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Writ 1733


Both our nations stand out as anomalies in the current human affairs, steadfast in Our independence; thus it should only be natural Our people can come together to support and reinforce our individual beliefs, rights and independence. With this in mind, both signatories agree to adhere to the following terms:


  1. The signatories do adhere to a pact of non aggression..


  1. The signatories do acknowledgement the sovereignty of both nations over their perspective lands, 

    1. To reiterate the peninsula to the north of the neck in its entirety is acknowledged as the Northmarch, falling under the exclusive independent jurisdiction of the House Ruric by way of Edvardsson.

    2. The realm of Rubern, the land due north of the River Rubern and former lands of Leuven, falling under the exclusive independent jurisdiction of the House of Alimar.


  1. The signatories shall acknowledge the religious autonomy of the alternate signatory. With the state religion of either state being kept in their respective territories. No effort shall be made to impose either faith on one another.


  1. The signatories shall adhere to the basic principles of a defensive pact, each will come to the others aid during times when they are aggressed upon.


  1. While the signatories do not outright agree to an offensive alliance in this pact, it offers the option for both parties to ascend to one if both are in agreement to do such.


  1. This treaty shall remain in effect until either one of the two signatories passes away or until the terms of this pact are violated by either party - in this case, diplomatic efforts are expected to be made to rectify the violations.


Signed Dutifully,

Vladrick Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern

Godric Edvardsson Ruric, Duke of Morsgrad


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