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- Velrak Yemarin -

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- Velrak Yemarin -

- Holy Command -


- Preamble -

No doubt the most defining part of dwed culture is our faith in da Brathmordakin. It influences our foreign policy, our livelihoods, and inspires us. But a problem we face now is a slight lack of organization, where we do not know who believes and what they believe within Urguan. This lack of organization has led to many problems, and the clergy has decided that not only will increased organization allow us to make sure beliefs are homogenous throughout Urguan, but also give the faithful a way to interact in da Kirkja Dverga.


- Action -

In order to solve this problem, da Kirkja Dverga has set out to design a ceremony in which the believer may profess their faith in da Brathmordakin, bringing the faithful closer in understanding relationship with da Brathmordakin as well as allowing da Kirkja Dverga to take note of who in Urguan has a good understanding.


In order to take place in the ceremony, one must fulfill certain requirements:

  • Proven a basic understanding of da Brathmordakin with a Priest.

  • Willing to do the ceremony of their own accord, not forced to by another.

  • Old enough to be mentally mature, 60 years for a dwarf.


- Procedure -

  • The faithful is to be invited to a shrine to da Brathmordakin. Any family who would wish to attend may do so.

  • The faithful is to pledge their faith in the Brathmordakin, and to promise to live a life so that their soul is in balance, exactly as Yemekar had intended. To reject the ambition of Khorvad and to put Yemekar’s creation first.

    • “I humbly offer my faith to the Brathmordakin, led by the All-Maker and Forge-Father Yemekar, who on the Ruhn-Anvil forged all souls and all lands, and to live a life of balance just as Yemekar intended for his creation. I reject all heresy and temptations of Khorvad, and swear to live as Yemekar designed for my soul.”

  • The faithful must add to the end of this pledge a few words of their own design, regarding how they believe they will do service to the Brathmordakin, be it as an artist, smith, or warrior.

    • Ex: “I will honor Yemekar through my craftsmanship and creation, and with divine inspiration will I forge great works.”

    • Ex: “I will honor Armakak in my work, and bring great wealth and prosperity to my people through fair trade.”

  • If both announcements of faith and service to the Brathmordakin are done properly as deemed by the priest, the priest is to give a blessing in the name of da Brathmordakin. Part of the blessing is the same throughout all ceremonies, while part of it must be made by the priest in reflection of the words of the faithful.

  • After blessing is given, the priest offers a Ring of the Faithful, and the ceremony is complete.


All of these actions are to occur in the name of Da Kirkja Dverga and da Brathmordakin which it serves.



Norli Starbreaker

High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga

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Jorvin Starbreaker reads the announcement from his forge within the depths of the under-realm. Soot covered hands clasp the note, pausing only to wipe sweat from his brow.

A prideful smile creeps onto his face. ”Tha’ gods smile oan ye, kinsman.”  He mutters to himself...Before stuffing the note into the pocket of his apron, scooping his hammer back up, and returning to work.

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Horren ‘Rosebush’ Bogbelly smiled as he read the missive ”Oie nae knew ta fella was up ta t’is... very noice..”

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