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Tilruir’tir strikes upon sudden realization. ”You can take the Mali’ out of the degenerative practices, but you can’t take the degenerative practices out of the Mali’”



You can take the degunknown.png

don’t gas me please 


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“The fact that Mali’ame take the Sohaer seriously implies that they don't see the comical intentions behind his declarations. You might even call it cultural to make jabs and jests at other entities for their rather degenerate behavior, and find humor in their reactions. As, they are completely incapable of even understanding the thought process of their superiors, and thus, react in volatile and unproductive ways to compensate for their rather undeveloped intellect. I will give it to him, amusing.” Ellenore notes, sitting back in her rather lavish chair within the Western tower of Gehenna.

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I. Minor Offences - Enforceable with Class I Punishments


    A. Public Disturbance

        1. Disturbances include: interrupting religious ceremonies, invoking crowd-riling acts, unnecessary screaming, and unauthorized preaching.


    B. Vigilantism

        1. Vigilantism is defined by law as one or more persons taking the law into their own hands without the authorization of an appropriate official.


    C. Slander

        1. Public slander of nations and factions allied to Irrinor will not be tolerated and will result in Class I punishment. This includes posters, public speeches, and other such crowd-riling acts. Casual conversation and private talks to not fall under this law.


   D. Impersonation

        1. Impersonation is defined by law as attempting to steal the identity of any one persons without their consent.


    E. Theft

        1. Theft is defined by law as the unlawful obtaining of any item not bought, traded for, or willingly given, is strictly prohibited.


    F. Vandalism

        1. Vandalism or other acts that result in the destruction, damaging or modification of any object or home against the will of the property’s rightful owner is strictly prohibited by Irrinor Law.

            a) Desecration, tampering, destruction, or other disruptive activities in holy sites or areas is a serious offence and will result in Class II punishment.



II. Moderate Offences - Enforceable by Class II Punishments and All Prior


  A. Slandering the rule of the governing body.

        1. Punishments range from Class I to Class II depending on severity.


   B. Sadistic and Sociopathic behaviour is strictly prohibited. 

        1. While this goes without saying when dealing with fellow citizens, this law also extends to plant life and animals. The unnecessary torture of animals will be treated akin to the murder of an elf.


    C. Physical Assault

        1. Intentional bodily harm with malicious intent towards a citizen of Irrinor or its allies within the Forest Realm is prohibited.



III. Major Offences - Enforceable by Class III Punishments and All Prior


    A. Physical assault on any appointed Chieftain or Lower Council member within the Omentahu Council.


    B. Conspiracy against the state; be it supportive of the enemy during wartime or lending information to a potential outside or internal threat.


    C. High Treason, defined by law as the betrayal of Irrinor to any enemies of the state.


   D. The act of murder.

       1.  Murder is defined as the act of ending one’s life without their consent. 


  E. Kidnapping, defined under Irrinor Law as the asportation or confinement of a person against their will.

        1.  Punishment for this crime will be determined by several factors, including the mental and physical state of such abducted persons, and the age of the person abducted

            a) Constructs and golems do not fall into this category.


    F. Interbreeding betwixt Mali’ and non-Mali’ is strictly and unequivocally banned in Irrinor Lands. Such acts both defy the laws of nature, and doom children to a life of two curses due entirely to the selfish actions of their parents. 

        1. This law does not apply to the breeding between Mali’ races.


    G. Using one's affliction, either by beastial or vampyr means, to evade capture, turn, or to cause any one citizen harm or misfortune.


Delos Telperion frowns, penning a letter.


Dear Good (Though Terribly Misguided) Cousins in Irrinor,


Slander is a moderate offense within your legal codices, but rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, lying or falsifying in testimony, and arson (not vandalism, but arson in regards to unowned properties within Irrinor’s borders) are not – in fact, one may be part-bestial or vampyric so long as they do not injure others with it. I am, of course, certain that there is good reason somewhere as to why these laws have not been included – might I be enlightened?



Delos Telperion, Concerned Mali

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“Damn, for a group of people who beat and bound my own daughter, you all seem to suddenly care a whole lot about children now,” Vas would state as he lounges about in the lower levels of Gehenna.

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6 minutes ago, WuHanXianShi14 said:

Artimec releases the ancient Caerme'onn tribal warcry:




Skylar Taliame’onn nodded in understanding and offered a comforting pat on the back to his heterosexual counterpart. The passive glow being emitted from his fingernails suddenly flared, as nature itself began to scream the same war-cry. 

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“So we c-can go.. then we c-cant, then we can go a-again, and now w-we can’t..?”  Sulraell mumbled to himself, clearly confused ”Make up y-your mind m-mister Sohaer..”

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8 hours ago, iMattyz said:

Avius takes half a second away from his training regimen of heavy weight lifting and ruthlessly intense callisthenics to hook a giant bogie out of his nose and into the nearby reeds. He looks around to ensure nobody is watching. Phew, that was pretty disgusting.

Little did he know, Andria was watching from above. Her eyes would squint at the disgusting sight and think on definitely using this against him later...

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