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Public Letter of the Lord Chancellor, 1734

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Decisions of the Council

(Penned on this day, 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1734)


Removal of Clan Silvervein

Clan Silvervein have, for many years stood loyally by Agnarum, and continued to do so after our reformation into Urguan. However, it is the unfortunate truth that many an common clan burn bright for a time, yet fade away as the years come to pass. Citing their inactivity, it is with a heavy heart I announce Clan Silvervein’s removal from the Council of Rikkin until such a time where they prove active once more, should such a time come.


Establishment of Voting Protocols

Urguani Politics are often a messy affair, as there are few races more passionate and stubborn than our own. Penned by myself with input from the King, a series of procedures have been put in place to clarify not only the powers of the king, chancellor, and council. But also to ensure proper conduct is done during the assembling of the Rikkin. With this document shared among the ruling council, it is hoped we will finally have civility and order during Council Meetings.


Appointment of the Grand Marshal again...

With the Officer Corps particularly dry as of late, the Council has seen fit to appoint the recently returned Drakaem of Clan Doomforged to the position of Grand Marshal.


Denunciation of False Prophets

After rumors of heresy, and the beginning of a religious schism in the clergy, the matter has been officially addressed by the council. Their response has been unanimous and clear. Attempts to split the Godsmith’s faithful in two will not be tolerated. Da Kirkja Dverga is now, and forever will be the only legitimate religious body of the Dwarves.



Narvak oz Urguan

Charged as we are by Yemekar


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