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[PK] Of Flesh and Bud

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Of Flesh and Bud


18th of Malin’s Welcome, 1735


The wedding of Cassim Ambrose and Lan Xue Yue. The two loved each other with all their heart. After they both kissed, the white wedding started to transform into one as red as blood. The wood elf Salthor Alben smiled to them both, walking to Lan with a single gift and a glove on his left hand.


Inside the bottle he held, a liquid he formed from metal and oil. This elf stepped to Lan, tripping on the carpet so he could splash her body with the liquid; only to later snap his gruesome fingers to light them on fire, a dark red fire. Salthor tackled her to the ground with a grin as wide as the sun.


Though people tried to stop this mad man, he simply poured the liquid down her throat to burn her further. Salthor only managed to get one cut into his plans, stabbing into Lan’s chest with his blade as the widowed Cassim pushed Salthor off her. His blade cut long through her body, seeping blood onto the wedding dress.


It wasn’t long before a mage and Cassim stabbed their weapons through Salthor’s neck, killing the man in that instant. Even when he died, his body brought them horror.


A voidal screech yelled from the back of Salthor’s head as the bud he held onto died in his body. The body of this elf writhed a moment before throwing up far too much blood into the air, staining Cassim’s clothing. Two charred bodies remained there.


Thus brought the end to

 Salthor Alben, the Flesh Smith


Lan Xue Yue, Cassim’s Love


((OOC: Thank you all for the fun rp I’ve gotten to do with Salthor Alben. This goes out to Mystery, Punkinator, Commander_Jester, TemporalShift, DummThicc, and many more!

Long Live Flesh Buds))

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Emeline Le Doulcet, ex-lover of Salthor, clutches at her chest, falling onto her knees as tears fall to the floorboards beneath her.


Cehdriel “Cece” Analise shakes her head at the news, clutching her hunting bow as she continues wading through the trees. ”Sal... What has become of you?”

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 Cassim would lay on top of the Fennic Clinic’s bed. Staring blankly at his best friend; Datura’s face as the traumatic event is burned onto his mind, the entire scene replaying over and over for him. The sounds of his now-dead wife’s screams, the cackle of the fire, and Salthor’s rant of mother on loop.

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Magnus ponders on the thought, questioning who this person was and why his fiance is sobbing. He shrugs, going back to just about anything else.

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The gruesome story of Salthor’s final bow came as a shock to Robin, a grip of remorse settling deep within his chest. Despite his own unfortunate meeting with the crazed wood elf, nothing could compare to the trail of blood and fire left in Salthor’s wake on what should have been a joyous occasion. Just how many had this psychotic man tortured and traumatized? While left in unease at the harrowing tale, Robin finds himself with an odd sense of relief. Finally, the man who had stolen many nights of sleep for him could never reach him again.


(( It has been a privilege getting to rp with you! Thank you for the spooks and the great character development! <3))


Robin would later find, to his shock and horror, a very familiar sword left at his doorstep. The blade of bone and blackened flesh of a handle brought familiar feelings of phantom pains through his shoulder and across his legs. However, as he plucked the blade from the ground he knew it was time to put this great craftsmanship, however vicious its initial intent was, to a greater use; to better himself, his strength, and his mind.

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