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Ruin Exploration With the Historical Society

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Players/Group Requesting:

Talon’s Grotto Historical Society


What kind of Event are you looking for?:

We’re looking to do a rune exploration event that involves both developing some sort of story through research of an area and that provides artifacts and relics that could be displayed as museum pieces with the information discovered from the research done above (relics and artifacts can be almost anything ranging from rocks to gold idlos we just would hope for something to include in the museum with the writing). We would hope this event would take after the classic Indian Jones movies things like Raiders of the Lost Arch and the Temple of Doom, where we would have to deal with traps left behind by the ancients who built the ruins as well as other pulp fiction style concepts seen in the Indiana Jones movies. We would hope this event could lead into something larger for the Historical Society since we hope to generate new and interesting rp by doing more of these archaeological missions.


Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?:

Date and Time can be decided by the ET’s schedule we’re fine with waiting a bit though we would like to do it soon since it helps generate fun RP for the Historical Society. We would like it to take place on the Queen Isles where we call home since that would be the closest thing to many of the Indiana Jones movies which commonly have epic adventures into the jungle.


Organizer's Discord: RealPeopleGames#2925

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+1 Would be nice to actually have archaeological and historical related events. Would spark the life of players who are interested in the historical society and adventuring society. Might even grab the attention of Mercenary guilds as well. Would be quite a nice way to generate RP.

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Sounds great! My character would surely attend.

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