of His Excellency the Solicitor General do so formally and humbly request the presence of the representatives of the Vicar of GOD in matters of judiciary establishment. These representatives of the Holy See are requested to work in conjunction with the Imperial Crown's established judiciary to form a special tribunal to carry out and fulfill the moral obligations of the Realm.


At the leisure of your Holiness, I request to be graced with your presence at a time which best suits you. This meeting shall work to establish a lasting bond and cooperation between the judiciary of the Holy Oren Empire and the ecclastical importance of the Church’s hand and oversight in all matters pertaining to the soul. 


May GOD continue to grace and bless you with continued wisdom. It is under the guidance of this Papacy that the spirits of Man remain united and faithful to GOD. 





A stalwart Canonist,

HIS EXCELLENCY , the Solicitor-General of the Holy Oren Empire, Count of Provins, Bohemond de Leumont


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